State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

February 21, 2012


Voting Board Members Present: Steve Pastorek, Bob Townsend, Tom Murrell, Sheri Nemeth, Ruth Ketron,Jamie Mains, Sam Culbertson, Matthew Studholme,Mary Rodriguez


Members Present: Greg West, Martha West, Shawn Edwards, Dan Hoyle, Jon Reynolds, Kathleen Rogan, Barbara Bogart, Allison Pastorek, Mark Skelton, Hank Brown, Donna Bays, Kevin Barham,Oscar Wagner

Guests Present: None


Approval of Minutes: Steve Pastorek stated the minutes from the January 2012 meeting were sent to all Board members.The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurerís Report:


Mary presented the treasurerís report.Highlights from the report are:


††††††††††††††††††††††† †† ††Jan. 9 Ė Feb. 21, 2012†††††††††††††††††††††† YTD 2012

Income †††††††††††††††††††††† $8,473.61†††††††††††††††††††††† †††††† †††† $10,025.91

Expense††††††††††† †††††††††† $5,755.30†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $ 9,837.14

Net Income††††††† ††††††††$2,718.31††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† $††† 188.77

Assets†††††††††††††† ††††††††† $11,976.83††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† $14,695.14


New Business:

Survey:Steve discussed the survey topics and asked the attendees if they had any additional suggestions or questions.None were submitted.Jon Reynolds agreed to help pull together survey questions and Sheri will send a rough draft to the Board for approval.


Scholarships:Mary presented the scholarship forms requesting input on changing the forms/process.Currently there are two $250 scholarships.†† Last year the club received one applicant and awarded that applicant $500.There was discussion around advertising them at the races.Donna suggested we do a picnic at the Duck Island Spring race and use this as another forum for advertising.She also suggested we present the scholarship at the winnerís awards day at school.Scholarship applications must be in by March 31 and the Board will determine the winners at the April Board meeting.Matthew agreed to put the info on the website.


Greene County Race Review:

To increase participation in Greene County road racing, Jon Reynolds and others formed the Frontier Race Series.Last year there were 366 runners over 4 races. Tusculum College has agreed to help with a 4 mile training program starting March 12th.The 2012 series will include the Hope 4, Greenville Astros, and YMCA 5K races.They are going to age grade and award top 3 Male/Female overall.They would like to post their info on the website and present their awards at the SFTC Banquet in December.These awards would be for participants that run all 3 races, not just Greene County residents.†† A motion was made to support the series, seconded, and approved by all Board members present.


New Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

Kevin, Kids mile coordinator, and Donna, Social Coordinator, both stated they have a good understanding of their roles so there was no further discussion.


Social Gatherings:

Donna presented a calendar of potential social events for 2012.The first event at the Pinnacle Fire Tower run was a big success.Donna supported the start and finish line with coffee, bagels, fruit, and snacks.Donna will use these events to support the track club with announcements at the event and STFC membership applications.She is trying to keep the social events separate from races so there is more time for socializing.†† There was a question on budget for the events.She will bring more info on cost to the Board meeting before each event for the Board members to approve.Matthew suggested we add a social events page to the website.Donna also asked that the club provide e-mails so she can mail it to members that do not look at the website.Mark volunteered Bays Mountain for a meeting where we could use the zip line.Donna requested we award a volunteer point to those helping her with the social events.Steve pointed out that members must still work 4 races to qualify for K&Q but agreed that it would be OK to award folks helping her organize social events a volunteer point.


K&Q Prize Money:

The past few years Earl has provided prize money for K&Q.He has withdrawn the money since he no longer manages the K&Q.Awards for K&Q will be on the next agenda.


Awards Banquet:

It was suggested the club have the banquet catered this year.†† A motion was made to have Donna research other venues and obtain quotes for catering, seconded, and approved.Tentatively the date for the banquet is December 1st.


It was suggested a separate awards banquet for the kids to help shorten the banquet.One suggestion was earlier in the day at another venue.A motion was made to separate the kids and adults banquet, seconded, and approved.


Request for Finish Line Management:

Crohnís and Colitis foundation, Robert Smith, requested the club support the finish line August 4th.Tom told him he needs to find a liaison to help with the race.Without a liaison, the club cannot support the finish line.††††


Jenny Mitchell wants to hold a 5 K race for Mark Martin on the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon.Mary agreed to be liaison and suggested she look at the date of November 3.They would like to use cards.A motion was made to support the Mark Martin 5K, seconded, and approved.


The Hot Pursuit 5K is already on the calendar, June 16th.This is the same day as Rhododendron 10K.Itís going to be in Blountville and sponsored by the Sherriffís department.They are requesting help with course certification and they plan to shut down the roads for the race.Matthew has offered to be liaison if no one else is interested.The club discussed the issue with this race conflicting with a K&Q race and that it may appear the club is not supporting a K&Q race, even if the race is not using the club for finish line management.†† There was a suggestion that the club discuss the value of the K&Q series.Another discussion was over a significant percentage of the club membership does not participate in K&Q so do they care?It was suggested to add questions around K&Q and general club membership value to the survey.†† A motion was made to support the Hot Pursuit 5K, the motion was seconded, and approved.


St. Anneís 5K. Jeanine is the liaison.This race has been around for several years and has been supportive of the club.This race is March 10th.A motion was made to support the finish line, seconded, and passed.


Phil has requested that the club manage the finish line for the XTERRA Power to the Tower Half Marathon at Bayís Mountain on April 7th.There is no liaison so the club cannot move forward with this race.


Phil has requested help with the Run Like a Mother 5k on May 13th at Warriorís Path.This is a Sunday, womenís only race.There is no liaison so the club cannot move forward with this race.


Take Back the Night:Rob Schoberg was the liaison for this race for the past few years.He is going to be out of the country so he cannot support this race.†† Steve volunteered to be the liaison.


Duck Island Mile Races:A new manager is needed for the Mile Race series.†† The manager can set the dates.It is very simple finish line management with usually 10 Ė 30 participants per race and requires only 2-3 hours of time per race.Michael Pope has agreed to take this over and put dates on the calendar.


Summerís End 5K:They want the kidís mile to be timed and part of the Kidís Festival of Miles.They will get it certified.Itís on Labor Day Ė Monday morning.A motion was made to include the Kidís Back to School mile in the Festival of Miles, seconded, and approved.


Race Results:

War Party 10K Run & 5K Walk:240 runners for the 10K and 47 walkers for the 5K turned out which was a record turnout.The income was $4,777.00; expenses were $3,450.33 for a net profit of $1,326.67.This does not include the cost of B tags which should be around $250.


Bob received a returned check from Pioneer.Bob has tried to contact him numerous times including a certified letter.Mark agreed to write a letter and Mary will try the account again to see if there are funds now available.†† If the club is unable to collect, this person will not be able to register for another SFTC race.


Split Times:

Oscar is making great progress.He is taking it to press on Friday morning, February 24th.


Next Meeting:

The March meeting will be held on Tuesday, the 13th at 6:30pm.†† The meeting will be at the Boones Creek Christian Church.