State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

February 17, 2011


Voting Board Members Present: Matthew Studholme, Bob Townsend, Mary Rodriguez, Sheri Nemeth, Steve Pastorek, Tom Murrell, Ruth Ketron, Phil Horner, Jason Goodman


Members Present: Donna Bays, Barbara Bogart, Gene Chumley, Jonathon Davis, Rhonda Denham, Shawn Edwards, Jon Reynolds, Jerry Robinson, Amy Skelton, Mark Skelton, Wendy Weidner


Guests Present: Matt Young, Ruth Leanard


Approval of Minutes: Matthew Studholme stated Sheri had sent out minutes from January 2011 meeting to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


          Total Income since last report:

                   Jan. 6 – Feb. 17, 2011               $ 3,579.66

                   YTD 2011                                  $ 5,446.66

          Total Expenses since last report:

                   Jan. 6 – Feb. 17, 2011                $ 5,654.34

                   YTD 2011                                  $ 6,466.72   

          Total Assets as of 2/16/11:                             $13,740.68


Steve asked about the Foot Rx Sponsorship trophy charges.  It appears the trophy shop was paid by both SFTC & Foot Rx.  Steve will contact the trophy shop for a refund.


Outstanding invoices from 2010:  Bristol Challenge (Matthew), Rhythm & Roots (checks in the mail), Jonesboro Parks & Rec. 5K (Donna to forward invoice to Matthew who will contact the Jonesboro Parks & Rec Director, Rachel Conger, for payment), Race for the Cure (Donna going to make sure she sent invoice to correct person)













Girls on the Run Grant in Aid application reviewed by board.  They sent a report on how money from last year’s grant was spent and also a grant application.  They are requesting a $500 grant for 2011 to support scholarships in Keenburg School in Carter County which is conducting the Girls on the Run program for the first time in 2011.  Motion was made to accept the request, seconded, and approved.


Mary discussed the SFTC scholarship.  Last year application submittal was by April 30th and with approval by June’s meeting.  Club agreed to keep the dates the same.  Mary will update the scholarship info.  Club will offer two $250 scholarships.  If there is only one applicant, the club will award that person $500.


Recent Race and Event Updates:


Brief reports were provided for the following races:


          War Party 10K – 220 in 10K, 45 in walk.  Great weather.  Profit of $996.66


          TN Parks Tour – Around 15 SFTC people will qualify.


New Races presented to SFTC for management support:


Sheri Nemeth and Matt Young presented the Depot Dash 5k on Friday, May 6th.  The club is going to support the finish line with Run Score. Sheri is going to be race liaison.  Board approved motion to support Depot Dash.


John Reynolds presented “The Hope”, a 4 mile race with 4K walk for Greeneville on May 21st.  They want to hire the track club for help with the finish line and would like to have chip timing.  They have support of Tusculum Sherriff, need 22 marshals to support the race.  Much of the course will be closed.   Bob Townsend volunteered to be the liaison.  American Greetings is sponsoring the race with Relay for Life. Board approved motion to support chip timing at finish line. 


Ruth Leanard presented the Cougar Courage 3K on May 21st at Sullivan High School.  They have approval for 3k.  Ruth is focusing on schools since a 3K race.  Ruth is getting volunteers from schools.  Donna Bays volunteered to help Ruth with race management and will be the race liaison. They want Run Score for finish line.  Board approved motion to support finish line with Run Score.


The Bristol YMCA Healthy Kids 5K on April 16th at 8:00am is interested in card system.  They are within the four month window so the club decided to provide them Oscar’s information.  SFTC will not help with this race.


Milligan is asking for help on Friday/Saturday 15th/16th of April with track meet at Science Hill.  E-mail Steve or contact Chris Lange at Milligan. 


Phil withdrew request for help with bike race.  Matthew requested we do not chip time bike races due to safety hazard.  Our timing system does not support bike races per the manufacturer.  Motion was made and approved to not chip time bicycle races due to safety issues.


New Business:


New Adult Mile series coordinator – Ashley Morelock.  She is avid racer and is highly qualified.


Discussion on providing more points for certified Run Score/Chip timing experts that are trained to enter data, sync times, print results, and reconcile any questions (race liaison) and also if entering pre-registered runners before the race.  The person entering the pre-registered data get 3 pts.  If the person is the race liaison and also entering pre-registered data they get 6 points.  If the person is just on race day doing Run Score get 1 pt.  Board approved motion to increase points per above.  Make sure when sending Bob list of volunteers need to tell him if the person gets extra points.


Discussion on Highlands Spring Chase becoming a 10 miler.  The race director is OK with either 15k or 10 miler.  Matthew agreed to measure 5 miles out and back on Creeper (eliminating hill).  Race date is March 26th.


Long Distance Series.  The Spring Chase will be added as the 11th race.  Question: are we going to charge for participation in the series?  In past years charged $15.    Increase the number of races to four from three (3 plus 1 wildcard).  The liaison should determine how many points each volunteer gets based on whether they help with the entire race or help and run the same day.  Board approved a motion to change number of races from 3 to four and keep the awards at no charge. 


Venue has been changed for Holly Help Pet Mile to Kingsport Animile course.  Adding Adult Mile as part of SFTC series.  Motion made and approved to include in non-pet race in Adult Mile.      





K&Q Series:


Steve proposed limiting the number of 5K’s in the K&Q series in order to promote longer races.  If we lose a 5K could talk with race directors to see if they want to be considered.  Discussion was held on pro’s/con’s of whether we should limit the number of K&Q races.  Also want to protect current K&Q races to make sure new races will not fall on the same day.  A motion was made to limit the number of K&Q races to current number.  Vote was 5 to 4 against the motion.  Motion failed.


Sheri presented an updated brochure that provides more detail on SFTC racing series.  Several changes were suggested.  Brochure will be updated and made available.


Chip Timing:


Chip system should arrive next week.  The free training will be March 16th in Indiana.  Trainees need to pay for travel.


Propose to charge $300 plus $1.50 per runner for chip timing.  Motion made to table for tonight and review next meeting. 


Next Meeting:


Thursday, March 17th at 6:30 pm Eastman Employee Center