State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

January 21, 2010

6:30 p.m.



Board Members present:  Mary Rodriguez, Matthew Studholme, Ruth Ketron, Jason Goodman, Rhonda Denham, Bob Townsend, Earl Brown, Phil Horner and Donna Bays


Members present:  Mark Skelton, Richard Tyner and Tom Murrell


Approval of Minutes:  Jason Goodman stated that the final draft minutes of the November meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.  There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Mary Rodriguez: 


            Total Income since last report:            $   4,169.65*

            Total Expenses since last report:         $   9,196.45*

            Total Assets as of 01/21/2010:            $ 18,327.31


* Income and Expenses from November 19, 2009 through January 21, 2010.


The Club’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) matures on February 3, 2010.  Mary sought the Board’s opinion as to the next length of investment term.  The CD is currently receiving .6% interest in an 8 month investment term.  If we increase the term the interest will be at a higher rate.  After some discussion, the Board agreed to increase to a 14 month investment term at 1.2% interest.


Race and Event Reports: 


Santa Special Mile Races:  Good turn out with a total of 368 participants.  Matthew assisted with the finish line and prepared the results with Runscore.


Jingle Bell 5K:  Only 100 finishers this year, down from previous years due to the weather.  Weather aside, everything went fine.  Matthew Studholme was the liaison and managed the finish line.


Pioneer 5 Miler:  Club-owned event and the first race in the 2010 King & Queen competition.  89 participants this year, which was a good turnout considering the bad weather.  The event had a net income of $57.21.  Bob Townsend will be selling left over shirts at War Party and other local runs.  Bob has been contacted by the Tennessee Parks Tour organizer requesting that the 2010 Pioneer 5 Miler be moved from the 2nd weekend in December to the 3rd weekend to prevent a conflict with another Parks Tour event.  Bob asked the Board of they had any objections to the move.  After some discussion, the Board agreed the date change would have a positive impact for our local running and walking community.  Bob will contact the Parks Tour representative and make the change. 


2009 Awards Banquet:  The Banquet went very well and we have received positive feedback from some of those in attendance.  It was suggested that invitations be sent to KFOM participants to make sure their parents are aware of the date and time of the banquet.  After some discussion the Board agreed to send such invitations prior to the 2010 banquet. 


New Year's Wake-Up 5K:  Great event as usual with 114 participants. Extra shirts will be for sale at War Party.


Norris Dam 12k -  Bob Townsend reported that 11 SFTC members participated in the event.  Bill Dickerson and Marie Tedesco won the overall Senior Grandmaster awards and several of the others received age group awards.


Upcoming Races:


War Party 10K:  Bob Townsend has received several preregistrations but he is uncertain about the number of t-shirts to order because of the weather forecast, which will more likely than not have a negative impact on total participation.  It was suggested that for club-owned events we should consider only offering t-shirts for preregistered runners.  Potential problem would be not having enough shirts for those preregistrations received after the shirt order had been placed.  Since, because of the date, this is not possible to try this with War Party.  Jason will contact Frank Kibler, Race Director for Run the Tunnel for his opinion.


Surgoinsville 10 Miler:  The race is set for February 27th and the results will be generated with RunScore.


Competition Series:


The list of races for the various competition series was finalized during the November, 2009 meeting.  As for the rules related to each Series, the following was decided:


The Trail Series Competition will continue to use a cross-country scoring method.  It was also discussed that the Trail Series should be promoted more during 2010. 


The Board next discussed whether an SFTC member who joins the Club after running one or more competition series events can count those races completed prior to membership as a competition series race.  After much discussion, the following motion was duly made, seconded and passed:


In order for a competition series race to be counted toward an individual’s completion of that series, the individual must be a member of SFTC on the day of the race.


Awards Banquet


The Board next discussed the date of the 2010 Awards Banquet.  It has been suggested that we move the event to the first Saturday in December to avoid conflicts with popular races such as the Kiawah Island and Rocket City marathons.  However, the earlier date would make it difficult to finalize the King & Queen results.  After considerable discussion the Board agreed to schedule the 2010 Awards Banquet for December 4th and to adjust the King & Queen calendar to end with the Santa Mile and make the Turkey Trot the first race of the 2011 competition.


Other Business/Reports


Club Brochure:  The Board reviewed a draft of the brochure and suggested a few changes.  After some discussion the Board agreed that after the noted changes are made the brochure was ready for publication.


Grant Program:  The Club has received a grant request from “Girls On the Run”.  A copy of the application will be forwarded to the Board for review and a discussion and vote will take place at the February meeting.


Equipment:  New TimeTech timers have been purchased to replace the ones lost at the Haunted Half.  A replacement charger for the small “Mile Marker” clocks and new finish line flagging has been ordered.


Equipment Rental/Checkout Policy:  Donna Bays shared a draft of the new Equipment Rental Agreement form for the Board to review.  After some discussion, the Board suggested the form should include an area to list the contact information for the renter as well as a signature line.  The Board agreed that after the noted changes are made the form was ready for use.


Mr. and Ms. Mileage Awards:  A suggestion was made to add a second and third place award to the Mr. and Ms. Mileage Awards.  After much discussion a motion was duly made and seconded to recognize the top three men and women in the Mr. and Ms. Mileage Awards at the annual awards dinner.  The motion passed six to three.


Most Improved Runner Award:  The Board next discussed the process for determining the recipient of the most improved award.  After considerable discussion the following motion was duly made, seconded and passed:


During the fall ballot season, Club members will be solicited for nominations for “Most Improved Runner”.  The nominations should include the reasoning behind that individual nomination.  The King & Queen Competition Coordinator will also submit as nominations the names of the ten club members (both male and female) who statistically had the most improvement from the previous year.  The Board will then review all the nominations to determine the winner.


Adult Mile Series:  The Board discussed the possibility of increasing participation in the adult mile series by adding more qualifying races to the schedule.  After some discussion a motion was duly made and seconded to include the CASA mile and the Miracle mile races in the Adult Mile Series Competition.  Motion passed.


There being no time to conduct further business, the remaining items were tabled and the meeting was adjourned.


The next meeting of the Board will be Thursday, February 18th at 6:30 p.m. in the Eastman Employee Center, Kingsport, TN.