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SFTC Summer Training Program: Training Tips - Week 13
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Jogging Group Tip of the Week - Stick with it

You achieved your first major goal - the Crazy 8's 8k.  Congratulations!

The temptation is to let up, or even quit running.  However, with this program, we want to develop runners, rather
than train you for a specific goal.  We want you to be a lifelong runner. So, congratulations for finishing the Crazy 8's 8k, but congratulations for continuing with the program.

Running is a lifestyle, not a one-time achievement. That's where we think many of the marathon training programs fall short.  Running a marathon is such a major accomplishment, that most people who go through the program don't ever want to see another pair of running shoes after they finish their marathon.  We want you to become day-in and day-out runners.  We want you to wake up every morning with your daily run somewhere on your agenda for the day. 

Track Group Tip of the Week - Consistency

One of the keys to success for improving your speed is consistency. That means going to the track every week.  If you miss your Tuesday workout, try it on Wednesday or another day. But don't miss it.

It's easy to break your training routines in the summer. Funfest, summer camps, vacations, and other activities can all derail your plans for quality workouts. But every week on the track is like putting money in the bank. Keep investing in those workouts and it will pay off in the long run. So, try your best to stick with it and be as consistent as possible.  If you miss a week or two, don't give up. You might have to back up and start back at less intervals and/or a slower pace. But start back anyway.