State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

November 19, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, Mary Rodriguez, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, Rhonda Denham, and Jason Goodman.


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Donna Bays, Bob Townsend, Wendy Weidner, Ruth Ketron, and Nicole Goodman.


Members and Guests Present:  Oscar Wagner, Sandra Vance, John Cornelius, and Mike Jennings.


Approval of Minutes:  A copy of the draft minutes of the October meeting was distributed to each member of the Board for review.  Upon completion of review, Earl Brown asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made, seconded and approved as presented.



Treasurer's Report – Mary Rodriguez


      Total Income since last report:          $  2,303.10

      Total Expenses since last report:      $     937.13

      Total Assets as of 11/19/2009:          $23,354.11


Race Management/Equipment Rental Update


The Board reviewed the updated equipment rental chart.  After the review, the Board discussed what to do regarding unpaid invoices.  The Board agreed that if a Race Director or event who has not paid for past services requests future services that the past due amount must first be paid and the future services must be prepaid.


Donna Bays reported that the TimeTech Timers were lost after the Haunted Half Marathon.  After much discussion, it was determined that new timers would be ordered to replace the lost ones.  Donna Bays agreed to draft a policy/rental equipment receipt form for the Board to review at the January meeting.


Race Reports


Roan Mountain 10K:  The course had to be changed at the last minute due to paving of the road.  It was discussed that all King & Queen races must be on certified courses.  The question arose as to whether Roan Mountain should be counted as a King & Queen race.  After some discussion the following action was taken:


Motion by Earl Brown and seconded by Mary Rodriguez:  Roan Mountain will be counted as a 5 mile King & Queen race.  Motion passed.


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k:  With 2,730 participants in the 5k run and 122 participants in the 5k walk, the Komen event is the largest ever running/walking event in the Tri-Cities area. 


It was brought to the Board’s attention that the “Dash for the Cure”, the one mile race that is part of the KFOM series, was not timed.  The Board was asked if and how the race should be counted in the 2009 KFOM results.  After some discussion, the Board determined the race should be counted for the 2009 series, but will not be listed as a 2010 KFOM event.  It was also determine to use the individual’s average time of other 2009 KFOM results as the finish time for the Dash for the Cure.


Turkey Trot:  Oscar Wagner provided the finish line management for the Turkey Trot this year.  97 women completed the 5k run and 49 women completed the 5k walk.


Current/Upcoming Races


Santa Special:  The Santa Special races are scheduled for November 21st.  The club has not been hired to manage the finish line but SFTC equipment has been rented.


Jingle Bell 5k:  The Jingle Bell is scheduled for December 5th.  SFTC has been hired to manage the finish line and Matthew Studholme is the liaison.


Pioneer 5 Miler:  The Poineer 5 Miler is a club-owned event with Bob Townsend directing.  The race is the first race counted toward the 2010 King & Queen competition and will be held Saturday, December 12th.


New Year’s Wake-Up 5k:  The Wake-Up run, another club-owned event, is scheduled for January 1, 2010 and Dave Rogers is the race director.


2010 Competition Series


The Board next discussed the final listing of races to comprise the various 2010 competition series.  After much discussion, motions were made and seconded to approve the attached list as the 2010 SFTC competitions series races.


The remainder of the Board Meeting was used to discuss and finalize plans for the 2009 Awards Banquet.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.


2010 King & Queen Races


*       Pioneer 5 Miler

*       New Year's Day Wake Up 5K

*       War Party 10K

*       Surgoinsville 10 Miler

*       Chasing Snakes 10K

*       Highland Spring Chase 15K

*       Take Back the Night 5K

*       Bunny Hop 5K

*       CASA 8K

*       Justin Foundation 5K

*       Run the Tunnel

*       Animal Chase 10K

*       Animal Chase 5K

*       Foot Rx 5 Miler

*       AmazinGrace 5K

*       Phipps Bend 5K

*       Varmint Half Marathon

*       Rhododendron 10K

*       Firecracker 4 miler

*       Crazy 8’s 8K

*       Wolf Run 7 Miler

*       Railroad Days 5K

*       Schoolhouse 5K

*       Greene County YMCA 5K

*       Eastman 10K

*       Rhythm & Roots 5K

*       Bays Mountain Trail Race

*       Apple Festival 4 miler

*       Laurel Run Ascent

*       Tri-Cities Race for the Cure 5K

*       Roan Mountain 10K

*       BAE Systems Half Marathon

*       Santa Special Open Mile

*       Up & At Em Turkey Trot 5K


2010 Long Distance Series Races


*       Surgoinsville 10 Miler

*       Virginia Creeper Marathon

*       Varmint Half Marathon

*       Bays Mountain Trail Race

*       Laurel Run Ascent

*       Bridge & Trestle Run

*       BAE Systems Half Marathon

*       Wild Card Race of at least 10 miles


2010 Adult Mile Series Races


*       Spring Duck Island Mile

*       Summer Track Meets (4)

*       Crazy Mile

*       Summer Duck Island Mile

*       Fall Duck Island Mile

*       Santa Special Open Mile


2010 Trail Series Races


*       Run the Tunnel

*       Wolf Run 7 Miler

*       Iron Mtn. Trail Race

*       Bays Mountain Trail Race

*       Laurel Run Ascent

*       Bridge & Trestle Run



2010 Kids Festival of Miles Races


*       CASA Mile

*       Miracle Mile Relays

*       Animal Chase Mile

*       Duck Island Spring Mile

*       AmazinGrace Mile

*       Holy Help Pet Mile

*       Summer Track Meet (#2)

Crazy Mile

Duck Island Summer Mile

Schoolhouse Mile

Eastman Mile

Duck Island Fall Mile

*       Santa Special Mile