State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

June 19, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, Mary Rodriguez, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, Rhonda Denham, and Jason Goodman


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Donna Bays, Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, and Wendy Weidner


Members and Guests Present:  Molly Allen, Gracie Allen and Barbara Bogart


Approval of Minutes:  Earl Brown stated that the final draft minutes of the May meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez


      Total Income since last report:     $ 368.44

      Total Expenses since last report: $ 122.86

      Total Assets as of 6/18/2009:       $17,988.13


      The full report is attached as Exhibit 1.


Grants:  Year-end reports have been received from Girls on the Run and Abraham Lincoln’s Road Pride programs.  The Club has received two new grant applications.  They are:


          Girls on the Run:  The program is requesting a $500.00 grant for program scholarships.  After a brief discussion the following action was taken by the Board:


            Motion:  Matthew Studholme – SFTC approves the $500 grant request from Girl on the Run for program scholarships.


            Second:  Earl Brown


            Motion Passed.


          Ross N. Robinson Middle School Cross Country:  Terry Diamond, Cross Country coach for RNR has requested a $500 grant to fund weekly incentive awards and team breakfasts.  After a thorough discussion the following action was taken by the Board:


            Motion:  Rhonda Denham – SFTC approves the $500 grant request from Ross N. Robinson’s Cross Country Coach for weekly incentive awards and team breakfasts.


            Seconded:  Matthew Studholme


            Motion Passed.


Earl Brown will contact the individuals to inform them of the Club’s decisions and to determine where to mail the checks.



Split Times:  Board members were requested to continue to write articles for posting on the Club’s website and for publishing in the annual Split Times publication.  Nicole Goodman has agreed to do an article as well as Earl Brown (King & Queen competition) and Donna Bays (Bays Mountain 15 Miler).


Race Reports


          Foot RX 5 Miler – Well organized race with great shirts and food.


          Duck Island Spring Mile – Great participation with 30 in the Kids Mile and 11 in the Open Mile.  A total of six new state records.


          Holly Help Pet Miles - A fun event at Steele Creek Park.  Enough money was raised to neuter 26 animals (a prevention of two million births).  A total of 46 participants in all the events and zero dog fights!  Hopeful for more participation in years to come.  2010 event is scheduled for May 22nd.


          Covered Bridge 5k – Another fun race but the awards were not presented until 9:30, two hours after the start of the race.


          Blue Plum 5k – Large event with 558 finishers.  The finish line chute needed to be longer and the tag/card system was confusing for the participants.  Hopefully chip timing will be used in future years.


          Summer Track Meet:  Went really well with a great turn out.


          Varmint Half Marathon and 5k:  Another good race with a lot of Club members participating.  Next year’s shirts will be pink and all the kids will receive a small sheep.


          AmazinGrace 5k:  Fantastic inaugural event with 334 finishers in the 5k.  Noted that it was nice to have the mile event free to all.  Congratulations to Gracie Allen for placing as third girl in the Kids Mile!


Current/Upcoming Races


          Rhododendron 10K:  Jason and Nicole Goodman will be doing RunScore for the event.


          Bristol Challenge 6k – Rhonda Denham is the liaison.  Bob Townsend will send out a volunteer blast.


          Firecracker 4 Miler – Begins at 7:00 a.m. with a pool party afterwards.


          Wolf Run 7 Miler – Begins at 6:30 p.m.  Race Director has promised the shirts are very nice!


          Phipps Bend 5k – Scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. on July 25th.


          Creeper Classic – Cancelled.



RRCA Race Insurance:  Matthew Studholme reported that in order to receive insurance through USATF the Club would pay a $50 membership per year and an additional fee for every event based on size, the larger the race the larger the fee.  Events would also have to meet the USATF sanctioning rules.  Board members agreed there was not an obvious advantage/reason for the Club to become a member of the USATF.  Nicole Goodman will report her findings regarding insurance options at the July meeting.


The Club is continuing its efforts to notify Race Directors of the change regarding race insurance.  The following actions have been or will be taken:


          Jingle Bell 5k – Jason Goodman has contact the Race Director


Other Business


·       Equipment - The Board agreed the Club should invest in obtaining additional stands/poles in order to have longer finish line chutes available for larger events as well as new flagging for the chute.  It was also agreed that Donna Bays will submit a proposal for updating the rental fees and report on the status of equipment rentals for 2009.


·       National Racewalk Championship – The Race Director has contacted the club requesting mailing labels and a liaison for the race.  Earl Brown will send an email to the Race Director stating that he should come to the July Board meeting to discuss the event.


·       Long Distance Series Awards – 33 members have signed up to participate in the LDS and one member has already qualified.  Wendy Weidner, LDS Coordinator, requested guidance from the Board as to the type of award and available funding.  Several options were suggested, including asking the participants to assist by paying a fee.  Wendy will investigate various options and submit a report at the July Board meeting.


·       Long Distance Series – Based on previous discussions during Board meetings, Wendy Weidner suggested the Board consider adding the Highlands Spring Chase 15k as an acceptable wildcard race for the LDS.  After considerable discussion the following action was taken by the Board:


Motion:  Mary Rodriguez – For 2009 forward, the Highlands Spring Chase 15k is an acceptable race for LDS participants to use as a wildcard race.


Seconded:  Earl Brown


Motion Failed.


There being no time to conduct further business, all remaining agenda items were tabled and the meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, July 23rd.