Sending Results to SFTC

Besides photos, race results are one of the the last things that people will experience as part of your race. SFTC encourages races to report their results in a timely fashion and in a neat, user-friendly format. "Timely" means normally sending the results within 2 days, if possible.

File Type:
Send your race results to SFTC in .TXT , .HTML or .XLS (Microsoft Excel) file types although .TXT type is preferred. If you use Excel, please see the note below on formatting times. .TXT files can be authored with Microsoft Notepad or several other software packages. HTML files can also be authored with several editing packages. Microsoft Word documents ,other word processing documents or pdf files will not be accepted for posting.
Formatting Times:
When reporting road race times, the convention is to round up to the nearest second. 24:23.30 (24 minutes, 23 seconds and 30 hundredths) is rounded up to 24:24. Separate hours, minutes and seconds using colons and not periods. So 1 hour, 45 minutes and 23 seconds should be reported as 1:45:23 and not 1.45.23. For track races, if tenths or hundredths of a second are reported, use a period between the seconds and the fractions, for example, 7 minutes, 3 seconds and 32 hundredths should be reported as 7:03.32 and not as 7:03:32. 7 minutes and 3 seconds should be reported as 7:03 and not as 7:03:00 - if you use this latter format, the results will returned to you for re-formatting prior to posting. In Excel, it is often easier to format the appropriate cells as text and not as times before you start typing them in.
Overall and Age Groups:
SFTC suggests that a race provide both Overall and Age-Group results. These can be combined into a single file or reported separately in 2 files. It is recommended that all of the participants are listed in the age group results and not just the award winners. The following are links to good examples of reported race results:
    Overall          Age Groups

Submitting Results:
Results should be sent to . Be sure to read the above sections on File Types and Formatting Times before sending.
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask first before spending hours typing up results only to find out that the format you used is unacceptable.