State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

April 16, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, Mary Rodriguez, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, Rhonda Denham, and Jason Goodman


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Donna Bays, Bob Townsend, and Nicole Goodman.


Members and Guests Present:  Frank Kibler, Rachel Conger, and Kelly Robinson (via teleconference)


Approval of Minutes:  Earl Brown stated that the final draft minutes of the March meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer's Report – Mary Rodriguez


   Total Income since last report:                $  1,233.01

   Total Expenses since last report:            $  1,452.28

   Total Assets as of April 16, 2009:            $17,442.34


            The full report is attached as Exhibit 1.


A general discussion was held concerning the two websites hosted by SFTC.  These sites are and  The cost is $23.94 per site every six months.




The Board would like to define what type of expenses is appropriate for Clubs/Organizations/Individuals to use SFTC grant money to fund.  Nicole Goodman agreed to research requirements of similar grant programs and to prepare a proposal for review at the May meeting.


Split Times


At the March meeting, the Board decided to make Split Times an annual publication highlighting the accomplishments and events of the running community served by the Club.  It was also decided that at future meetings the Board would make a list of potential topics and take the lead in writing the articles.  After much discussion the following topics and timeline was established:


      Time          Board Member             Possible Topic


      May            Nicole Goodman            Running/Exercise during pregnancy

                                                            (CONGRATULATIONS  to Nicole and Jason)


      June           Donna Bays                  Varmint Half Marathon


      July            Earl Brown                    King & Queen Competition


        ?              Michael Pope                Nike Half Marathon


Additional topics will be developed at future meetings.  It was also agreed that as articles are written they will be placed on the Club’s website under the “News & Announcements” section.


The Board also discussed the Editor role for the new Split Times format.  Earl Brown agreed to discuss the matter with Rob Schoborg to confirm he wants to continue as Editor.




Race Reports


-          Chasing Snakes 10k:  The Board expressed their appreciation to the Race Director (Amy Combs) and her support crew for the level of organization of this inaugural event.


-          Virginia Creeper Marathon:  Frank Kibler, Race Director, thanked the Board for continuing to allow him to make decisions and plan the marathon with minimal reporting back to the Board.  This year the race reached its registration limits six months prior to the race date.  Participants came from as far away as Massachusetts, Florida, and Iowa.  Frank reported that, as usual, the volunteers were great and that both he and the runners truly appreciated their time and dedication to the race.  The Revenue/Expense Summary and runner’s comments are attached as Exhibit 2.


-          Jingle Bell 5k:  Jason and Nicole Goodman will not be able to serve as liaisons for the 2009 Jingle Bell race.  The Board will attempt to find a new liaison.


New Races/Inquiries


-          Jonesborough Parks and Recreation 5k Road Race (Rachel Conger): Rachel is the Director of the Jonesborough Parks and Recreation Department.  The Parks and Recreation Department would like to host a 5k race on August 29 as a fund raiser.  Rachel is requesting to hire SFTC to manage the finish line and to provide 10-12 volunteers to help with the race.  Information submitted regarding the race is attached as Exhibit 3.  Michael Pope agreed to serve as liaison.  After considerable discussion, the following action was taken by the Board:


Motion:  Jason Goodman – SFTC accepts the request to be hired for finish line management and to provide volunteers necessary for the finish line for the Jonesborough Parks and Recreation 5k Road Race to be held on August 29, 2009.


Second:  Earl Brown


Motion Passed.


It was agreed that Rachel and her staff will work to locate the necessary volunteers needed for the course and that she will confirm their insurance will cover the SFTC volunteers managing the finish line.


-          Bristol Challenge 6K (Girls Incorporated – Kelly Robinson):  Girls Incorporated of Bristol would like to host a 6k race on the trails at Steele Creek Park.  The race is set for June 27th at 7:30 a.m.  Kelly would like to hire SFTC to manage the finish line.  Rhonda Denham agreed to serve as liaison.  After considerable discussion, the following action was taken by the Board:


Motion:  Earl Brown – SFTC accepts the request to be hired for finish line management for the Bristol Challenge 6k to be held on June 27, 2009.


Second:  Matthew Studholme


Motion Passed.


-          Bristol Motor Speedway 7k:  Rhonda Denham and Wendy Weidner have been contacted by representatives of Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS) requesting finish line management at a new 7k race to be held the morning of the August Nascar race at BMS.  Due to scheduling conflicts, the BMS representatives were unable to attend the meeting.  After much discussion, the Board agreed to waive the 4-month rule for new races requesting finish line management and will invite the BMS representatives to present their request at the May meeting.  Rhonda Denham will notify BMS of the Board’s decision.


RRCA Race Insurance


Jason Goodman has continued his dialog with RRCA’s Insurance Representative and has discovered that SFTC volunteers working a race that SFTC has been hired to manage the finish line are not covered by our liability policy through the RRCA.  The representative advised that we would either need to be an additional insured under the race organizer’s policy or the Club could purchase a general business insurance policy.  After much discussion, Nicole Goodman agreed to check and report back to the Board on how Girls on the Run handle their insurance.


Matthew Studholme has changed the SFTC website to inform race organizers that they are responsible for arranging for their own insurance coverage.


The Board next reviewed the status regarding contacting race directors for races SFTC is currently hired for finish line management to inform them about the insurance update.  The following races/race directors have been notified:


      Animal Chase Races

      Foot RX 5 Miler

      Rhythm & Roots 5k

      Mark Skelton


The following races/race directors need to be notified:


      FunFest  Mountain Bike Race

      Apple Festival - Matthew Studholme will notify the Race Director

      National Racewalk Championship

      BAE Half MarathonJason Goodman will contact the SFTC liaison, Steve Pastorek

      Jingle Bell 5k – Jason Goodman will notify the Race Director


Other Business:


-          Injury Prevention Seminar:  Allison Pastorek has indicated that Bob Weatherly could do an injury prevention seminar at FootRx on the Friday before the FootRx 5 Miler.  Matthew Studholme will contact Mr. Weatherly to let him know to contact Allison and Steve Pastorek to make arrangements for the seminar.


-          SFTC Summer Training Program (Frank Kibler):  The program began several years ago and was originally set up for kids but over time its focus changed to assisting adults who wanted to train for both the Crazy 8’s and Eastman 10k.  Several track club members who have assisted with the program over the past couple of years would like to continue with the program.  After considerable discussion, it was agreed that the program will continue.  Jason Goodman will complete the necessary paper work to have it added as a Club owned event to the insurance.  Matthew Studholme and Frank Kibler will work together to update the website with the program information.


-          Awards Banquet (Donna Bays):  The deposit has been paid and the contract with The Red Room has been signed.  The banquet will be held on Saturday, December 12, 2009.


-          Long Distance Series Awards:  Tabled until the May meeting.


-          Racewalk Representative Report (Ruth Ketron):  Tabled until May meeting.


-          Summer Track Meets:  In years past the Club has hosted a series of four track meets on Dobyns-Bennett High School’s track during the summer months.  David and Brenda Fox have always been the directors for the events and they have indicated they will be happy to continue in that role it if the Club will provide the needed volunteers.  After a brief discussion the Board agreed they would like for the track meets to continue and would appreciate the Fox’s continued assistance.  Matthew Studholme will contact David Fox to inform him of the Board’s decision and appreciation.


-          ClubRunning MagazineEarl Brown was contacted by this magazine requesting an updated copy of the Club’s membership.  The Board discussed privacy issues and the need to maintain control over our membership list.  Earl will contact the magazine for additional information and report back to the Board during the May meeting.


-          Blue Ridge Race Series – We have had no response from the Blue Ridge Magazine concerning our questions about the requirement to purchase adds in the magazine to have our races listed as part of the Series.  After a brief discussion, it was agreed by the Board to drop this item from future agendas.


There being no time to conduct further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Exhibits are on file with the original minutes.  For copies please contact the SFTC Secretary.