State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

May 14, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, Mary Rodriguez, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, and Jason Goodman


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Donna Bays, Bob Townsend, Nicole Goodman, and Allison Pastorek


Members and Guests Present:  Frank Kibler, Kim LaForce


Approval of Minutes:  Earl Brown stated that the final draft minutes of the April meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez


      Total Income since last report:     $  1,218.42

      Total Expenses since last report: $     918.21

      Total Assets as of May 14, 2009: $17,742.55


      The full report is attached as Exhibit 1.


Grants:  As requested by the Board, Nicole Goodman presented a proposed set of guidelines to define what type of expenses is acceptable for Clubs/Organizations/Individuals to use SFTC grant money to fund.  As much discussion the Board agreed to adopt the proposed guidelines.  The guidelines will be posted on SFTC’s website.


Split Times:  As discussed in previous meetings, Split Times will be published annually and will highlight the accomplishments and events of the running community served by the Club.  As articles are submitted for the publication they will be placed on the Club’s website under the “News and Announcements” section.  The first article “It Was Bound to Happen” has been placed on the website.  Nicole Goodman (June) and Earl Brown (July) have agreed to submit articles.  Earl Brown and Donna Bays agreed to work together to assemble the Split Times for the 2009 edition.


Race Reports


          CASA 8K - This race continues to grow each year.  2009 had 80+ registrations for the 8K and 27 participants in the Kids Mile.  Congratulations to Harper Russell for setting Tennessee state records in both events.


          Run the Tunnel – Highest number of participants since 2003, total of 66 finishers.



          Miracle Miles & Relays - A fun event at the Bristol Motor Speedway but the participation was lower than hoped.  SFTC received a letter from Small Miracles Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center, Inc. thanking the Club for assistance during the fundraiser.


          Girls on the Run – The 2009 5k was a non-competitive event that had great sponsors and media coverage.  The program is for 3rd – 5th grade girls and currently has 154 participating.  The 5k had over 300 runners.  A 2nd event is scheduled for Sunday, December 6th on the VA campus in Johnson City.


          Take Back the Night 5k – SFTC has received a letter from the race directors thanking the Club for assistance during the fundraiser.


Current/Upcoming Races


          Race at the Bristol Motor Speedway on race weekend in August – No longer an option, the Traffic Director in Bristol will not allow use of any streets outside the track on the day of the race.


          Jingle Bell 5k – Bob Townsend (or Matthew Studholme if Bob has a conflict) will serve as the liaison for the 2009 race.


New Races/Inquiries


          Cancer Outreach Foundation 5k Hope Run (Kim LaForce) - The Cancer Outreach Foundation would like to host a 5k race on the Creeper Trail in Abingdon, VA.  The race is set for August 29th at 8 a.m.  Kim would like to hire SFTC to manage the finish line.  Donna Bays agreed to serve as liaison.  After some discussion, the following action was taken by the Board:


Motion:  Matthew Studholme – SFTC accepts the request to be hired for finish line management for the Cancer Outreach Foundation 5k Hope Run to be held on August 29, 2009.


Second:  Earl Brown


Motion Passed.


Previous Race Inquiries


          Abingdon Main Street 5k – SFTC has been hired for finish line management and Mary Rodriguez is the liaison.  The 5k is scheduled for August 1st at 7:30 p.m.


          Low Vision Center 5k and 10k races – SFTC has been hired for finish line management and Phil Horner is the liaison.  Phil reported the race director has not decided on a date for the race.


RRCA Race Insurance:  As requested by the Board, Nicole Goodman reported that Girls on the Run has a general business insurance policy that covers all activities, including the races.  After considerable discussion regarding the RRCA and the value, if any, of being members, it was agreed that Matthew Studholme would check on insurance coverage through the USA Track & Field organization and Nicole Goodman would check on the cost of a general business insurance policy through Watauga Insurance, Inc.


 The Club is continuing efforts to notify Race Directors of the change regarding race insurance.  The following actions have been or will be taken:


          FunFest Mountain Bike Race – Allison Pastorek will confirm with Natalie Whitlock that the race was not relying on insurance via SFTC.


          Apple Festival – Matthew Studholme has notified the Race Director


          National Racewalk Championship – Insured via the USATF


          BAE Half-Marathon – Steve Pastorek will contact the Race Director


          Jingle Bell 5k – Jason Goodman will contact the Race Director


Other Business


·       National Running Day is June 3rd (  FootRx will be hosting two running sessions on the 3rd; 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  Rita’s will provide Slushies and other treats.  Everyone is invited to come out and run!


·       The following questions were raised regarding volunteer points:


1)      If someone joins the club mid-year should volunteer points be awarded retroactively for that year if the new member helped with an event prior to joining the Club?  Yes but the member and Race Director must send the volunteer information to Bob.


2)      Should members receive volunteer points for submitting articles to be placed on the website?


            After some discussion, the following actions were taken by the Board:


            Motion:  Matthew Studholme - Members who join the club mid-year will be awarded           volunteer points, retroactively for the current calendar year only, for helping with an event prior         to joining the Club.  If will be the responsibility of the member to request the Race Director(s)           to forward the volunteer information to the Club’s Volunteer Coordinator at


            Second: Michael Pope


            Motion Passed.


            Motion:  Matthew Studholme – Members will receive one volunteer point for each   article they submit for publication by the Club.


            Second:  Michael Pope


            Motion Passed.


·       Due to scheduling conflicts, Bob Weatherly will not be conducting an injury prevention seminar at the Foot Rx 5 Miler.


·       FootRx is hosting a free Summer training program for high school and grade school students.  They will be meeting on the VA campus in Johnson City from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. every Monday through Thursday during the months of June and July.


·       The SFTC summer training program is in full swing.  The group meets on Mondays at the Greenbelt entrance on American Way Drive in Kingsport.  Since this event is Club owned, the RRCA Insurance covers the volunteers and participants.  Jason Goodman will forward the event information to the insurance agent.


·       ClubRunning Magazine had contacted the Club requesting a copy our membership names and addresses.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered this information was being requested so that the Magazine could send a copy of the publication to our members.  The Board agreed to not forward the information.


·       Marathon research request from Elizabeth Loughren at Temple University:  Ms. Loughren has requested the club announce her research project.  Please see below:


"Have you completed your first marathon within the past year?  If yes, tell me about your experience! I am an Exercise and Sport Psychology Ph.D. student at Temple University, in Philadelphia, and also a marathon runner. For my dissertation, I have decided to look at first time marathon runners (newbies), their motivations for completing a marathon, and their intent to run another marathon. If you have completed your first marathon within the past year, I would love to hear about your marathon experience! Listed below is the link for the online survey.  The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete."


·       For the new Adult Mile Series, a question was raised about what awards will be given.  After considerable discussion the following action was taken by the Board:


Motion:  Matthew Studholme – The following awards will be given for the Adult Mile Series – Top overall male and female and male and female age groups (top 2) for 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60-over.  To qualify for the series members must participate in any four of the mile races starting with the summer track meets.


Second:  Earl Brown


Motion Passed.


There being no time to conduct further business, all remaining agenda items were tabled and the meeting was adjourned.