State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

August 20, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Michael Pope, Earl Brown, Mary Rodriguez, and Phil Horner.


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Bob Townsend, Ruth Ketron, Steve Pastorek, and Donna Bays


Members and Guests Present:  Mark Skelton, Sandra Vance, Andy True, Barbara Bogart, Hank Clabaugh, and Bill Dickerson



Approval of Minutes:  Earl Brown stated that the final draft minutes of the July meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez


            Total Income since last report:         $  1,492.68

            Total Expenses since last report:    $     115.83

            Total Assets as of 8/20/2009:         $19,107.00


Race Walk Report – Ruth Ketron


Ruth has contacted several race directors who do not offer competitive walks with their races with hopes of encouraging them to add walks in future races.  Ruth also shared with the Board that Kingsport was named as the 2008 “Best City for Walking” in Walk! magazine. 


Split Times – Earl Brown recognized and expressed appreciation for several new articles that had been posted to the website.  Earl again reminded everyone of the need for articles to fill the annual hard copy edition of Split Times.  Ruth Ketron mentioned she is considering an article about caffeine.  Earl mentioned that would like to have a series of articles about running in different cities as a resource for members traveling in and out of the country.  Mark Skelton agreed to explore the possibility of writing an article regarding the recent running boom.


Race Reports –


1.      Phipps Bend 5K has a record number of participants; 175.  No one was able to take home the prize money for setting a course record.

2.      As always, Railroad Days 5K was a fun and fast course.  The 2009 field included 106 participants.

3.      The inaugural running of the Abingdon Main Street 5K far exceeded organizers expectations with 109 participants.  With the Highlands festival in full swing there was a lot of pedestrian and car traffic to deal with but generally positive comments were received regarding the race and course.

4.      The Duck Island Summer Mile Races avoided the rain by starting a bit early.  Even with the threatening weather, 47 kids and adults came out to run for PRs and State Records.

5.      The School House 5K, which is now completely on paved roads, was a big success with 122 runners.

6.      Run for the Hill 5K had 376 participants and was applauded for configuring the finish line chute in a snake pattern to prevent bottleneck issues.

7.      The Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial 10K on the Creeper Trail was 77 runners strong this year.  Very positive comments were received for their non-traditional awards of pottery and necklaces.


Upcoming Races:


1.      Green County YMCA 5K – Scheduled for August 22nd.  This year will feature burgundy colored shirts.  The course is the same as the Bunny Hop 5K.

2.      Cancer Outreach Foundation 5K Hope Run – Inaugural event on the Creeper Trail.  Race is scheduled for August 29th.

3.      Eastman Road Race – SFTC will have an Information/Membership table at the expo again this year.  Bob Townsend will forward information for volunteers to sign-up to work the table.

4.      Bays Mountain 15 Mile Trail Race - Scheduled for September 19th.  Volunteers will receive 2 volunteer points.

5.      Rhythm & Roots 5K – Also scheduled for September 19th.

6.      BAE Systems Veterans Day Classic Half Marathon – Now listed on the SFTC Event Calendar for November 14th.

7.      2010 Johnson City Half Marathon – Steve Pastorek announced that Johnson City has decided to host a half marathon next year.  Detail are still being worked out.

8.      USATF 5K Racewalk Championship – Oscar Wagner has agreed to manage the finish line for this race.  SFTC’s involvement will be limited to equipment rental.


Race Management/Equipment Report – Donna Bays


It is believed that the recent problem with one of the TimeTech timers is due to the need to replace the internal lithium battery.  It was agreed that the internal batteries should be replaced in all the timers on an annual basis to diminish the likelihood of operational failure during a race.


Oscar Wagner is in the final stages of finishing the new finish line chute bases.  He has estimated the cost at $25 and will submit a statement once they are finished.


Donna presented a proposal for updating the equipment rental fees.  Several items that had not been previously listed have been added to the rental list and the rental amounts for both sets of timers have been adjusted to $50.  Finish line management prices remain the same.  After some discussion the Board took the following action:


Motion:  Mary Rodriguez – The rental fees, as listed on Attachment 1, are approved as presented and should be effective for equipment requests from the date of this meeting and forward.


Second:  Michael Pope


Motion Passed.


Volunteer Points for Summer Training Program


Frank Kibler, coordinator of the Summer Training program, forwarded to the Board a proposal for awarding volunteer points to group leaders of the program.  After considerable discussion, the Board took the following action:


Motion:  Earl Brown – Volunteer points will be awarded to group leaders of the SFTC Summer Training Program on a sliding scale based on number of sessions attended. 


            1-2 Sessions – 1 volunteer point

            3-5 Sessions – 2 Volunteer points

            6-10 Sessions – 4 Volunteer points

            11+ Sessions – 6 Volunteer points


Second:  Mary Rodriguez


Motion Passed.


Other Business


SFTC received an inquiry regarding track & field events, specifically hurdles.  SFTC does not currently host any traditional track and field events but after a brief discussion it was generally agreed the topic was worth exploring, possibly for the 2010 summer track meets. 


Steve Pastorek suggested the website be updated with an area, separate from the Event Calendar, for local group/training runs to be listed.  After a full discussion, it was decided to continue to post the group/training runs on the Event Calendar.


There being no time to conduct further business, all remaining agenda items were tabled until the next scheduled meeting.  The meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 17th.