State of Franklin Track Club

Board Meeting

May 15, 2012


Voting Board Members Present: Steve Pastorek, Bob Townsend, Tom Murrell, Sheri Nemeth,   Jamie Mains, Sam Culbertson, Matthew Studholme,  Mary Rodriguez, Debi Secor


Members Present: Dan Hoyle, Barbara Bogart, Mark Skelton, Michael Pope, Amy Skelton, Bill Dickerson, Adam Parks, Justin Hite, Frank Kibler


Guests Present: None


Approval of Minutes: Steve Pastorek stated the minutes from the March 2012 meeting were sent to all Board members.  The minutes of the meeting were, upon motion duly made and seconded, approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report:


Mary presented the treasurer’s report.  Highlights from the report are:


                             Mar. 13 – May 15, 2012          YTD 2012

Income                        $4,677.55                                   $17,169.47

Expense                                  $4,649.55                                    $16,665.98

Net Income                  $     28.00                                    $    503.49

Assets                                                               $15,009.86


The club has a CD for $11,348.48 which is due to mature.  Mary suggested we take $2,000 out of the CD to help with cash flow.  The club approved the suggestion. 


New Business:

Virginia Highlands 5K:  Adam Parks discussed the Virginia Highlands 5k race to be held on campus in October 20th in Abingdon, VA.  There will be two races, Catch the Big Bad Wolf 5K and Little Piggy Fun Run.  He asked the State of Franklin to time the race utilizing cards.  He is estimating 200 max entrants.  Matthew volunteered to be liaison.  Steve made a motion to finish line manage the race with the possibility of Matthew being the liaison if no one else volunteers.  The motion was seconded, and approved. 


Tusculum College Cross Country Meet:

Bob received a request from the coach at Tusculum College to chip time their race on September 20th.   Bob agreed to be the liaison and also enter all names into Runscore.   Bob made a motion for the club to chip time the cross country meet.  The motion was seconded, and approved.


Virginia Creeper Marathon/Run The Tunnel Update:

Frank stated 16 different states were represented and 25 club members volunteered to help.  Many great comments and thanks from the participants.   The race generated $716.84.  Run The Tunnel also made $200 this year.


Blue Plum 5K:

A motion was made to remove Blue Plum from event calendar due to the current race leadership associated with this event.  The motion was seconded, and approved. 


Social Events:

Steve reviewed the student/spring picnic details.  The Board approved the budget Donna submitted for the event.



Mary asked where the check should be sent.  Frank suggested we get a big fake check that we can use for pictures.   The club agreed and will ask Donna to get a check.


Response to emails:

Steve asked Board Members to respond to e-mails that he or others send out requesting input from the Board.  Please respond that you at least received the e-mail as some Board business may need to be transacted between meetings.    It was also agreed to cancel Board meetings at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled date.


Chip Timing Coordinator: 

Steve suggested that we create a position “Chip Timing Coordinator” as this is becoming a very big activity within the club.  Bob suggested this position would be worth 15 points.   Steve asked the Board to consider making this a paid position.   Matthew will create a position description and send out to Board members for review.


Survey Participation:

Matthew sent out his suggested updates and changes to Sheri for inclusion in the survey.  He suggested that we have a raffle drawing for all that participate in survey.  Steve suggested that we give 25 club points that they can use for merchandise or race fees.  The club agreed to the points.  The results will also be posted on the website.  Sheri will send the updates to Jon Reynolds for inclusion in the survey.


SFTC Track Meets:

June 12th, June 19th, June 26th, July 10th.  The one in July will be held in Kingsport.  The 12th   will be held in Johnson City at Science Hill.  The other two dates will be held in Bristol and South or Dobbyn’s Bennett. 


SFTC Volunteer Shirts:

Matthew suggested we give SFTC members a volunteer shirt for volunteering at three events which they can wear every time they work an event.   The club agreed for Matthew to go ahead and research the shirts.  Frank suggested we add something that would allow the volunteer to be visible if they need to wear a jacket.   It was suggested Matthew pick a color that is very visible to participants.


Volunteer Points:

The club agreed that 4 of 5 points needed for SFTC competitions must be earned at races, volunteering and helping with social events, and/or SFTC jobs (board members, competition coordinators, measurer, equipment managers, membership chair, Webmaster).  Once the 5 points are earned, they may be applied and counted for all competitions.  Only one of these points may be earned by attending a Board meeting.


Take Back the Night:

ETSU sent a nice thank you note for our help!


Next Meeting:

The June meeting will be held on Monday, the 11th at 6:30pm.   The meeting will be at the Boones Creek Christian Church.   The July meeting is cancelled due to track meets.