State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

September 22, 2011


Voting Board Members Present: Matthew Studholme, Bob Townsend, Mary Rodriguez, Sheri Nemeth, Michael Pope, Ruth Ketron, Jason Goodman


Members Present: Kevin Barham, Jenny Barham, Mark Skelton, Barbara Taylor, Sandra Vance,, David Fox, Parker Fox, Daniel Ball, Debi Secor, Hannah Cutshall, Maria Studholme, Clyde Kidd

Guests Present: None


Approval of Minutes: Matthew Studholme stated the minutes from the August 2011 meeting were sent to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


            Total Income since last report:

                        Aug 18 – Sept 22, 2011              $   1,034.51

                        YTD 2011                                  $ 14,019.83

            Total Expenses since last report:

                        Aug 18 – Sept. 22, 2011              $     143.01

                        YTD 2011                                  $ 15,971.80      

            Total Assets as of 8/18/11:                     $ 12,843.48


2011 invoices past due/ outstanding Spring Fever Triathlon, Clinch River Trail Run, Mosheim Band Boosters, Clinch Mountain Bike Ride, Astros 5K. Payments received from Mountain Bike Rally, Christopher Todd 10, Abingdon Main St., Baileyton, Mark Skelton Racing, Central Baptist Church


Finish Line Management:


Chip Timing Update:

The club chip timed 9 races in 10 days.   All went well with the exception of a couple of data entry errors.   Data entry is critical for a successful race. 


Eastman Road Race Update:

David Fox provided feedback to the club about how pleased Eastman was with the entry and finish line management for Eastman.  The data entry and chip timing was extremely helpful for the race (and race directors). They are talking about adding chip timing for the kids mile next year.  David presented the club a check for the race management.  We also had a great volunteer crew at the finish and thanks to all for their efforts.


Upcoming Engagements:

Duck Island Fall Mile – October 1 – Warriors Path

National Racewalk Championship – October 1 - Kingsport

Great Escape 5k – October 8th – Sugar Hollow Park


Requests for Finish Line Management:

Phil is sponsoring the Speedway in Lights race again this year.  They are requesting SFTC manage the finish line.  The race is Sunday, November 13th at 6:00pm.  Matthew agreed to be the chip timing liaison.  Matthew made a motion that the club chip time the race.  The motion was seconded and approved by the Board.


New Business:

SFTC Neutrality:

There are several groups in the area that are “for profit” in our running community.  We (the SFTC) must stay impartial to all club members.  We are here for the whole of the running community and not any particular individual or business.


The following positions are up for nomination: 

Equipment Manager:

We still have a vacancy for the equipment manager.  Bob will send out another request for volunteers and Matthew will post a note on the website.


Kids Festival of Mile Coordinator:  Kevin Barham volunteered for this position.  Kevin has volunteered to take over for the remainder of 2011.  


District Rep 1 Johnson City – Jamie Mains and Jama Oliver

District Rep 3 Kingsport – Sam Culbertson

President-Elect – Debi Secor


The Board discussed if Hank Brown’s nomination for the District 3 Kingsport Rep would be a conflict of interest with his ownership of We Run Events.  It was agreed this would be a conflict.  A motion was made to disallow Hank as eligible for District 3 rep due to his ownership of We Run Events which is a direct competitor of the club.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Matthew will talk to Hank to explain the decision and invite him to participate in other aspects of the club.


Racewalkers of the Year -   The Board agreed to ask the membership to nominate the Racewalker of the Year and the Board will review the nominations and make the final decision the same as Most Improved.  It was agreed that if someone won the Most Improved or Race Walker of the year last year they could win again in 2011 (year after year). 


The election ballots will be mailed out three days late due to shifting the September Board meeting out one week.


Oscar Wagner is now the Club’s course measurement contact.



Matthew provided Tom Murrell with the information for the banner.


Video Camera:

David provided a video camera for the Eastman races which proved to be extremely valuable.  It helps clarify any timing issues.   It was proposed to purchase a camera for the club to use with chip timing and other timing systems.  A motion was made to purchase a video camera.  It was seconded and approved by the Board.  Matthew will research what will be suitable and come back to the Board.


New Year’s Day Race:

The Board needs to decide which day to hold the New Year’s Day Race.  New Year’s Day is on Sunday so we could hold on Saturday, Monday, or Sunday afternoon.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, October 13th at 6:30 pm Eastman Employee Center