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SFTC Summer Training Program: Training Tips - Week 14
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Jogging Group Tip of the Week - A 10K state of mind

Now that Crazy 8's is over, it's time to start focusing on the Eastman 10k.  That means going from an 8k state of mind to a 10k state of mind.  You might not think that there's much difference between an 8k and a 10k, and it's only and additional 1.2 miles, but believe me, there IS a difference.  I know when I was younger and I trained for 10ks, it was very intense training.  A 10k race can take a lot out of you.  So you need to be ready.

What do I mean by a 10k state of mind?  You need to evolve your training. You need to start thinking of 3 miles as a "short" run, and 4-5 miles as a "medium" run.  Try some 6-7 mile runs if you can.  Your runs need to have purpose, rather than just "getting through them."  You need to mix up your training rather than running the same thing every time.  Try some longer runs, and take some easy days to recover.  Try to pick up the pace for a few minutes during one of your runs.  Join us at the track if you want.  Make each run count.  Make it a "workout."

Track Group Tip of the Week - Attitude

Do you ever ask yourself what keeps the great runners going?  How do they make themselves go to the track on a blazing hot summer day?  What makes some runners better than others?  It's not an easy or simple answer.  However, I think the great runners, besides having great talent, develop an attitude about their training and racing that sets them apart.

What kind of attitude?  Well, consider the following:

"This is what it takes"  When you're out on a long run and it's starting to hurt and you're starting to slow down, and you begin to doubt yourself, tell yourself - this is what it takes to get better.  Or if you are in the middle of your track workouts, and you begin to wonder if you can do the remaining two 400s, tell yourself - this is what it takes. 

"What are the other guys (or gals) doing?"   Most of the great runners learn how to out-train their competitors.  I read where one guy loved rainy, miserable days.  He would go out and run because he knew his competitors would probably stay inside and miss a day.  He figured he got one up on them.  That's the kind of attitude it takes to get better.  I'm not saying you have to go out and try to one-up everybody in the Tri-Cities, but a little competition in your head can help motivate you.

"Refuse to Quit"  This is an old one, but it works.  Simply refuse to quit. Once you quit on yourself, it becomes too easy to do it again.  Even if a workout is going badly, don't quit.  Get something positive out of the workout.  Sometimes, just finishing the workout is a victory.  When you're in a race, block out ALL negative thoughts.  Once you start thinking negatively, the race is over.  Stay positive, never give up, and always make the other guy beat you rather than giving in to him.