Minutes of the State of Franklin Track Board Meeting from August 14, 2012

Board members: Sam Culbertson, Ruth Ketron, Tom Murrell, Jamie Mains, Steve Pastorek, Debi Secor, Matthew Studholme and Bob Townsend
SFTC Members: Barbara Bogart, Hank Brown, Gene Chumley, Bill Dickerson, Sheri Gewelke, Justin Hunt, Michael Pope, Jerry Robinson, Karen Seiferth, Tim Seiferth,  Amy Skelton, Mark Skelton and Oscar Wagner
Steve Pastorek called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurers report noted that payment still not received from either Appalachian School of Law or Fleet Feet for ads in Split Times.
June Minutes: Steve asked if there were any corrections or additions to minutes from the June 11 meeting.  There were none. Steve moved to approve, Sam Culbertson seconded the motion and the vote was to approve those minutes.
SFTC Publicity Table at Eastman: Steve announced that we need help at the Eastman Road Races both with timing and the SFTC information table at the Eastman Rec Center.  Matthew Studholme noted that this was an opportunity for anyone with a race after Eastman to get race flyers into the race pick up packets there.
Race Management:
YWCA Bristol races: Tom Murrell explained that SFTC needed a liaison if we were going to time the YWCA race in Bristol this year.  Gene Chumley volunteered.
Wise Fall Fling 5K: Matthew Studholme said he had been contacted by the Wise Fall Fling 5K people about timing their race on October 13. He agreed to be liaison. Motion made and seconded to accept this new race and motion carried.
Other Chip timed races: Matthew also noted upcoming chip timing jobs: Speedway in Lights 5K and the Kingsport Turkey Trot 5K.  Also noted was that Science Hill High School had contacted him about timing their cross country meet on September 15 with chips.  However, it is the same time as Rhythm and Roots 5K to which we are already committed. Discussion lead to conclusion that we could not be two places at the same time with only one chip timing system. Job will be turned down.
New Year’s Day 5K: Mark Skelton announced that he will be taking over as director of the New Year’s Day 5K at Phipps Bend for Dave Rogers.  Race will be added to the Skelton Law Racing Series. He and Matthew will look at possibly adding 1 mile and 4 mile courses there at the Phipps Bend 5K next week. Motion made and seconded to approve changes.  Motion carried.  
Volunteer Shirts: Amy Skelton showed the new volunteer shirts and color scheme. There was a discussion of materials and how many shirts to order.  Mark Skelton will investigate costs and report in a week so we can have them by Eastman in early September. 
Grant Program: Steve said deadline had come and gone for grants with no applications and the next opportunity for groups would be in January.
Age Group Awards: Ruth Ketron expressed concerns that age groups for older competitors are inadequate and would SFTC consider of petition to be presented to area race directors.  Discussion lead to a suggestion an article placed on the club’s web site would be a good first step toward educating directors.
SFTC Survey: Steve brought up the recently done SFTC survey of member attitudes and level of satisfaction with programs saying that we really need Sheri Nemeth and Jon Reynolds there to fully discuss.  Sam Culbertson presented the highlights of the survey.
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We Run Events: Hank Brown addressed the board regarding We Run Events policy for accepting race timing jobs. The main point made was that if there was ever a question about anything, SFTC should feel free to come talk to WRE directly and that it is not their policy to solicit races that someone else has been timing.  Oscar Wagner added that anybody who wants to solicit any of the races he times is welcome to do so.
In-Club Timing Compensation: Steve brought up the ongoing discussion of monetary compensation for persons operating the chip timing system for the club. Everybody agreed something needed to be done. Matthew Studholme said he was uncomfortable with direct pay as this could lead to ill feelings for other volunteers. Bill Dickerson’s suggestion that we increase the value of volunteer point awards seemed to be best received. Matthew went on to explain that it took a lot of time to affix tags to the bibs and some people said they would be glad to assist.  
Elections: Steve addressed the issue of upcoming elections. Bob Townsend, acting “Election Commissioner” said he would prepared a web “Blast” for the positions available and how to get on the ballot.
Banquet: Steve said the Red Room catering costs appeared to be more than we had budgeted and we needed to look around some more for a caterer.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
Submitted by Oscar Wagner 
Acting Secretary for Sheri Nemeth