2004 SFTC Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 22, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, Rob Schoborg, John Hopkins, David Fox, Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend, Sam Culbertson
  • By next meeting, we will have liaisons for races in place. Also plans for club volunteers will be finalized.
  • "Split Times" is not being paid for by club dues.
  • We need $2K-$3K in working capital for our checking account.
  • We need to decide how much to earmark for equipment. Tandy Fleming should have the guidelines for said item. We need to be more selective in picking partners to use the equipment and in expanding the use thereof.
  • We need to push a new members booth @ the Eastman race.

Feb. 12, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, John Hopkins, Sam Culbertson
  • SFTC checking balance = $5904.04, Savings = $2037.11
  • We need to establish a criteria on what to charge new races for equipment
  • Liaisons and volunteers will be assigned @ next meeting
  • War Party and Surgoinsville are only races remaining this month
  • Race Directors Training will be provided this Saturday before War Party @ 9:30
  • Next meeting will be Mar. 4th 7pm @ NE State Tech

Apr. 1, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, Rob Schoborg, John Hopkins, David Fox, Bob Townsend, Sam Culbertson
  • Finances, as of Mar. 31:
    Checking Balance: $ 6,035.71
    Savings Balance    $ 2,037.11
  • A volunteer coordinator position is needed to call volunteers rather than using the current method of sending mass emails. Someone with time and salesmanship ability would be a desirable candidate. The volunteer coordinator will interact between the SFTC membership chairperson and each race liaison. David Fox will contact candidates and hopefully a person will be appointed by next meeting.
  • Rob proposed the following:
    A. The club provide "maximal" volunteer support for our top 5 to 6 races.
    B. The club provide two levels of management for other races. i.e., equipment + 1 volunteer to transport it or volunteers for race timing and results only.
    C. The club not take on any new races until the volunteer situation improves.
    Item C was voted on and passed. Items A and B were postponed for consideration after the volunteer coordinator position has been in place for a few months.
  • Eric, Rob, David, and Tandy will meet to determine possible changes to race management pricing.
  • Rob, Bob, and Eric will draft a letter to the membership outlining what the board is doing regarding weak volunteer turnout and the high workload on our current volunteer pool. Will the number of races go down? Will the quality of races decrease?

May 6, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, John Hopkins, David Fox, Sam Culbertson
  • The April checking balance is $5,797.31 and the savings balance is $2,037.61
  • Chris Beach is unable to serve as President-Elect, but has accepted the volunteer coordinator position. He will maintain a database for those willing to be finish timers, card grabbers, finish line workers, etc. Race liaisons will come to Chris for volunteer needs.
  • Rob Schoborg is willing to be President-Elect. His term as Johnson City Rep. ends this year. The by-laws indicate that a membership meeting be held for the purpose of nominating and electing a President-Elect.
  • Rob, Eric, David, and Tandy have prepared the new race management fees.  The new fees involve a sliding scale based on the # of finishers. Also equipment will now be a-la-carte, with races paying only for the items they need. Meanwhile, during the transition  year, an average of the old price and the new price will be used. There will a 50% discount for schools. Hopefully, the number of races the club helps manage may be cut to a reasonable number.
  • David has created a page for race directors to estimate the cost of race management and equipment. The page is a part of the web site.
  • The board discussed the guidelines surrounding our RRCA race insurance. In order for a race to be covered by our insurance, our members should be a part of the race staff and/or the club should own the race.
  • Three motions were tabled until next meeting:
    • Do we want to sponsor the Bristol Cross?
    • Should we set aside funds for equipment repair and/or to repair old equipment
    • Should we alter the KQ requirements, adding a clause that says SFTC must be hired to work the event? This is being considered as a way to curtail some races who are using SFTC members as volunteers but are not hiring the club to work the race.

July 1, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, John Hopkins, David Fox, Rob Schoborg, Brenda Fox (proxy secretary for Sam Culbertson), Mark Skelton
  • The June checking balance is $5,021.22 and the savings balance is $4,037.61. $2,000 was transferred from checking to savings to be earmarked for equipment maintenance.
  • The board voted to reword the "donations" portion of our membership form. The form will no longer explicitly state that the money will be used for scholarships. While the club will continue to donate money to schools and other youth-oriented functions, this change will simplify the bookkeeping process, eliminating the need to track every scholarship dollar. John estimates that only about $75/yr has been donated as scholarship funds, even though the club has actually donated several times that amount every year.
  • The club will have a booth at the Eastman Road Race Fitness Expo, as we have in the past. Steve Pastorek (Membership Chair) will be in charge of setup and staffing. Eric Fields will notify Steve of this need.
  • David Fox reported that the SFTC Volunteer Questionnaire data has been loaded into the SFTC website database. Members can update their volunteer preferences online. Chris Beach (Volunteer Coordinator) has special access which allows him to query the data to find volunteers for club functions.
  • SFTC has been hired to provide registration and results for the FunFest Mountain Bike Rally on Monday July 19th. David Fox will be the race liaison.
  • The club is seeking a new race liaison for the Phipps Bend 5K in mid August. Madelyn Fox has volunteered to accept this position. The board discussed this with Mark Skelton (race director) and approved the assignment.
  • The board accepted Hank Brown's resignation as Race Management Chair. The board voted to fill the position with David Fox.
  • Members of the Ashville Track Club have challenged SFTC to a team competition at the Springmaid 10K adventure race in August. The board felt that this could be a good cross-club activity. If successful, SFTC may do likewise at the Roan Mtn 10K. David will send out an email announcement and Eric will act as contact point.
  • Several changes to the SFTC Bylaws were discussed and reviewed. Rob Schoborg will type up a draft to be reviewed at the next meeting. Final changes will be presented at the SFTC Awards Banquet in December. The banquet will serve as a general membership meeting.
  • Rob Schoborg is interested in providing a photography service at some SFTC races. He will own the equipment but is willing to share some of the profit with the club. The board was receptive to the concept and Rob will investigate further.

Aug. 12, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, John Hopkins, David Fox, Rob Schoborg, Brenda Fox (proxy secretary for Sam Culbertson), Steve Pastorek, Alison Pastorek, Oscar Wagner
  • The July minutes were read and approved
  • Treasurer's Report: $5,800 in checking and $4,000 in savings
  • The scholarship/restricted fund has been intentionally depleted so the account can be discontinued. This donation-based fund has not had significant activity even though the club has continued to donate $$ to school-related activities.
  • The board voted to designate the savings account as an account for capital goods (ie. race management equipment).
  • The small clock is not functioning again. After discussing with the clock company Tandy Fleming (equipment manager) recommends replacing the small clock. A replacement will cost approx. $800-$1000. The board voted to authorize a purchase of up to $1,000 for a replacement small clock.
  • The board voted to allocate 25% of race management revenue into the capital/equipment savings account. As John receives race management income, he will put 25% in the capital account and the remainder will go into checking
  • The Volunteer Coordinator role will be used to solicit volunteers for the Phipps Bend 5K. If this process turns out to be unworkable then the board may consider other options.
  • Some members of the board expressed interest in seeing a preview copy of the SplitTimes newsletter before it was printed. Eric will discuss this with Nick Whited.
  • The board discussed the upcoming SFTC elections. Open positions are: President, President-elect, District1 (Bristol) Rep, District2 (JC) Rep. Rob Schoborg has offered to run for President. If elected, Steve/Allison Pastorek have agreed to finish out Rob's Dist.2 term thru 200x. Eric will draft up a note announcing the elections to be sent to the SFTC distribution list.
  • David will authorize other board members on the website so they can use the SFTC distribution list.
  • Race Management:
    • The O.Winston Link 10K (Sep. 18th) needs an SFTC liaison, but we have not been able to locate one. (Note: This race date conflicts with Rhythm & Roots). David sent out an email request but got no responses. Rob has offered to deliver equipment but the race would have to provide all staff.
    • Hank Brown has suggested that SFTC relinquish ownership of the Santa Special race. Hank has managed the race for the last few years, with profits being donated to the Kpt Animal Shelter. The board voted in favor of this suggestion. Since the race is no longer club-owned, then SFTC equipment rental fees will apply.
    • Due to a misunderstanding over SFTC's race management fees, the SugarFree 5K race held this past Dec. 31st 2003 was not charged the normal $300 fee for SFTC equipment, timing, and results. David has talked to event director Jenny Rogers and determined that the fee is no longer considered due. Jenny said that the race will not be able to afford the SFTC fee in the future so she will seek high school equipment and volunteers.
  • Amendments to SFTC Bylaws:
    • Rob has drafted up a new version and will email it to board members.
    • An item needs to be added acknowledging the Equipment Manager position
    • The current bylaws require a bylaw amendment to be presented at a general club membership meeting and voted on at the next general club membership meeting. The board decided to declare a general membership meeting at the 2004 Roan Mtn 10K race in November with the subsequent g.m. meeting to be held in December at the SFTC Awards Banquet. The amendments will be presented at the Roan Mtn meeting and voted on at the Awards Banquet. In addition, Eric will send an email to the SFTC distribution list telling of the proposed amendments and explaining the process for reviewing the amendments at Roan Mtn and voting on the amendments at the Awards Banquet.
  • Steve Pastorek forwarded a concern that the $40 fee for a copy of the SFTC mailing list might be too high. The $40 fee is set to be equal to the cost of a full-page ad in the SplitTimes, which is effectively the same thing. The board discussed this fee and determined that $40 was appropriate considering the high value associated with a targeted running audience. It also reflects the time and effort required to maintain the SFTC data.

Oct. 7, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, Sam Culbertson, David Fox, Wendy Weidner
    Guests: Harriet Locke, Oscar Wagner
  • The Board voted on a clarification of the KQ volunteer service requirements. The decision was that KQ volunteer service must be done at either
    • an SFTC-owned race
    • a race that SFTC has been hired to manage, or
    • a fund-raiser/social activity that supports the club
  • Eric volunteered to fill the volunteer coordinator position starting in Jan. 2005.
  • The Board passed to designate the “Take Back the Night” race as a K/Q race.
  • The Board passed to buy a Time-Tech timer for a back up for our present system. The cost is $750-$800.
  • The Rhythm and Roots course will be recertified. Hopefully, Oscar and Eric’s Dream Course will become a reality.
  • Tandy is returning our new small clock because of a crack. The company will replace it.


Nov. 4, 2004 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Eric Fields, John Hopkins, Sam Culbertson, David Fox, Rob Schoborg
    Guests: Bob Townsend, Brenda Fox, Oscar Wagner, Steve Pastorek
  • Due to conflicts, 2005 War Party Run will be changed from Feb. 12 to Feb. 5.
  • The Blue Plum Race was approved as a part of the K/Q series.
  • Director Matt Studholme will be invited to a future Board meeting to discuss narrowing the scope of “Born to Run” series.
  • Bob Townsend reported the SFTC election results.  Those results will be announced at the Dec. 10 Christmas Party.
  • Roan Mountain reward ceremony will be held at the campground area.
  • The Board voted to continue its affiliation with RRCA.
  • A vote on the acceptance of SFTC blankets was postponed until further information will be provided.