State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

March 13, 2012



Voting Members Present:  Sam Culbertson, Jamie Mains, Steve Pastorek, Mary Rodriguez, Debbie Secor, Matthew Studholme, and Bob Townsend.


Members Present:  Barbara Bogart, Han Brown, Hanna Cutshall, Justin Hunt, Eleanor Pendergraft, Mark Skelton, Michael Pope, Oscar Wagner, and Caitlin Wilson


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the February meeting were read.  Steve asked if there were any objections; there were none.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer report was read.  Steve asked if there were any objections; there were none. 


Treasurer’s Report:

            Total Income since last report:

                        Feb 21 – March 13         $  2,466.01

                        YTD 2012                      $12,491.92

            Total Expenses since last report:

                        Feb 21 – March 13         $  2,179.29

                        YTD 2012                      $12,016.43

            Total Assets as of 3/13/12:         $14,981.86


  Steve asked if everyone had read the survey.

-          Matthew suggested adding a demographic of either a competitive or recreational runner.   Steve suggested adding a “what is your recommendation” question if a complaint was written

-          Matthew also suggested that a category/question be added to asking if the funds are being spent wisely or how the money should be spent

-          Grants & scholarships – is this important for the club to provide

-          Is money on the newsletter well spent

-          If not a club member, why not

-          What makes you run one race over another


Bob asked how the survey results would be reviewed.  Steve stated that a special board meeting would be called to review the results.  Sam offered to have the survey results mailed to his house.  He would do the preliminary work on getting the results together.


Hank suggested putting together a small committee to maybe go visit those who aren’t members;  to randomly asking race participants if they are.  If not, then why not.


Steve made a motion to put the survey online; Mary seconded.  Motion passed.


Animal Chase – The town of Abingdon has organized a walk on the same day as the Animal Chase events.  Animal Chase has decided to have the 5K & 10K both start at the same time.  Race will be chipped timed.  There is also a Kid’s mile.


Take Back the Night will also be chipped timed.  Matthew will do the timing.


Jamie received an email for a race on September 15th in Johnson City; IC Syndrome.  She is requesting finish line management from SFTC using the card system.  Planning is in the early stages.  Jamie is going to be the liason.


Jamie is making that SFTC do finish line management for the IC 5K in September subject to more information and the 4 month event presentation requirement.  Steve seconded.  Motion passed.


Oscar went over the document race planner.  He made some modifications and sent out to Matthew & ?  Race organizer for IC Syndrome found the race management guide on the website very helpful.


Bob went over the Roan Mountain, October 20th; Davey Crockett, and war party.  Events are on the calendar.


Steve asked if anyone would be interested in handling the mile events.  Michael is overwhelmed with work at the time.  IF no one else will handle the Kid’s event at the Warriors Path, Bob stated he will be handle.  The mile events can be scheduled in various locations.  (Virginia High, Science Hill, Dobbyn’s Bennett, etc.)  The dates for the track meets need to be established quickly!


Steve is going to establish dates & locations.  Approximate start time will be 6-7 PM. 


Meeting adjourned.