SFTC Trail Series Competition

The following races shall be part of the 2013 SFTC Trail Series Competition:

2013 Current Standings
2012 Final Standings
2011 Final Standings
2010 Final Standings
2009 Final Standings

* Note: The Iron Mountain Trail Run consists of 16, 30 and 50 mile races. Only the 16 mile race is part of the Trail Series.

Competition Rules:


Each of the Trail Series races will be scored as follows (similar to cross-country type scoring):

(a) Each Trail Series runner will be assigned points for each race corresponding to their position in the race relative to other Trail Series runners. For example, if a runner places 5th overall in the race but is the first SFTC member to finish, then that runner receives 1 point. If another Trail Series runner finishes 8th overall and is the second SFTC member to finish, then that runner receives 2 points.

(b) A runner's Trail Series score will be the sum of their points for their top three races.

(c) The runner with the lowest score wins.

(d) If there's a tie, the runner who has completed the most races will win the tie.


Awards will be given at the SFTC annual banquet as follows:

(i) Top 3, male and female

(ii) Top 3 masters (40 - 49), male and female

(iii) Top 3 grandmasters (50 and over), male and female

(iv) The overall male and female winners shall receive $50 gift certificates to Foot Rx Johnson City (courtesy of Foot Rx JC).

(v) All runners that complete four Trail Series races will receive a special award at the banquet.

Printer-Friendly Information Sheet (pdf)

Any questions? Contact the Trail Series Competition Scorekeeper.