State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

February 18, 2010

6:30 p.m.



Board Members present:  Jason Goodman, Mary Rodriguez, Bob Townsend, Earl Brown, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, Ruth Ketron and Donna Bays


Members present:  Mark Skelton, Barbara Taylor, Tom Murrell, and Frank Kibler


Guests present:  Grover Taylor, Will Frye, and Aaron Baird


Approval of Minutes:  Jason Goodman stated that the final draft minutes of the January meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez


                Total Income since last report:         $1,900.76

                Total Expenses since last report:      $2,447.27

                Total Assets as of 02/18/2010:        $17,780.80


Mary confirmed the Club’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) has been reinvested for a term of 14 months at 1.2% interest rate.


Race and Event Updates:


      Due to bad weather the War Party 10k Run and 5k Walk were postponed until February 20th.  Other regional races and events were discussed, including the Strawberry Plains Half Marathon and the Tennessee State Parks Tour awards banquet.  Our local community was well represented at both events.


Upcoming Races and Events:


      War Party 10k Run and 5k Walk:  Rescheduled for Saturday, February 20th at Warrior’s Path State Park.  An SFTC owned race with Bob Townsend serving as Race Director.


      Surgoinsville 10 Miler:  Part of the Skelton Law Racing Series and the first race of the Long Distance Series.  Scheduled for Saturday, February 27th.


      St. Anne’s 5k:  Scheduled for Saturday, March 6th in Bristol at St. Anne’s School.


      Chasing Snakes 10k and 4k Fitness Walk:  Scheduled for Saturday, March 13 in Johnson City at St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Donna Bays is the liaison for SFTC.


      Virginia Creeper Marathon:  An SFTC owned race with Frank Kibler serving as the Race Director.  Frank reported that the 2010 race is full and registration has been closed for quite a while.  In fact, he has already received entries for the 2011 race.


Proposed Races:


      Relay for Life 5k Run/Walk:  Aaron Baird, Race Director and representative from race sponsor Snap-On Tools in Elizabethton presented this new race to the Board.  The race is scheduled for May 22nd and will benefit the American Cancer Society.  The race will be renting equipment from SFTC and would like to request assistance with the finish line management.  After some discussion, the Board agreed that due to our four-month policy SFTC would not be able to manage the finish line.  However, Board member Michael Pope did volunteer to assist Aaron with the finish line.


      Good Samaritan 5k:  Will Frye, Race Director and representative from Good Samaritan Ministries, Inc. in Johnson City presented this new race to the Board.  The race is scheduled for June 26th and will also feature a 2-mile fitness walk.  The race would like to hire SFTC to manage the finish line.  After some questions and discussion regarding race planning and insurance, the Board accepted the request and Donna Bays will be the SFTC liaison.


Long Distance Series:  With two new local half marathons and the uncertainty of the future of the BAE Half Marathon, the Board discussed the possibility of adding the Haunted Half Marathon and/or the Johnson City Half Marathon to the list of Long Distance Series races.  After some discussion, it was agreed that Jason Goodman would gather additional information regarding the two new half marathons and present the information to the Board during the March meeting.


Pioneer 5 Mile Run:  Bob Townsend confirmed the Parks Tour had been informed and accepted the new race date (December 18th) for the Pioneer race.  Bob will post the race to the SFTC calendar after the Parks Tour calendar is set in March.


Other Business/Reports:


·    Outstanding equipment rental and race management invoices:    Donna Bays reported that SFTC had not received payment from the following 2009 races:  Clinch River 5k, Blue Plum 5k, Apple Fest 4 Miler and Race Walk, and the Jonesborough Parks and Recreation 5k.  Donna will forward contact information to Jason Goodman and Jason will contact the Race Directors.


·    SFTC Brochure:  Donna Bays reported the brochure is ready and will be forwarded to the printer near the end of March.  Until that time, Donna agreed to print several copies to have available at upcoming races.


·    Grant Program – Jason Goodman stated that the Girls on the Run grant application had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any questions.  After a brief discussion, a motion was duly made, seconded, and approved to award $500 to the Girls on the Run program in Johnson City


·    Race Walk Report:  Ruth Ketron reported that Chasing Snakes 10k and the Creeper Marathon had agreed to increase their age group award categories and that she is encouraging other races to do the same. 


·    Equipment:  Donna Bays reported the new equipment check-out and rental agreement policies and finalized and ready for use.  She also purchased and received the new finish line flagging and mile marker clock charger.


·    FootRx Sponsorship of King & Queen Series:  Foot Rx will continue their sponsorship of the series for 2010 by providing trophies for the awards banquet.  Any further support will need to be discussed.


·    Foot RX “Tip of the Week” on SFTC Website:  Steve Pastorek of FootRx in Johnson City has asked to be allowed to put a Foot Rx “Tip of the Week” on the homepage of SFTC’s website.  After much discussion, a motion was made to allow the request.  However, due to lack of a second, the motion was not considered for a vote.


·    SFTC Summer Track Meets:  David and Brenda Fox have informed the Board that they would like to hand over management of the summer track meets and that they would be willing to help this year to ease the transition.  Phil Horner of Fleet Feet in Kingsport has agreed to sponsor and coordinate the track meets.  Phil will submit a proposal of what the sponsorship will include for the Board’s consideration at the March meeting.


·    Race shirts for club owned races:  As agreed during the January meeting, Jason Goodman contacted Frank Kibler concerning the current practice regarding race shirts.  Frank discussed the matter with the Board and felt strongly that the matter should be left to the discretion of the race director.  After much discussion the Board agreed to not change the current practice.


·    Scholarships:   Mary Rodriguez submitted a draft of administrative guidelines and procedures regarding the establishment of an annual SFTC scholarship.  Mary will email a copy of the proposal to all the members of the Board for review and further discussion at the March meeting. 


·    Johnson City Wellness Center Program:  SFTC received a communication from Anna Kennedy, a personal trainer at the Wellness Center, informing us of a one day clinic on strength training/conditioning and running that will be offered this spring.  The Board agreed the program would benefit the running community and would welcome it to be added to the SFTC Event Calendar.


Split Times:  Donna Bays reported that she and Marie Tedesco are working on a new edition of Split Times and expected to have it out to the membership in early April.  An email blast will be sent to the membership encouraging the submission of articles.


Race Entry Form:  Now that the RRCA’s insurance carrier no longer bands race participants from wearing headphones in races, the Board has been considering necessary changes to our race entry form generated by the Club’s website.  After much discussion, the issue was tabled until various options could be discussed with the SFTC Webmaster.


There being no further matters for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.  The next of the Board will be at 6:30 p.m. on March 18, 2010 at the Eastman Employee Center in Kingsport.