State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

February 12, 2009 6:30 p.m. - Eastman Employee Center



Voting Board Members present:  Earl Brown, Jason Goodman, Matthew Studholme, Rhonda Denham, Michael Pope and Phil Horner


Non-voting Board Members and Position Holders Present:  Donna Bays, Wendy Weidner, Bob Townsend, Nicole Goodman


Guests:  Mark Skelton, Amy Combs, Austin Denham


Approval of Minutes:  The January 2009 minutes were approved as submitted.


Treasurer’s Report - Jason Goodman for Mary Rodriguez


As requested by the Board, Jason reported the details regarding the “Board Expenses” from 2008.  A major portion of this was the Timetech timer purchased as a gift to Dobyns-Bennett in memory of Coach Coughenour.


            Income Since Last Report:              $   1,952.00

            Expenses Since Last Report:          $   1,905.47

            Total Assets as of 02/09/2009:       $ 16,329.62


RRCA Race Insurance:


A question has been raised as to whether the Club’s involvement with races that have hired SFTC to manage the finish line meet the minimum standards for those events to be covered as “managed” races under the RRCA insurance policy.


Discussion:  Insurance coverage for SFTC is included as part of the annual RRCA membership.  For 2009, STFC paid $450 to RRCA for dues and listed 31 races as being “managed” by the club.


The RRCA website lists 5 criteria for a race to be considered “managed” by the club and eligible for coverage under the RRCA policy.  Those criteria include:


1)     Does the club identify the event as a club event in such ways as listing it on the club’s calendar, discussing it at board meetings as a club event, etc?

2)     Is the event referred to in club minutes as a club event?

3)     Is the club involved at each planning stage of the event?

4)     Does the club train and supervise the volunteers on the course, at the aid stations, and at the finish?

5)     Do the words “coordinated by” (or similar wording) with the name of the club appear on the race application?


Following the discussion, the Board felt SFTC’s involvement with the “managed” races did meet the minimum standards.  The following action items were assigned:


-          Jason Goodman will contact the RRCA to confirm our understanding of the policy and to specifically ask about the article titled Is It Your Event published in the December 2007 issue of Inside Track, a quarterly newsletter of the RRCA;


-          Matthew Studholme will revise the website to clarify SFTC “management” of races and to list the duties of SFTC race liaisons;


-          Race Directors will be notified that all forms and publications for SFTC managed events must refer to SFTC as the event “coordinator” and that RDs must report to the Board regarding the race; and


-          Mark Skelton will check with his contact in the Knoxville Track Club to see how they address insurance for managed races.


Race Reports:


-          War Party – Bob Townsend reported the War Party 10k and 5k were successful, making a profit of $597.31.


-          Chasing Snakes – Amy Combs reported on the progress of plans for the Chasing Snakes 10k.  The Johnson City Police Department has been engaged and will have a presence at 8 different points on the course as well as provide lead and follow cars.  Over 100 volunteers have signed up to help with the race and volunteer training is scheduled for Monday, March 2nd.  Sponsors include EarthFare, Retina Associates and Summers Taylor.  The course will be closed after 90-minutes.


-          Take Back the Night – The Race Director has contacted the Club to manage the race again.  Earl Brown will contact Rob Schoborg to see if he is willing to act as liaison again this year.  If not, an email will be sent out by Bob Townsend to see if anyone is interested in being the liaison.


-          Phipps Bend 5k – Mark Skelton reported that the Phipps Bend 5k race is currently scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, the same day as the Varmint Half Marathon and the Run for the Hill 5k.  He wanted to know the Board’s opinion about whether he should select another date.   After considerable discussion, the Board agreed a different date would be desirable.  Mark will update the posting on the SFTC Calendar.


-          Blue Plum 5k - The Race Director has contacted the Club requesting approval to hire the Club to manage the race.  After a discussion of the Club’s past experiences with the race and a review of our involvement with another race on the same date, it was decided that we would not get involved with the race this year. 


-          2nd Annual Race for Ian – It was pointed out that this race is listed on the SFTC Race Calendar as a King & Queen race.  That is incorrect.  Matthew Studholme will correct the listing as soon as possible.


New Race Management Requests/Inquiries


-          Pet Mile Races at Steele Creek Park (May 30th) – Wendy Weidner discussed this new race with the Board.  Discussion included whether this could be included as a Kids Festival of Miles race and whether the Club’s insurance through the RRCA would apply.  Jason Goodman will forward a copy of the insurance information to Wendy for review.


-          Low Vision Center Race (June 20th) – Jordan Bozeman has contacted the Club regarding race management for this possible race.  Earl Brown will contact Mr. Bozeman and request that he to come to the next board meeting.


-          General Electric/Children’s Hospital 5k (Summer 2009) – Justin Meehan from General Electric’s Morristown facility has contacted the club requesting general assistance in planning a 5k race.  Earl Brown will contact Mr. Meehan and suggest he get in touch John Smith who is a resident of Morristown, runner and experienced race director.


Kids Festival of Miles (KFOM) Races


-          Currently there are no standing criteria/standards or requirements for SFTC approval for KFOM races.  Since the series is sponsored by SFTC it was questioned as to whether we should have some control over what races are listed as being a part of the series.  It was proposed that all KFOM races should be assessed using the following criteria:


o       Is the course safe for kids to run;

o       Is the course accurately measured, certification not necessary;

o       Race Management is considered satisfactory and two timing devices are used;

o       Results are reported to the KFOM coordinator within one week post race


-          Motion:  Matthew Studholme - All new KFOM races must be reviewed and approved by the SFTC board prior to listing the race on the SFTC Event Calendar or advertising the event as a KFOM race.

Second:  Jason Goodman

Motion Passed


-          Motion:  Matthew Studholme - All 2008 KFOM races are approved by the Board as future KFOM races.

Second:  Earl Brown

Motion Passed


King & Queen


-          Currently, Race Directors are given up to two weeks to submit race results to the King & Queen coordinator.  It has been suggested the time be reduced to one week.


-          Motion:  Jason Goodman - King & Queen race results are to be provided to the King & Queen Coordinator within one week post race.

Second:  Phil Horner

Motion Passed


-          Nicole Goodman announced that FootRx in Johnson City now has King & Queen race calendars available.


Long Distance Series (LDS)


-          A discussion was held concerning the sweatshirts given each year to qualifying participants of the LDS.  Several at the meeting felt the shirts from 2008 were a bit too expensive and suggested this year we get quotes from additional vendors.  It was also questioned whether sweatshirts was the only option.  It was pointed out that the SFTC website specifically states that sweatshirts will be given to all qualifying participants. 


-          Action Item:  Matthew Studholme will revise the website to read that qualifying LDS participants will receive a “special award”.


-          Further discussion was tabled until the March meeting.




What should be done with unclaimed trophies?


Discussion:  Inevitably, race directors and event coordinators are left with unclaimed trophies.  It was generally agreed that RDs should make an effort to contact trophy winners with instructions of how to get their awards.  For trophies that are not claimed, it was suggest that if possible they should be recycled for the following year’s race.  It was generally agreed that the decision is ultimately up to the Race Director.


Other Business


-          Steve Pastorek contacted the club and offered to purchase the “Big Clock”.  Donna Bays pointed out that, contrary to her initial thoughts about the Big Clock, it is rented several times a year and at $100 per rental it is a good asset for the SFTC to have.  After a brief discussion, it was decided that the Club should keep the clock.


-          The “Race Management” position is currently unfilled.  This person typically fields inquires regarding new races, coordinates with the Equipment Manager the calendar for equipment rentals, and sends out invoices for equipment rentals.  After a lengthy discussion, it was agree that the position will be eliminated.  Going forward, inquires regarding new races will be fielded by the appropriate District Representative, race liaison’s will send out invoices for equipment rental and management services to races who have hired SFTC to manage and the Equipment Manager will send out invoices for equipment rental to all other races renting equipment.


-          Motion:  Jason Goodman - The Equipment Manager will received 5 additional volunteer points to compensate for the additional duties.

Second:  Earl Brown

Motion Passed


Discussion of the following agenda items were tabled until the March meeting:


-          Other Business

o       Split Times

o       Membership


-          Old Business

o       Grants

o       Injury Prevention Seminar

o       New Racewalk Representative

o       New Year’s Wake Up Race awards

o       King & Queen Races for 2010

o       $2000 for grant awards

o       Blue Ridge Race Series response

o       Online Race Calendar changes