2005 SFTC Board Meeting Minutes

Feb. 3rd, 2005 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Rob Schoborg, David Fox, Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend, Steve Pastorek, Matthew Studholme
  • Absent: Eric Fields, Sam Culbertson, Janine Myatt, John Hopkins, Bobby Baker
  • John Hopkins was absent due to illness but sent reports indicating that the 2004/2005 financial position of the club is very sound. Ending 2004 balances are $6,722 in savings and $4,639 in checking.
  • Rob Schoborg reported that the 2004 Roan Mountain 10K race had a net profit of approximately $100. Rob is looking for ideas to help increase participation at this race and would appreciate any suggestions. Comments were made stating that the post-race chili and soup have been a big hit and make the race and club more inviting.
  • Rob Schoborg reported that we have 20 standing orders for SFTC blankets @ $29 each. The board voted to allow Rob to order 35 blankets for a total cost of around $1,000. The surplus blankets can be sold outright and/or offered as door prizes at SFTC events.
  • RRCA needs a listing of SFTC members for their records. Steve Pastorek will send them a spreadsheet.
  • It has been suggested that SFTC organize a relay race on the Creeper Trail. After discussion, the board voted to not pursue this as a club event due to our overall shortage of volunteers. Individuals may organize the race but SFTC resources are overworked as it currently stands.
  • Discussions have been underway with Frank Kibler about making the "Run The Tunnel" an SFTC-owned event. The board voted to accept this proposal with SFTC incurring any debt or profit realized by this event. Frank will retain full control of the race and will direct and budget it at his discretion. The Scott County Chamber of Commerce will remain the title sponsor as they have been very supportive to this race.
  • The Lakeway 5K in Morristown has requested to be added to the King & Queen competition series. The board voted not to add this race at this time due to an already long list of KQ races and to allow this race to establish itself with area runners.
  • The Northeast State Tech library cannot allow the club to meet more than 4 times per year, so the board discussed alternate meeting locations. Board members will send suggestions to Rob to be discussed at further meetings. We hope to establish 3 locations in JC, Bristol, and Kingsport areas that we can consistently use. Restaurants will be considered, as long as they can provide isolated meeting areas.
  • The board discussed the need to have more Split Times articles from the general membership pool. One idea is to occasionally send an email blast to the club, suggesting various starter topics like "My favorite place to run is..." or "My secrets for raceday preparation are...". Submitted articles are to be sent to the S.T. editor. It's important that we know our printing deadline so we can time these blasts accordingly. Rob will inform Nick of these plans and either he or David will draft and send the email blast. It was also suggested that we post the printing deadlines on the web calendar so all contributors will be aware.
  • Bob Townsend reported that preregistration has been strong for the War Party 10K coming up this weekend. He also stated a need for more volunteers. This year's course has been redesigned to keep the finish area off of the road and reduce congestion. Bob reported that Tony Cox will be leaving the post as director of the State Parks Tour.
  • The board discussed the Born To Run Tour, revisiting it's intended purpose and trying to find ways to make it easier to tabulate without losing it's goals of attracting new members and spreading awards across age groups. There was a general agreement that this competition should be merged with the King & Queen competition, and the board members will brainstorm ideas and submit them to Matthew. Some ideas discussed include having a combined competition that recognizes overall winners as well as age group winners, like a race. It was also felt that the current BTR rule allowing any person within a 100 mile radius was too broad, causing the results to be overwhelming with thousands of participants. We may use a "sign-up" approach that allows anyone to enter, including non-members. Ideas are to be sent to Matthew so he can present a strawman suggestion to the board at the March meeting.
  • David Fox suggested that our membership chairman send a reminder notice to all delinquent membership renewals. Hopefully this will lessen the members we lose every year just because they forgot to send in their renewal form. David will work with Steve Pastorek to generate the necessary mailing list from the membership database. David will also help Steve so he can do all membership tasks from the Access version of the database and no longer maintain the legacy Runscore version of the database.
  • David Fox reported that SFTC has approximately 19 major events that we are scheduled to work this year. This does not include socials or track meets. This overall count of SFTC-hired races has decreased by about 4 races due to natural attrition. This will help with our current state of overworked volunteers.
  • Crazy8s has asked to rent equipment from SFTC again this year. Since the 2004 fee of $115 is still outstanding, the club will require payment of the 2004 fee plus the estimated 2005 fee of $230 up front. This is standard practice when a race fails to pay. Also the SFTC policy is to provide RRCA insurance to those races which hire SFTC or are owned by SFTC. With a simple rental agreement, Crazy8s will not be covered under SFTC insurance. SFTC will not be a sponsor of the 2005 event.
  •  The Eastman Wellness Program is forming a walking/running initiative for it's employees to encourage better fitness habits. This initiative will offer incentives to participants for reaching various mileage goals. The program has asked for any advice or support that SFTC can offer. David Fox has met with them and provided suggestions for attracting runners into the program. David asked the board if the club would like to offer anything of value that could be used as runner incentives. The board discussed this and felt that it was a program that parallels the goals of the club. The board decided to pilot a new process whereby SFTC will donate 20 coupons to the Eastman walking/running program to be used as incentives. Each coupon can be used for either (a) free entry into an SFTC-owned race OR (b) 1 year of SFTC membership dues. Once used, a coupon should be returned to the SFTC board. David will print the coupons and deliver them to the Eastman Wellness team. If this coupon process turns out to be successful, the board may issue more coupons to be used as race door prizes or other ways to attract members or encourage running.


Mar. 10th, 2005 - NE State Tech, Cracker Barrel, and finally Wendy's

  • Attendees: Rob Schoborg, David Fox, Brenda Fox, John Hopkins, Steve Pastorek, Sam Culbertson
    Guests: Oscar Wagner, Matthew Studholme, Allison Pastorek
  • Absent: Bobby Baker, Eric Fields, Janine Myatt
  • Feb 2005 Treasurer’s report:
    • Total Receipts: $2048.67
    • Total Expense: $1889.54
    • Ending Checking Balance: $8462.33
    • Ending Savings Balance: $4640.92
  • War Party Report: 133 Runners ( most since 1984 when there were 169 runners). Total Income: $1535.00 Profit: $559.73
  • Matt Studholme will certify the new Blue Plum course
  • Although not a sponsor of Crazy 8’s, SFTC will wholeheartly support the 2005 race.
  • Matthew Studholme will replace Oscar Wagner as King/Queen coordinator.
  • As requested in the last meeting, Matthew presented a strawman proposal for a new King/Queen Competition. The board accepted his proposal with minor modifications. The changes will take effect immediately. David Fox will revise the website to reflect the new rules and Matthew will provide the up-to-date scores.
  • Brenda Fox will follow-up with the current KQ races to make sure they know about the required $1 discount to SFTC members.
  • Volunteer coordination and tracking was discussed. The board would like to encourage and recognize volunteerism by having a program that tracks volunteers with a point system. Individuals could be rewarded with incentives such as SFTC race/membership coupons, blankets, etc. Standing SFTC positions like equipment manager will receive volunteer points associated with those jobs. The annual "Volunteer of the Year" award would be based on this point system. It would also provide the KQ Coordinator with data required for KQ Volunteer Service. David Fox will work up a strawman proposal for this volunteer-tracking program and present it at the next board meeting.
  • The City of Abingdon has been added to our Creeper Marathon insurance.
  • Social events suggestions: Phipps Bend, War Party, Christmas SFTC Club Awards, Summer Track Meets, Rhodo Race in Bakersville, NC and Run the Tunnel. Steve Pastorek volunteered to organize a picnic following the Tunnel event. Other picnics or socials will be planned later.


Apr. 7th, 2005 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Rob Schoborg, Eric Fields, Sam Culbertson, Janine Myatt, David Fox, Brenda Fox, John Hopkins
    Guests: Matthew Studholme
  • Absent: Steve Pastorek, Bobby Baker
  • As of Mar. 1, the checking balance was 7,209.79 and the savings balance was 4,640.92
  • David proposed the structure for a new volunteer points system. Volunteer points be awarded on an one for one ratio for buying power in dollars towards purchases of club membership, equipment rental, blankets, and other items related to the club. This year, Board members will not be eligible for prizes awarded in a drawing at the end of the year, but they will be eligible for the top 3 volunteer awards.
  • The new 2005 KQ rules include a 3-point volunteer service requirement for each KQ qualifier.
  • Rob is organizing a new Kids' Festival of Miles event to be held in Johnson City near the VA. Tentative date is Sunday July 31 @ 4:00pm.
  • The board discussed the official rules of the Long Distance Series. The LD series includes a $15 entry fee and includes the VA Creeper Marathon, Varmint HM, Bridge & Trestle 17M, Surgoinsville 10M, Santa Special HM group run, Straw Plains HM, and (choose any HM-or-longer race). To be eligible, LDS participants must complete at least 3 of those races. Like KQ, this series will require 3 volunteer points to be eligible. David will document these rules on the website.
  • Bristol Motor Speedway has asked if SFTC might be able to assist with a new 5K event on Thursday Aug. 25th. Eric Fields volunteered to act as liaison if BMS chooses to hire SFTC. The Board voted to accept this request if our services are needed. The race is a benefit project for Speedway Children's Charities. David will follow-up with BMS.


June 2nd, 2005 - Eastman Employee Center

  • Attendees: David Fox, Brenda Fox, Steve Pastorek, Sam Culbertson, Bobby Baker, John Hopkins, and Eric Fields.
    Guests: Allison Pastorek, Matthew Studholme, and David Sullivan
  • Absent: Rob Schoborg, Janine Myatt
  • Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved
  • Current checking balance: $5993.70. Savings balance: $5140.92
  • Steve reported that only one of 55 reminders mailed in Feb. and Mar. had been returned.
  • Eric, volunteer coordinator, said that in spite of some email problems, he has noted that 45 volunteers have already worked races. Will we be out of such volunteers by the end of August? So far he has used targeted emails as opposed to mass blast.
  • Nick Whited has asked to resign as SPLIT TIMES editor. Rob Schoborg will replace him in 2006.
  • Steve called David an old man.
  • Bobby will check with Hank Brown about the Crazy Eights race-walk – Could the first (50,100?) finishers still be timed?


Sep. 1st, 2005 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Rob Schoborg, Eric Fields, David Fox, Sam Culbertson, and Janine Myatt
  • Guests: Mark Skelton, Lynnwood Wagner, Bob Townsend
  • Absent: Bobby Baker, Steve Pastorek, John Hopkins, Brenda Fox
  • Pink Ribbon 5K is moving to a new course due to construction in Kingsport’s downtown. However, the Board approved its K/Q status to remain intact. In 2006, the race will be run as the Susan B. Komen race which also will be K/Q.
  • SFTC Eastman Expo Booth Schedule /Friday 4:00 Bob Townsend... 5:30 Steve Pastorek
    Saturday - Post 10K Race: Rob Schoborg, Bob Townsend
  • The club will give away 2 blankets via two drawings after the Eastman Race Awards Ceremony. One will be given to a winner from the club at large and the other will be given to a new member signee as of Sept. 9 or 10
  • The club will have a box at the Expo booth for contributions towards the Hurricane Relief Fund through the Red Cross.
  • David Fox reported that some numbering cards were missing, possibly last used at the Funfest Track Meet. Bill McSpadden had accepted the equipment but had to leave before the meet was over. Rob reported that the event had a lack of coordination. (Late update: the numbering cards were later found. They had not been used at the track meet).
  • Nominations for 2006 elections (so far):
    President-Elect: Matthew Studholme (tentative)
    Treasurer: John Hopkins (tentative)
    Secretary: Brenda Fox
    Kingsport Rep: Mark Skelton
  • The Board approved the 2006 Firecracker 4 Miler for K/Q.

Oct. 6th, 2005 - NE State Tech

  • Attendees: Rob Schoborg, David Fox, Brenda Fox, Sam Culbertson, Steve Pastorek, John Hopkins
  • Guests: Lynwood Wagner, Bob Townsend, Allison Pastorek
  • Absent: Bobby Baker, Janine Myatt, Eric Fields
  • The “Wake Up Run 5K” was approved as a KQ race in 2006
  • Rob Schoborg will be the editor of “Split Times” Starting in Jan. 2006
  • Thanks to our booth at Eastman Road Race, 10 new members joined the club during the Eastman Expo
  • The 2006 Baileyton Race will remain on the King/Queen list, but will be subject for review following the 2006 event. Board members are concerned about the timeliness and quality of the results.
  • The board agreed to add an item to the King/Queen race requirements, starting in 2006. KQ races must use 2 timing devices, providing a primary and backup set of finish times.
  • The SFTC checking balance is $9020.44. Savings balance is $5140.92

November 3, 2005 - NE State Tech

  • Members present: Allison and Steve Pastorek, Rob Schoborg, Brenda Fox
  • Guests: Lynwood Wagner, Bob Townsend
  • Absent: David Fox, John Hopkins, Bobby Baker, Janine Myatt, Eric Fields, Sam Culbertson
  • The Board recognized the seriousness of the condition of D.T. Jeter's wife.
  • Approval was given to Steve Pastorek to make the "Wake-up Run 5K" free to members of the SFTC.
    People can join SFTC the day of the race and get the free entry. Steve will get shirts and trophies.
  • Rob Schoborg is working on getting out an edition of Split Times prior to the end of the year.
  • Bob Townsend will email the final 2005 election results to the Board once all votes have been tabulated.
  • Bob Townsend will order awards for the Christmas Banquet, and Rob Schoborg will order gift certificates
    for volunteer points awards. David Fox will order KFOM awards to be given out at banquet.
  • The Board approved Bob Townsend giving a $2 discount to SFTC members for the War Party 10K.
  • The checking balance is $10,632.29.