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03/09/14: Call for Articles & Ads: SFTC is currently working on the next edition of Split Times. Submissions of articles for publication is welcomed from anyone (not necessarily SFTC members). Anything related to running, walking, health and fitness (and maybe even not related, depending on the nature of the submission) is welcomed. Examples of articles are reports of races, running-related adventures or experiences, either local or out-of-town, member profiles, favorite running routes, photos, racing or training tips or any other material suitable for print.

Advertisements are also accepted which offsets some of the cost of publication. Flyers or entry forms for races of race/races SFTC manages are $25 per page. Other races will be $50 per page and prorated fractions for 1/2 and 1/4 pages. Ads do not just have to be race-related. Other ad types will be considered for inclusion though preferably, they will be running, walking, health or fitness related. The newsletter is mailed to all (500+) SFTC members and back issues are posted on the website.

The target publication date is May 4, 2014 with a deadline for all submissions (both articles and ads) of March 28, 2014. Please send all submissions to Lynwood Wagner at onjwagner@hotmail.com.

SFTC reserves the right to reject any article or advertisement considered unsuitable for publication.

Back Issues

Split Times March 2012

Split Times was the official publication of the State of Franklin Track Club for more than three decades. Below you'll find back issues in pdf format. Note that mostly these files are large and depending on your internet connection speed may take a while to download. Prior to mid-July 2006, only paper editions were available so the files here are scanned copies of the paper publication hence some of the quality is variable. As you can see, at one time Split Times was printed on a twice-monthly basis when it was the major source of road race results in the TriCities. With the availability of local race results on this website, the need for paper copy has dramatically dwindled and Split Times became quarterly, then six monthly and now (hopefully) at least annually.

Being Split Times editor is a tough job. Here is the list of those select few who have stepped up for this post:

PeriodSplit Times EditorPeriodSplit Times Editor
2012 to presentLynwood Wagner Oct 2003 - June 2006Nick Whited
2011no publication Jan 1999 - Sep 2003Lynwood Wagner
2010Donna Bays & Marie Tedesco Jan 1996 - Dec 1998Frank Kibler
2008no publication
July 2006 - 2008Rob Schoborg

Split Times January - March 2008
Winter-Spring 2010
Split Times January - March 2008
January - March 2008

July - December 2007

April - June 2007

January - March 2007

July - September 2006

April - June 2006

January - March 2006


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