State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

November 17, 2011


Voting Board Members Present: Steve Pastorek, Bob Townsend, Tom Murrell, Sheri Nemeth, Ruth Ketron, Jason Goodman, Phil Horner


Members Present: Kevin Barham, Mark Skelton, Barbara Taylor, Debi Secor, Hannah Cutshall, Ray Gravitte, Dan Hoyle, Justin Hunt, Caitlin Wison, Eleanor Pendargraft, Barbara Bogart, Jerry Robinson, John Lippard, Donna Bays, Frank Kibler, Hank Brown, Tim & Karen Seiferth

Guests Present: None


Approval of Minutes: Steve Pastorek, filling in for Matthew, stated the minutes from the October 2011 meeting were sent to all Board members.The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurerís Report:


††††††††††† Mary was absent so the report will be reviewed and approved in January.

Finish Line Management:

Upcoming Engagements:

Pioneer 5 Miles is Dec. 17th.This is a K&Q for 2012 and also a TN State Parks Tour race.There will be a lot of folks coming in from all over the state to participate.Bob needs all the help he can get for this race.


Phil invited everyone to the Thanksgiving race in Kingsport.


Requests for Finish Line Management:

Johnson City Senior Center would like STFC to manage a new race April 14th.The club needs a liaison for this race.Donna Bays volunteered to manage this if she does not have a conflict.


New Business:

SFTC 2011 Awards:

The Phipps Bend 5K won T-Shirt of the year, Bays Mtn. 15 miler is Race of the Year, the Most Improved Male Runner is Jason Suhy, the Most Improved Female is Amy Skelton, Male Race Walker of the Year is Jeff Stout, Female Race Walker of the year is: Dr. Ruth Ketron.Donna is working with Oscar for High School Runners of the Year.


SFTC 2012 Board Member Elections:

President-Elect: Debi Secor, District 1 Rep: Jamie Mains, District 3 Rep: Sam Culbertson



The trophy shop needs all info for awards by Monday, the 21st.Bob will take care of rounding up the results (including the Animile).The Board also decided that Wendy Weidner will select the award for the Long Distance Series.

Equipment Manager:

Matthew Studholme has volunteered for the position of Equipment Manager.Steve suggested we continue to look for a volunteer.


Speedway in Lights:

The race went well and the finish line had no issues.The club used the video camera to also film the results.


Director of Social Events:

The by-laws provide for a director and committee to organize social events for the club.Donna Bays volunteered to head-up the committee.A motion was made, seconded, and approved for Donna to become the Director and pull together a committee.


Virginia Creeper Trail Update:

Frank stated heís looking for volunteers.The race is drawing runners from all over the country and they are currently filled and working off of a waiting list.The date is March 25th, 2012.


Next Meeting:

January meeting will be just for the Board on Monday, January, 9th.†† The meeting will be at the Boones Creek Christian Church.The rest of the meetings will be the 3rd Monday of every month.