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SFTC Summer Training Program: Training Tips - Week 8
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Jogging Group Tip of the Week - Volunteering

Running is a grass-roots sport. Except for a few world-class runners, we don't have mega sponsorships backing our races.  Therefore we need volunteers to hold races, track meets, training programs, and other events that round out the sport.

I know that many of you are just getting into running and we're glad to have you participating in the sport.  But volunteering can be a fun and social extension of your running experience.  Helping with a race, you'll have more time to meet your fellow runners and establish great friendships. In the meantime, you'll be helping to further the sport. The Knoxville Track Club has a great motto that they often cite in their newsletter: "RUN 3 RACES, WORK 1"  It's a wonderfully simple formula.  If *half* of our runners followed it, the effect would be incredible!  So check the race calendar and pick some races needing help. Then contact the race director and jump right in!

Starting in 2005, SFTC began a bold new approach to encourage and recognize volunteerism. Club members receive Volunteer Points for every SFTC-owned or hired event they work. See the website calendar for details and qualifying events. Your points can help you win a gift certificate at the annual awards dinner in December. PLUS, every Volunteer Point counts as $1 towards SFTC merchandise, membership dues, or race entry (to an SFTC-owned race). In the first year about $350 in Volunteer Points were cashed in by club members.

Track Group Tip of the Week - Racing Shoes

Do you have racing shoes or do you race in your training shoes?  If you don't have a pair of racing shoes, you should consider the investment. You need every advantage you can get, and a lighter pair of racing shoes just might be the thing to get that elusive PR!

Most training shoes are at least 10-13 ounces for a guy and maybe an ounce or two less for women (because of smaller sizes).  A racing shoe often weighs 5-9 ounces.  You might not think that a few ounces would make a difference, but try running around in your training shoes, then put on a pair of racing shoes and you will feel the difference. Racing shoes don't offer much support or durability so keep them in the closet until you are ready to race, or maybe an occasional fast track workout. They don't offer enough support to wear on a daily basis.

Jeff Gordon wouldn't come to race at the Bristol Motor Speedway in his everyday street car. He brings his race car.  Why should you race in your everyday training shoes?  Try some racers!