State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

June 17, 2010



Voting Board Members present:Jason Goodman, Mary Rodriguez, Earl Brown, Bob Townsend, and Michael Pope


Members and Guests Present:Molly Allen, Terry Bennett, Richard Tyner, Mark Skelton, and Danny Thompson


Approval of Minutes:Jason Goodman stated that the final draft minutes of the May meeting had been sent to each member of the Board and asked if there were any additions or corrections.There being none, the minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurerís Report


††††††††††† Total Income since last report:†††††† $†† 1,577.22

††††††††††† Total Expenses since last report:$†††† †††79.80

††††††††††† Total Assets as of 06/17/2010:†††††† $ 19,906.79



Recent Race and Event Updates:


Brief reports were provided for the following races:


††††††††††† Duck Island Spring Mile Races

††††††††††† Snap-On Tools 5k

††††††††††† AmazinGrace 5k

††††††††††† Bill Gatton Honda Memorial Freedom 5k

††††††††††† CASA 8K

††††††††††† Blue Plum 5k

††††††††††† Covered Bridge 5k

††††††††††† Varmint Half Marathon

††††††††††† Clinch River 5k


The following upcoming races were briefly discussed:


††††††††††† Cancer Outreach Foundation Hope 5kHope 5k

††††††††††† Rhododendron 10k

††††††††††† Bristol Challenge 6k

††††††††††† Good Samaritan 5k

††††††††††† Firecracker 4M

††††††††††† Red, white & Boom 4 Miler


Good News Jail Ministries (Danny Thompson):The purpose for this race is to raise money for the Good News Jail Ministry.In the past the Ministry has hosted golf tournaments, hiking and biking event, so this year they wanted to do something a bit different.The 5k race will be held at Sugar Hollow Park on either October 2nd or 9th.†† Mike Hagy will be designing the course.The Ministry will provide all the needed volunteers and since it will be held completely in the park, police presence will not be necessary.Currently the Ministry is attempting to locate additional sponsorship for the race.Mr. Thompson will contact Jason to request SFTC support once the Ministry has made its decision as to host the race.


Grant Applications:SFTC has received two timely and complete applications for grants; Girls on the Run and Roosevelt Runners.After some discussion and upon a motion being duly made and seconded, the Board approved the two grant requests as presented.


Summer Track Meets:The Track Meets will be held on July 6th, 13th, and 27th at 6:30 p.m.Ribbons will be awarded to all children participating.


Split Times on the Website:After some discussion, the Board decided to publish back issues of Split Times on the SFTC website.


Equipment Update:One of the small finish line clocks was damaged at the Virginia Creeper Marathon.The clock has been sent to the manufacturer for repairs.


Chip Timing:A brief discussion was held concerning the need for SFTC to purchase a chip timing system.


Race Walk Report:It was reported that the number of walkers is on the rise.The Club has received requests/inquiries about the possibility of posting results of the various walks on the SFTC website.The topic was tabled until the July meeting.


Booth at Eastman Road Race:It was decided that SFTC would request a booth at the Eastman Road Race expo.Bob Townsend agreed to organize the booth again this year.

Race Calendar:The Board next had a general discussion regarding the question of should the Club limit the number of races listed on the SFTC calendar and perhaps discourage multiple races on the same day.Additionally the Board discussed whether the races and training runs should be posted in separate places on the website.The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.