State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

October 15, 2009

6:30 p.m.



Voting Board Members present:  Matthew Studholme, Earl Brown, Michael Pope, Mary Rodriguez, and Phil Horner


Non-Voting Board Members/Position Holders present:  Bob Townsend, Ruth Ketron, Steve Pastorek, and Donna Bays


Members and Guests Present:  Barbara Taylor, Grover Taylor, Mark Skelton, Oscar Wagner, Hank Clabaugh, Barbara Bogart, Karen Seiferth, Timothy Seiferth, and Molly Allen


Approval of Minutes:  Earl Brown stated that the final draft minutes of the September meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez: 


            Total Income since last report:         $   2,309.89

            Total Expenses since last report:    $      257.81       

            Total Assets as of 10/15/2009:       $ 21,988.14


A brief update was given regarding the Citizen’s Bank Santa Special Race account.  Hank Brown has been contacted regarding the account.  He expressed his appreciation for us bringing the matter to his attention.  No further action is required by SFTC.


The Board reviewed the updated equipment rental chart.


Split Times – Ruth Ketron and Earl Brown have both posted articles regarding caffine.  Donna Bays will work on an article regarding Kingsport being named as the “Best Walking City”.


Race Reports


Bays Mountain Trail Race:  Great race this year except for the bees, several participants were stung along the trail.  There was one reported bear sighting. 


Rhythm and Roots Reunion 5K:  A very good turn-out, 409 for the 5k and 102 for the 2 mile walk.  Michael Pope did a great job with the finish line.  Registration for the 2 Mile Walk was well organized.


NFS Apple Festival 4 Miler:  Michael Pope handled the finish line and Run Score for the Club.  One participant in the 2 mile walk was disqualified for running.


USATF 5k Racewalk Championship:  Ruth Ketron reported there were 66 competitors at this year’s event, including one Olympian.  Race Director, Bobby Baker, will be traveling to Indianapolis to submit a bid for Kingsport to be the host site of the race for the next two years. 


Laurel Run Ascent and Picnic:  A fun, small, and low-key trail event followed by a picnic.  Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day.   


Duck Island Fall Mile: Great event with several state records set, but the main attraction of the day was Ella Goodman, baby girl of Nicole and Jason Goodman.


Bays Mountain Challenge: This is a new competition sponsored by Skelton Law Racing.  Prize money is awarded to the male and female with the lowest combined times from the Wolf Run, Bays Mountain 15 Miler, and the Laurel Run Ascent.  The 2009 King and Queen of the Mountain are Michael Smelser and Libby Overholt.


Current/Upcoming Races


Roan Mountain 10K:  Steve Pastorek will confirm with Rob Schoborg that he, Rob, will be the Race Director for this year.


Bridge and Trestle 17 Mile Run:  Since this run is now part of the Trail Series Competition, and “finish order” will need to be recorded and forwarded to the Series Coordinator.  Steve Pastorek will confirm this with Rob Schoborg.


BAE Half Marathon and 5K:  There has been rumor that the course may be altered due to construction.  If so, the course would not be certified and therefore would not meet the criteria for the King & Queen Competition or Long Distance Series.  Steve Pastorek will contact the Race Director to discuss the matter.


Previous Race/SFTC Inquiries


AmazinGrace 5k and Mile Fun Run:  On behalf of the Race Director, Hank Clabaugh has requested that these races be considered as King & Queen and KFOM events for the 2010 race calendar.  After considerable discussion to confirm the races met the criteria for the series, the Board took the following action:


      Motion (Phil Horner):  The AmazinGrace 5k will be listed as a King & Queen event for     2010.


      Second (Earl Brown)


      Motion Passed.


      Motion (Phil Horner):  Pending course certification, the AmazinGrace One Mile Run will be        listed as a KFOM event for 2010.


      Second (Earl Brown)


      Motion Passed.


Race Entry Form Standards:  As discussed in previous meetings, both the USATF and RRCA have lifted their bans regarding the use of headphones during races.  SFTC’s web-generated entry form still contains language prohibiting use of headphone during races.  Earl Brown has reviewed literature from several track clubs.  He reported the New York Road Runners Club has a separate page for all race rules and thought the Club might want to consider a similar approach.  Mark Skelton will draft language for the Board to consider. 


Awards Banquet and Elections for 2010 Board Members and Officers:  The Board reviewed the ballots for the elections and awards and also discussed the general planning and action items for the annual meeting and awards banquet.


Club Brochure:  The Board reviewed a draft of the brochure.  It was suggested that a membership application form should be added as well mentioning member discounts from Runner’s Market in Knoxville.  Donna Bays will present another draft at the November meeting.


Finish Line Management Guidelines:  A question has been raised regarding the fee structure for finish line management services offered by SFTC.  Specifically, should a Race Director be required to pay full price if the finish line management services did not meet the Race Director’s expectations?  After much discussion, the Board agreed that SFTC Race Liaisons should report to the Board any problems that occurred during specific races.  The Board would then make a decision regarding the SFTC charges for the services provided to that particular race.


There being no time to conduct further business, all remaining agenda items were tabled until the next scheduled meeting.  The meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 19th.