State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

June 11, 2012


Voting Board Members Present: Steve Pastorek, Bob Townsend, Sheri Nemeth,   Jamie Mains, Matthew Studholme, Debi Secor


Members Present: Clyde Kidd, Mark Skelton, Mark Roberts, Amy Skelton, Donna Bays, Allison Pastorek, Oscar Wagner, Jon Reynolds


Guests Present: None


Approval of Minutes: Steve Pastorek stated the minutes from the May 2012 meeting were sent to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


Mary e-mailed the treasurer’s report.  Highlights from the report are:


                             May 15 – June 11, 2012         YTD 2012

Income                        $1,076.92                                   $18,246.39

Expense                                  $   767.76                                    $17,433.94

Net Income                  $   309.63                                    $    812.65

Assets                                                               $15,319.92


There are still several outstanding invoices from 2011.  There are also three outstanding advertising invoices from the Split Times.  Oscar volunteered to collect on the outstanding Split Times invoices.


New Business:


July Board meeting is cancelled due to the Kingsport track meet.  Any business that comes up in the interim can be addressed at the meet.


Run4Hope Update:  Jon thanked the club for their help with race.  It was a successful event.  The Frontier series is generating interest among the area runners.  222 runners registered for the race.


Competition Scoring:

Nicole is handing off the scoring for the Trail Series to Sheri due to her new family duties.  There was a suggestion to assign another person to each series as a back-up to help the primary scoring person if they have a conflict.  Tim developed an application for the K&Q scoring that makes it pretty easy to update.  Sheri will contact Tim to see if we can use his application for the other competitions.


Track Meets:

The club needs lots of volunteers for the track meets.  The dates are on the calendar.  The only change is the 1600 will be a mile. 


National 5K Racewalk Championship:

Sheri met with the Bobby Baker and the race walk committee.  They would like to have the club use the chip timing system and also provide lap splits. 


Social Events:

The prediction run is next weekend and the there’s a pool party after the Firecracker 4 miler.  Donna can always use volunteer help.  The prize for the prediction run will be an entry into the K&Q race of their choice.




Chip Timing Discussion:

A concern was expressed about We Run Events taking some of the club’s finish line management events. The club’s position is that we are not in competition with We Run Events and we hope going forward that we can work together in a positive way.   It was agreed SFTC could be more visible to the community to help advertise the club and gain additional membership.  Jamie suggested that we have finish line banners with SFTC and the race name that could show up in pictures.  Bob suggested that we have a table, banner, and more visibility at each race.  Jon suggested that we utilize our database to e-mail out info on the races we are supporting.  Matthew/Steve requested that race owner pull together a paragraph about the race and he could send it out.  We could also ask for volunteers in the e-mail blurb. 


Chip Timing Coordinator: 

Steve suggested that we create a position “Chip Timing Coordinator” as this is becoming a very big activity within the club.  Bob suggested this position would be worth 15 points.   Steve asked the Board to consider making this a paid position.   Matthew will create a position description and send out to Board members for review.  This has been tabled until the August meeting.


Survey Participation:

Jon has done a great job pulling together the Survey Monkey survey.  Matthew had several suggestions for improving the survey questions.   Jon is updating and will have it ready to send out.  We are going to E-mail the link to members and Sheri will mail a paper copy to members that do not have e-mails.  Sam Culbertson will tally the results. For the paper surveys, we will include a slip of paper that will let them enter the raffle if interested.  Sheri will write a blurb for the e-mail. 


Eastman SFTC Booth:

Bob volunteered to man the booth.  Hours are Friday 12-8 and Saturday 7:30 till they are done.  The Board agreed to set-up the booth and provide a membership to the club as part of the raffle.  Volunteers are needed to help Bob.


SFTC Volunteer Shirts:

Mark Skelton agreed to get a price on the shirts.  The suggestion is one color, short sleeve.  We need to have the shirts in time for Eastman.


Eastman Race:

The club has been contacted to manage the finish line for all of the Eastman events.  We need to get more banners.  Donna volunteered to get several banners. 



Next Meeting:

The August meeting will be held on Tuesday, the 14th at 6:30pm.   The meeting will be at the Boones Creek Christian Church.   The July meeting is cancelled due to track meets.