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SFTC Summer Training Program: Next Goals
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OK, so what happens now?
Summer is over. You trained, followed the program, ran your races, and now it's September and the weather is cooling off. Should you make like a bear and hibernate until Spring? NO!

A New End. A New Beginning.
The summer training program was just a launching pad. You've done the hardest part and now it's time to reap those benefits. Now that you're toned and trained, you're all set to enjoy some of the best running opportunities.

Races Galore.
Because of the mild temperatures, Sept-Oct. is the peak race season in this area. Just glance at the SFTC Calendar and you'll find gems like the Apple Festival 4 Miler, the Pink Ribbon 5K, the Roan Mtn 10K, and the Santa Special Mile. The schedule slows down as cold weather creeps in. But you can still try the War Party 10K or the Surgoinsville 10 Miler in February.

Surround yourself.
Even if you don't race, be sure to volunteer at some of these events. Staying surrounded by your running kin will keep you focused on your running and inspire you to continue your healthy habit year-round.