State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

March 17, 2011


Voting Board Members Present: Matthew Studholme, Bob Townsend, Mary Rodriguez, Sheri Nemeth, Tom Murrell, Michael Pope, Jason Goodman


Members Present: Barbara Bogart, Jonathon Davis, Shawn Edwards, Mark Skelton, Amy Combs, Sam Culbertson, Jesse Fritz


Guests Present: No guests


Approval of Minutes: Matthew Studholme stated Sheri had sent out minutes from February 2011 meeting to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


          Total Income since last report:

                   Feb. 18 – Mar. 17, 2011             $ 2,157.08

                   YTD 2011                                  $ 7,603.74

          Total Expenses since last report:

                   Feb. 18 – Mar. 17, 2011              $ 1,690.62

                   YTD 2011                                  $ 8,157.34   

          Total Assets as of 3/17/11:                             $14,207.14


Outstanding invoices from 2010:  Bristol Challenge (Check received, no longer outstanding), Rhythm & Roots (checks in the mail?), Jonesborough Parks & Rec. 5K (Matthew sent e-mail but no response.  Will call them.), and Race for the Cure (Mary sent W-9 to them so should get payment).


Chip Timing:


Our first race, Chasing Snakes, was a success.  Several runners were not picked up in the scoring due to runner error (shirts/coats over their number/chip) and two were not entered into Run Score.  The system worked as planned. The next chip timing event is the Golden Eagle 5K. 


We need to establish a time/date for a training class.  Matthew will talk with Donna about scheduling a room at the Eastman Employee Center on a Wednesday or Thursday in the next 2-3 weeks.  It will be an evening class lasting 2-3 hours.  Matthew will send a note out to the entire SFTC with a limit on class size to the first 12 that sign-up.   


Big Clock Repair:


The Big Clock is seriously ill.  Donna is sending the clock out for repair.


New Races presented to SFTC for management support:


Matthew has been in discussions with Eastman about managing the finish line for their three races.  They are interested in chip timing all three races.  They estimate 1700 runners with no race day registration for these events so all the data entry work can be done up front.  We need significant commitment from trained individuals to work these races.  David said that the race committee will need to formally approve to have the chip timing done by SFTC at one of their future planning meetings.  A motion was made to manage the finish line for all Eastman races, was seconded, and approved by the Board.


Bob Townsend asked if we still wanted a booth at Eastman.  The answer is “Yes”. 


Michael Pope discussed the Good Samaritan 5K on July 9th.  They are expecting around 250 and all plans are moving forward without any issues.  Donna was the liaison for last year’s race but cannot do the same in 2011.  Michael Pope agreed to be the liaison for the 2011 race.  He will check with them to see if they want to use Run Score or Chip Timing.  A motion was made to manage the finish line for Good Samaritan, seconded, and approved.


Matthew reported the Great Escape 5K on Oct. 1 would like SFTC to manage the finish line.  This is probably the same day as Apple Fest.  If Apple Fest uses SFTC they will probably want to use the chip timing system.  Matthew would work Apple Fest and would not be able to be the liaison for Great Escape 5K (40 runners last year).   Matthew will put a notice on the website requesting a volunteer for liaison.  Approval is on hold until we identify a liaison.  We need to have a commitment by June for the liaison.


Mary has a request from Susan Howard for Abingdon Main St. 5K on July 30th.  Mary will be the liaison.  This is an evening race SFTC managed last year and is part of the Virginia Highlands Festival.  A motion was made to manage the finish line for Abingdon Main St. 5K, seconded, and approved.


New Business:


Matthew suggested we review the four month lead time.  The Board discussed and decided to stay with the four months.




The Board approved a grant for $500 in February for Girls on the Run for use as a scholarship for Kingberg Elementary School girls.  The coach of this school has some medical issues so they would like to divert to Eastside Elementary in Elizabethton.  They have a program but almost every girl requires financial assistance.  A motion was made to approve the change of schools, seconded, and approved by the Board.


K&Q Series:


Matthew passed out the updated K&Q brochure with the changes suggested by the club.  Sheri will get 200 printed for distribution.  We can put these out at races.


SFTC Summer Training Program:


Frank Kibler and his team have been conducting this program in Kingsport starting at the end of April through September to get runners prepared to run Crazy Eights and Eastman.  They have decided to eliminate this program due to low participation.  The feeling is most folks have turned to Foot Rx and Fleet Feet for their training. A question was raised if Phil is still going to run the summer track series.  Matthew will send a note to Phil to confirm he is still planning to manage the track series.  He will also put a note on the website notifying the members there will be no organized summer training series.


2011 – 2012 Tennessee Running Tour:


Bob discussed the 2011-2012 Tennessee Running Tour.  SFTC had an excellent turn-out.  19 people qualified this year with several winning their age groups.  Everything stayed the same for 2012.  $6 race registration no shirt, $19 with shirt.  Race day registration up to the race director.  Starts Oct.  8th and ends March 3rd.  Pioneer 12/17, War Party 1/28/12.  Bob wants the chip system for both Pioneer and War Party.  Bob is the Race Director.  The schedule for next year is up on the State Park website. 


Spruce Mountain Running Camp:


Eric Grossman, a local trail runner, is involved with a running camp in West Virginia.  He would like to know if we would sponsor a promising young runner at the July camp.  In the past SFTC has not sponsored individual runners but groups.  Board discussed and agreed they should apply for a grant through the normal process.


2012 Banquet:


Bob asked do we want to set a date for the banquet and also do we want to go to the Red Room again?  A motion was made to hold the banquet on Saturday, December 3rd, 2012 at the Red Room. The motion was seconded and approved by the Board. 


Next Meeting:


Thursday, April 14th at 6:30 pm Eastman Employee Center