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Summer Training Program: Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: I'm not sure if I'm right for the Level 1 (beginner) or Level 2 (track workout) plans. How can I tell?

A: There's nothing wrong with trying each to see the difference for yourself. They have a variety of runners (and speeds) to team up with. Who knows? You might even choose both!

Q: I've been running with the Level 1 group on Monday nights and am starting to build my stamina. But I'm NOT fast. Should I even bother doing the Level 2 workout?

A: Certainly! Now that you've built a good stamina base, you can also start pushing your body in a different direction: Speed!

Q: If I miss the first few weeks of the training program, is it too late to join?

A: It's NEVER too late. Come on out and find a group at your level. If it feels too fast then find a slower group or just take more breaks. But stay with the program! You can still reach your goals, you just might be a couple of weeks behind schedule. No problem.

Q: Do I have to be a member of SFTC to participate in the training program?

A: No. We welcome anyone and everyone to come out. But if you want to join SFTC, we won't stop you!