State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

January 6, 2011


Voting Board Members Present: Matthew Studholme, Bob Townsend, Mary Rodriguez, Sheri Nemeth, Michael Pope, Steve Pastorek, Tom Murrell, Ruth Ketron, Phil Horner,


Members Present: Donna Bays, Kevin Barham, Barbara Bogart, Alyson Dowda, Clint Dowda, Dan Hoyle, Linda Morgan, Debora Ellenburg-Reynolds, Jon Reynolds, Jerry Robinson, and Mark Skelton


Guests Present: Ruth Leanard and Emily Williams


Approval of Minutes: Matthew Studholme stated Donna had sent out minutes from November 2010 meeting to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


          Total Income since last report:

                   Nov. 18th – Dec. 31st, 2010          $ 3,241.25

                   YTD 2011                                  $ 1,867.00

          Total Expenses since last report:

                   Nov. 18th – Dec. 31st, 2010                   $10,791.08

                   YTD 2011                                  $     812.38 

          Total Assets as of 1/6/11:                     $15,815.36


A question was asked about the large expense at end of year – for new chip timing system.

Outstanding invoices:  Bristol Challenge (Matthew) Rhythm & Roots, Great Escape, Race for the Cure (Donna)


New Items:


Matthew read letter from member:

-      Snobbish and not welcome

-      If don’t work for certain companies new members are not as welcome

-      Elite members not good sports if don’t place in race

-      Too many offices to hold and only a few of the elite are selected


Matthew stated everyone is encouraged to help with the Club and asked the Board or any other members to respond to him with feedback which he will share with the member.


Chip timing update.  Before they will sell us chips we need to be trained.  Next chip training session in Indiana is free but all day so requires an overnight stay.  Matthew signed up two people to go.  The company has no limit to number of folks that can be trained.  Date is March 16th.  Club members should let Matthew know if they are interested.  ALSO: Need to establish the fee for using the chip system.


Recent Race and Event Updates:


Brief reports were provided for the following races:


          Pioneer 5 Mile Run


The following upcoming races were briefly discussed:


          War Party 10k January 29 – SFTC Race


New Races presented to SFTC for management support:


Sheri Nemeth presented the Depot Dash 5k on Friday, May 6th.  Sheri is going to be race liaison and will transport equipment to the Animal race next day.  Steve Pastorek commented the race could draw 500 people so should use chip timing. Board approved motion to support subject to finalization/approval at February 17th meeting. 


John Reynolds presented a 4 mile race with 4K walk for Greenville on May 21st.  They want to hire the track club for help with the finish line and would like to have chip timing.  John will present more info at next meeting.  Bob volunteered to be the liaison.  American Greetings is sponsoring the race with Relay for Life. Board approved motion to support subject to finalization/approval at February 17th meeting. 


Ruth Leonard presented the Cougar Courage 5K on May 21st at Sullivan High School.    Approvals have been received from school officials but they are still working on the approvals for course.  A suggestion was made to change the distance to 3k from 5k to make it more appealing to younger children and new runners which they agreed to.  Donna Bays volunteered to help Ruth with race management but may not be there for finish line so Michael Pope volunteered to be back-up liaison.  They will be back to present final route at February meeting.  Board approved motion to support subject to finalization/approval at February 17th meeting. 


The Bristol YWCA Turkey Trot needs help with finish line.  Tom Murrell volunteered to be the liaison.  Motion was made and approved by the Board.


Phil Horner requested SFTC help with the finish line of a 50 mile bike race in Kingsport on May 14th.  They would like to have chip system. They are having three different races but only want the 50 mile race timed.  Discussion centered on whether the finish mats the club has are safe for bikes.  Matthew will contact the company to determine if our system can time a bike race safely.  He will contact Phil with answer.


K&Q Agenda:


Steve questioned what is the goal of K&Q?  Are we getting too many races and stretching the few members that always must show up at every race?  Foot Rx wants to do more to promote the K&Q races but feels that the club should make the K&Q race more “prestigious” and should have a more balanced slate of races between the distances.  Motion made and approved to, at next meeting, come up with limits on number of events at each distance.


Other New Business:


Mary shared Thank You card from Girls on the Run.


Bob asked if we could update SFTC brochure for War Party 10K.  Sheri will update and e-mail to Board members for approval.


Next Meeting:


Thursday, February 17th