2005 Virginia Creeper Marathon

Runners leave the start in unexpected sunshine

Danny Fink was first male

Anne Riddle Lundblad was first female and 2nd overall, setting a new female course record

Nick Whited finished 3rd overall

Tommy Kell and James Zahn

Shawn Kerrick

Jerry Anderson and Jim Snyder

Richard Tyner

John Frassinelli, Jimmy Jacobs, and Mike Honeycutt

Jeff Horowitz

Melissa McCulloch

Anne Lundblad and Danny Fink

Lynn DiFiore and Melanie Mikusa

Lise and Thomas Haizlip

Ann Page

Adam Pegues was 3rd male, 4th overall

Bill Stahr

Chris Campbell

Doug Covington

Cory Evans

Bob Milan

Eric Miller

Jerry Hensley

Kevin Townsend

Gerald Thompson and Duncan Sharrits

Joseph Hutson

Mark Rostan

Eddie Cohn

Josh Stevens

Jerry Letendre, Mark Komanecky, and Ralph Veytia

Belinda Young (2nd female) and an unreadable bib

Harrison Jackson

Monika Bracken, 3rd female

Steve Collins

Richard DeCample

Scott Gilman

Doug Spell

Erin Farrelly

Steve Driver

Terry Connor

Jeff Branin

Jim Watts

Greg Bethard

Sarah Moles

Chris Helms

Jon Jaudon

Renata Carvalho

Sean O'Connor

Malcolm Gillis, Stephanie Honeycutt, and (?can't see bibs)

Craig Harris

Michael Vaughn

Joseph Parise

Gary Kerr

Stuart Samuels and Kelly Kietzke

Curt Euler

Jon Parce

Collins Bonds

Shawn McCarty

Doug Ferriss

Brian Witherow

Julia Myers

John Backus

Marlyn Miller and (?can't see bib)

Mike Walsh

Bill Deane

Rhonda Lee

Robert Mischianti

Charlie Possee

Julie McLean

Cliff Cartwright

Evelyn Wardzinski

Rosemary Evans

Jeff Smith

Ann-Marie Sharrits and Gwen Davies

Jennifer Bingham

Steve Donohoe

Shannon Police

Cindy Konarski

Beth Hampton and Melissa McCulloch

Beth Dunnivant

William Morton

Angela Ivory

Ray McCaslin

Bill Whipp

Rendi Mann-Stadt and Mary Euler

(? can't see bib) and Malcolm Gillis

The trolley shuttle

and the nice driver, Danny Plummer

Waiting in line...

and enjoying the ride

Enough talk, let's run

Just let me know when it’s time to go

Ready to roll

Volunteers Morgan and Pat Lorimer

finish line workers Matthew Studholme and David Fox, and RD Frank Kibler

11/16 aid station workers Harriet Locke, Rhonda Denham and Wendy Weidner, and photographer Rob Schoborg

Volunteers Brett Smith and Sophia Bridwell

7-time VCM'er Shawn Kerrick and volunteer Sharon Cline