2006 SFTC Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 5th, 2006  7pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Eric Fields, Steve Pastorek, Mark Skelton, David Sullivan, David and Brenda Fox, Rob Schoborg.
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Janine Myatt
  • Guests: Allison Pastorek, Jennifer Sullivan, Matthew Studholme, Bob Townsend, John Hopkins
  • Minutes from the November 3, 2005, Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • Discussion: When and where to hold Board Meetings. Most were in agreement that Eastman's Employee Center is fairly convenient. New time of 6:30pm will be used on first Thursday of each month.
  • Discussion was held surrounding the Volunteer Points system and ways to improve it. To date, 218 points ($218 Club Dollars) from 2005 have been redeemed for membership dues, etc. The board voted in the following changes:
    • Volunteer points will be awarded to non-members of SFTC at discretion of the Race Liaison.
    • Points are redeemable toward membership in the SFTC. Once a member of SFTC, volunteer points may be used for other club items/races. MEMBERS ONLY are eligible for Volunteer Points Awards.
    • A volunteer point (1) may be awarded at the discretion of the editor of the Split-Times for significant contributions to the publication.
    • Increase the amount of points to 10 for the Director of a Club-owned race, up from 5 points.
    • If more than one person shares the responsibility for a volunteer effort, the points may be split among all of those contributors.
    • Volunteer points earned in one year will be available for "spending" through Dec. 31 of the following year. (i.e., 2005 points are available through Dec. 31, 2006)
    • Increase the amount of points to 5 for the coordinator of any official SFTC social event.
  • Discussion of various ways to use Club Money (note: Money earned by the club for race management during 2005 is approximately $4,000 - $5,000)
    • Scholarship program: Rob Schoborg is making a proposal and will draw up a strawman to present at a future meeting. Scholarship fund should not exceed $3,000 - $4,000)
    • Mileage allowance for race liaisons: the Board agreed it would be hard to make guidelines for this. The Board's decision is volunteer points are enough credit for race liaisons.
    • Equipment storage at Tandy Fleming's service station: Due to storage costs and inconvenient logistics, the board would like to explore the possibility of leaving the current storage facility and keeping equipment at Tandy's business. David Fox will explore options and talk with Tandy about this.
    • Equipment upgrades: Nothing needed right now. The club savings account is set aside for capital funds.
    • Subsidize club races for members: The Wake-up 5K was a success. Approximate cost of the race was $1,000. If funds allow, a second club-subsidized race may be added during the year. Mark Skelton and Steve Pastorek will check into race courses.
    • Orange safety cones to be used as mile-markers: David Fox will look into cost and report to the club.
  • Rob Schoborg asked if anyone would like to see the Bridge and Trestle 17-mile Guerrilla Run become competitive again. Please contact Rob if interested in that.
  • John Hopkins officially transferred position of SFTC Treasurer to Eric Fields. Treasurer Eric Fields and President David Fox are representatives of the SFTC for banking purposes.
  • SFTC P.O. Box keys: Membership chair Steve Pastorek has one. Outgoing Club Treasurer John Hopkins had one,
    which he presented to Eric Fields as incoming treasurer. Member Frank Kibler has one. Past president Natalie Whitlock may have one. David Fox will check with Natalie.
  • Bob Townsend volunteered to become volunteer coordinator in place of Eric Fields who is now treasurer. The Club
    gratefully accepted Bob's willingness to assume this position.

    Minutes taken and submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox


Feb. 2nd, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend, David Fox, Rob Schoborg
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Matthew Studholme
  • Guests: Allison Pastorek
  • Minutes from the January Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • Information: Past president Natalie Whitlock does not have a PO Box key. Not an issue at this time. David Fox will get
    extra key from Frank Kibler after the Creeper Marathon.
  • Information: Bob Townsend reported that there are 79 people pre-registered for the War Party 10K. There are a lot of first
    time volunteers. 90 t-shirts have been ordered. There will be gumbo, bread and fruit for the lunch afterwards. Tandy
    Fleming will bring equipment. Bob has already picked up the coffee pot. Bob would like to use RunScore to tabulate results
    for War Party in 2007.
  • Information: Charlie Sams contacted David Fox to say that Turkey Trot is being moved to one week earlier in 2006. This will
    directly conflict with Roan Mountain. David explained Roan Mountain race cannot be changed because it is part of the
    Tennessee Parks Tour. Rob Schoborg (director of Roan Mountain) expressed concern about losing runners to Turkey Trot, and
    what this may mean to the Roan Mountain Race.
  • Information: David Fox talked with Tandy Fleming about moving SFTC equipment from the present storage facility to Tandy's shop on Center Street. This will achieve some cost savings and be easier to distribute and return items. Equipment will be stored within the building at Tandy's. Having a detached building would subject equipment to weather and vandalism. David will continue to work with Tandy to make arrangements to relocate the equipment and determine if a cabinet, shelving, or other arrangements are needed.
  • Information: David Fox reported that prices for orange safety cones (to be used for mile markers) are $11-12 per cone for
    small ones, and $20-22 per cone for large ones. Club presently has 11-12 wooden mile markers that are rarely used.
    Recommendation - don't buy cones at this time due to expense and bulkiness. Bob Townsend volunteered that he could make
    more wooden ones if needed.
  • Mark Skelton has not been able to finalize anything on a Bays Mountain trail race at this time.
  • Discussion: Should King & Queen competition be open to non-members of SFTC? If non-members are allowed to participate
    they should have to work 3 races (same requirement for members of SFTC) because the need for volunteers is so great.
    Allowing non-members to participate last year did not increase membership.
    Motion by Steve Pastorek: To make King & Queen competition simple, participants should be limited to club members only
    with all requirements as before. Second by Mark Skelton. Motion was approved by Board vote.
  • Rob Schoborg is soliciting articles for the Split-Times and would like to have them by beginning of March. He is hoping to publish Split-Times on a quarterly basis.
  • Janine Myatt has relinquished position of Bristol Rep. Matthew Studholme was voted as Bristol Rep by the SFTC Board via email vote.
  • Eastman Road Race fee: David Fox sent an email to the Board explaining the background of SFTC's fee at the Eastman Road Race. Since 1996, SFTC has not charged the Eastman race because Eastman donated the big $4,000 race clock to SFTC. Now the 10-yr agreement is over and both parties must negotiate a new contract.
    David and Brenda Fox have been managing the computer registration & results at the Eastman race and SFTC has been providing some volunteers & equipment. As Eastman employees, David & Brenda work on the race during their paid workday, which makes their effort non-billable by SFTC. The club doesn't have a fee structure to reflect this unique situation.
    David's recommendation is to charge the Eastman Road Race as an equipment rental.
    Motion by Rob Schoborg: Eastman Road Race would be treated as an equipment rental, plus SFTC volunteers would receive normal volunteer points.(rental engagements normally do not award volunteer points). Second by Mark Skelton. Motion was approved by Board vote. (Note: David Fox abstained from vote due to his position as director of Eastman Road Race)
  • The Board also reserves the right to award SFTC volunteer points for other special races which would normally not count for SFTC volunteer points. Each race included in this decision must be reviewed each year to make sure that it warrants this special consideration. In addition to Eastman, Crazy8s will count for SFTC volunteer points in 2006.

    Minutes taken and submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Apr. 6th, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Eric Fields, Steve Pastorek, Mark Skelton, David Sullivan, David and Brenda Fox, Rob Schoborg.
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Matthew Studholme
  • Guests: Allison Pastorek, Bob Townsend, Jason & Nicole Goodman, Frank Kibler
  • Eric is converting our financial records into QuickBooks (and getting married!) over the next few weeks. He will report our financial position at the next meeting.
  • Bays Mountain Trail Run: Mark Skelton reported that this potential race is taking shape and is tentatively scheduled for Sep. 30th. The course is approx. 15 miles. Mark is working with several Bays Mtn groups (park staff, hiking club, etc) to firm up the details.
  • The board voted to include the Bays Mtn Trail Run in the 2006 SFTC Long Distance Series
  • Rob Schoborg reported that the 2006 Roan Mtn 10K will be held early this year on Oct 21st. This schedule change was determined by the state parks tour directors.
  • Frank Kibler reported that the 2006 Virginia Creeper Marathon was a sunny and warm success. This race attracts several out-of-towners and gives SFTC a chance to show off our hospitality and scenery. Frank has received many notes of appreciation to him and the club. The race also earned a net of $760.
  • Several ideas regarding the Long Distance Series were discussed, including the possibility of the club subsidizing the cost of the LDS sweatshirts. All were encouraged to send their suggestions to Oscar Wagner who can present a proposal to the board if these ideas take shape.
  • The board voted to include the 2006 Rhythm & Roots 5K in the King/Queen series if the course certification is obtained by July 16, 2006. This deadline is 3 months prior to the racedate and is meant to ensure that there are no questions regarding KQ status leading up to the race.
  • The board voted that the King/Queen competition should award multiple overall awards in the event of a tie at the end of the season.
  • Likewise, the board voted that a King/Queen Mr or Mrs Mileage tie should result in multiple awards.
  • Jerry Cox has indicated that the 2006 Stickleyville 8K race will not be held.
  • David Fox reported that the SFTC equipment has been moved out of the storage facility and into Tandy Fleming's business garage. This move was precipitated by (1) rising storage fees, (2) storage is now closed on Sunday, and (3) it's easier to stage equipment at Tandy's shop, especially during busy times of the race season.
  • Michelle Wimberley is the RRCA TN state representative. She has contacted David and is interested in visiting an SFTC board meeting in the future. She is also promoting the idea of RRCA TN State Championship races.
  • Carroll Fender is interested in holding a race on his Corn Maze farm. Jeff Bloomer has approached SFTC on Carroll's behalf, asking what services SFTC can provide. David has provided fee information, but the race will need an SFTC liaison if the club is hired.
  • The board discussed a suggestion of SFTC sponsoring or donating money to a charity-based race. But the board determined that we need some guidelines and caps on outbound donations. Rob Schoborg will draw up a proposal for discussion at our next meeting.

May 4th, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: David Fox, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, Matthew Studholme, Jason & Nicole Goodman
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Brenda Fox, Steve Pastorek, Eric Fields
  • Guests: Jennifer Sullivan
  • Minutes from the April Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • The SFTC checking balance is $11,254. Savings balance is $5,145
  • In late April the board voted via emails to accept the Corn Maze 5K request-for-hire. Allison Pastorek and David Sullivan have agreed to be liaisons for this race. Tentative race date is Sep. 2nd
  • Rob Schoborg could not attend the meeting but reported that he will draft a proposal regarding outbound SFTC donations or sponsorships. He will send this to board members via email for review and discussion at our next meeting.
  • It was pointed out that many King/Queen races are forgetting to offer the $1 discount to SFTC members. Board members and liaisons should remind race directors of that requirement.
  • David presented 2 requests where businesses have asked SFTC to advertise for them, in exchange for a sales percentage or possibly a discount to members. It was decided that both requests would be refused for different reasons. One request was from a computer business; the board felt that the club should keep it's associations within the topic of health & fitness. The other request was from a tshirt company outside of this region with no prior experience with the club. The board felt that we should only recommend businesses with which we have positive prior experience.

    Minutes taken and submitted by David Fox

June 1st, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Matthew Studholme, Mark Skelton, Jason and Nicole Goodman, Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Rob Schoborg, Bob Townsend, David and Brenda Fox
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Eric Fields
  • Minutes from the May Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • Mark Skelton announced that the Firecracker 4-miler and the Surgoinsville 10-miler have both been accepted by RRCA as Tennessee State Championship races. Mark is offering a $400 bonus for anyone breaking the overall state record in the 4-mile race. Michelle Wemberly (RRCA rep for TN) plans to be present at both races.
  • Information on the Bays Mountain Trail Run: Mark Skelton reported that he has met with the Park Association, and they are eager to have the race. Dave Rogers has measured the course which is 15 miles. It will be held on September 23, at 9am.
  • Information on King & Queen Status and discount to SFTC members: David Fox updated the Board after contacting Hank Brown regarding the SFTC $1 discount for the Crazy 8, Race for the Cure, and Santa Special races. Hank stated that the three races would like to be part of the King & Queen series, but can only offer the discount on mail-in entries. David will send an email blast to SFTC members so they'll be aware of the discount.
  • SFTC Scholarship/Grant Program: Rob Schoborg explained the rough draft of the Scholarship/Grant Program. There was some discussion about limits, how many scholarships/grants would be given, etc.. The Board is to email Rob with any suggestions. Rob will continue to work on the rough draft.
  • Rob Schoborg asked the Board to submit any articles for the newsletter to him.

    Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

July 6th, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, David Sullivan, Nicole and Jason Goodman, Allison and Steve Pastorek, Matthew Studholme, Eric Fields, David and Brenda Fox
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Rob Schoborg
  • Minutes from the June 1, 2006, Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • Report from the Treasurer, Eric Fields: Assets total $17,236.78
  • David Fox mentioned the recent TSSAA ruling about High School Cross Country Team Members not being allowed to run 5K races during Cross Country season.
  • David Mills has requested to speak the the SFTC Board at the August meeting regarding racewalk events in the area.
  • Discussion regarding what SFTC can do to help encourage long-distance races in the area and treat all races fairly. Discussion centered around providing assistance in course certification fees.
  • The board voted to reimburse up to $300 of a course certification fee under the following criteria:
    • Race must be 10 miles or more
    • Must be a new race, a one-time recertification, or 10 year renewal
    • Race would be a local race (Board would define "local" at time of request)
    • Financial support from SFTC would be dependent on SFTC having funds available
    • Reimbursement for the cost of certification of the course will be paid on completion of the race
    • The Board will review annually the continuation of this support
  • Bob Townsend has researched having a club event at a Greeneville Astros game. Cost would be $13 per person. Included in
    the price is buffet dinner before the game, plus the cost of a ticket for the game. Bob will research dates and send an
    email blast to SFTC to plan the event. David Fox will also check on possibility of doing the same for a KMets game.
  • The board voted to spend up to $200 for a baseball event, or $5 per person. Members will be responsible for remainder of
  • The board discussed the pros and cons of the Bays Mountain Trail Run being SFTC owned. No decision reached. Mark Skelton will discuss with Bays Mountain staff.

    Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Aug 3rd, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Mark Skelton, Rob Schoborg, Bob Townsend, David Sullivan, Nicole and Jason Goodman, Allison and Steve Pastorek, David and Brenda Fox, Bobby Baker
  • Board Members absent: Matthew Studholme, Eric Fields
  • Minutes from the July board Meeting were reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • The board thanked Bob Townsend for organizing the club outing at the Greeneville Astros game
  • The board acknowledged that in July an email vote was held. The board voted to offer the course reimbursement fee (see July meeting minutes) to the new BAE race in November.
  • Eric Fields had emailed a motion suggesting that $10,000 of club money be placed in a high-yield 8-12mo CD. The motion was passed.
  • The board was reminded that elections are coming up and nominations are needed. The President-elect position is the only opening this year.
  • David Mills brought a concern to the board that the area doesn't have enough competition racewalks. David M. asked if the board would support his efforts to add racewalks to some area races. The board assured David M. that the club supports this need and that the club would offer the same services and equipment that are offered to area running races (at the normal fee). The board reminded David M. that SFTC doesn't own most of the races in the area, and therefore cannot directly cause a racewalk to be added. David M. will need to work directly with the race organizers if a racewalk is to be added.
  • The board discussed a suggestion raised by David Fox whereby liaisons would be paid a flat fee for each race worked to cover their time, effort, and gas. The suggested amount was $50 and was meant to increase the number of liaisons. The club currently has 2 upcoming races without liaisons: BAE and Bays Mtn Trail.  In addition, the Apple Festival race has already been disengaged by SFTC because the club had no liaison to coordinate the race. The concept was not approved as some board members felt that all club effort must stay voluntary.
  • Steve Pastorek offered to liaison the BAE race.
  • A suggestion was made that we need to have more people familiar with the Runscore software. Currently David Fox and Rob Schoborg are the only people managing races with Runscore. Rob manages the National Racewalk and David manages BluePlum, Surgoinsville, Firecracker, Phipps Bend (plus Eastman, but that race doesn't hire SFTC). It was decided that the Sep. board meeting be used as a Runscore training session. David will provide the training.
  • The Sep. meeting will be 1 week later than normal to avoid a conflict with the Eastman Road Race preparations.

Sep. 14th, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, David Sullivan, Nicole and Jason Goodman, Allison and Steve Pastorek, Eric Fields, David and Brenda Fox
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker, Rob Schoborg
  • Minutes from the August, 2006, Board Meeting were not available. Will be read and approved at next meeting.
  • Information: Jason and Nicole Goodman reported that the SFTC Booth at the Eastman Road Race netted 6 new members and 2 new families for SFTC.
  • Solicitations for hiring SFTC:
    • O. Winston Link (conflicts with Rhythm and Roots) - no liaison available. Denied. Will rent instead.
    • Up & At'em 5K in JC - no liaison available. Denied. Charles Harmon will rent instead.
  • At the October, 2006, meeting, envelopes will be stuffed for balloting and membership renewal.
  • President-elect is the only open 2007 position on the SFTC Board. Bob Townsend will solicit for nominations from the club. The Board was asked to send nominations to David Fox or Bob Townsend.
  • Superlative awards are Best T-shirt, Race of the Year, Most Improved Runner (Male and Female), Outstanding High School Runner (Male and Female). Nominations should be sent to David Fox or Bob Townsend.
  • Mr. and Ms Mileage will be tallied by Matthew Studholme. Volunteer points will be tallied by David Fox.
  • Information: Rob Schoborg almost has draft ready for Scholarship and Grant Programs. If it is ready by the next meeting, the Board may be able to vote on the programs.
  • Information: Steve Pastorek states the BAE courses have been certified. Jason and Nicole Goodman will be working the finish line at this race.
  • Next meeting: Thursday, October 5, 2006, 6:30pm, Eastman Chemical Company Toy F. Reid Center

Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Oct. 6th, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present:  David Sullivan, Steve and Alison Pastorek, Nicole and Jason Goodman, Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, Rob Schoborg, Matthew Studholme, Brenda and David Fox
  • Board Members absent: Eric Fields, Bobby Baker
  • Minutes from the Aug and Sep board meeting were reviewed and approved.
  • Solicitations for hiring SFTC:
    • Heritage Days 10K in Rogersville - no liaison available. Denied. Will rent instead.
  • Information: David Fox states that Oscar Wagner will be helping with the Munsey Up & At'em 5K & Wellness Walk. Oscar will not be working as a representative of SFTC, but as an independent entity. The race will take place on October 14. The Munsey race has shown an interest in renting equipment, as has the Oct 14 Heritage Days race in Rogersville.
  • As of October 5, there have been no nominations received for the position of president-elect for the year 2007. Bob Townsend
    will submit another email blast to SFTC members. If no nominations are received, the Board will decide how to handle the
    situation at the November meeting.
  • As an aside to an earlier discussion concerning payment of liaisons for races: David Fox noted that the Board has set a precedent in the past by paying members for extraordinary efforts, i.e., course measurement.
  • A John Sevier Middle School running program has asked the board about the possibility of applying for a grant. The running program states that their goal is for the middle school kids to run a half marathon. Several board members spoke out against children of that age being encouraged to run that distance.
  • Motion (by Mark Skelton, 2nd by Rob Schoborg): to recommend to the JSMS running program that in order to solicit SFTC
    support/grant money that they lessen the goal distance for their program. Motion was passed. David Fox will pass along the board's comments to JSMS running program organizers.
  • Information: Nicole will invite Ani Boyd to November Board Meeting. Ani and Nicole are in the process of starting a "Girls on the Run" program locally. Ani will be coming to give information to the board about the program.
  • Information: Matthew Studholme states that Debbie Blankenship, director of Animal Chase, has told Matthew that their payment check for the Animal Chase race to SFTC has not cleared the bank. David Fox asked Matthew to send Eric Fields, treasurer, an email to check on this.
  • At the November Board meeting, Matthew Studholme would like to review and possibly tighten the criteria for a King/Queen
    race, and also review the schedule for the upcoming year. Matthew suggests that some possible additions to the King/Queen
    series could be the Heritage Days 10K and the BAE Half Marathon, both of which have certified courses.
  • Information from Matthew Studholme: The SFTC "Jones Counter" course-measuring device is broken. A new one would cost approximately $80 - $85. The Board authorized Matthew to order a new one, and the club will reimburse him for the cost.
  • Information from Mark Skelton: The Bays Mountain Trail Run had 70 finishers in its inaugural year. Mark would like to have the Board consider designating the 2007 Bays Mountain Trail Run as a King/Queen race to show its support of the quality of the race.
  • Motion (by Matthew Studholme, second by Rob Schoborg): That the Bays Mountain Trail Run be included in the King/Queen series for 2007. Motion was passed.
  • Information from Nicole Goodman: Jason Goodman will be taking over as SFTC Treasurer from Eric Fields at the end of 2006.
  • Information and recommendation from Jason and Nicole Goodman: the Goodmans hosted an SFTC booth at the Race for the Cure on October 1, in Kingsport. Due to the atmosphere of this race (more of a festival than a race), they did not have a lot of
    business, and recommend that SFTC not have a booth at this race in the future.
  • Discussion on Grant Program: Rob Schoborg is still working on verbage and would like for all Board members to review the
    .pdf document and send him any comments/input/changes to work into his document.
  • The board acknowledges the following motions and voted taken via email over the past month
    • 1 - Should SFTC sponsor the Bristol Cross meet with a $500 donation - Board voted YES
    • 2 - Should normal 1-point volunteer points be doubled for races 10M and longer? - Board voted YES
    • 3 - If (2) is passed, should the rule be retroactive for 2006? - Board voted YES

    Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Nov. 2nd, 2006  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present:  David Sullivan, Steve and Alison Pastorek, Nicole and Jason Goodman, Mark Skelton, Bob Townsend, Rob Schoborg, Eric Fields, Matthew Studholme, Brenda and David Fox
  • Guests: Ani Boyd (Girls on the Run)
  • Board Members absent: Bobby Baker
  • Minutes from the Oct board meeting were reviewed and approved.
  • Ani Boyd presented information about Girls On The Run (GOTR), a national organization designed to teach and support young girls (grades 3-5) on self-respect and healthy living. 12 week program with 24 sessions of 1 hour each culminates in a 5K run in the area. Coaches go through a background check and receive training prior to working with the girls.
  • The board voted to allow GOTR to submit a draft grant-application form to SFTC. The grant program is not fully defined yet but this will give the board a chance to test the process and documentation.
  • The Road Warriors running program based at John Sevier MS is interested in receiving a grant from SFTC. David Fox has shared the board's concerns regarding the half-marathon distance of that program. Brian Buckner (regional training coach for youth) has backed SFTC on that position. David told Jenny Jensen that she can visit a future SFTC board meeting to discuss the program.
  • The SFTC Treasurer position is now passing from Eric Fields to Jason Goodman. Eric and Jason are coordinating the switch.
  • A new key has been created for the SFTC PO box. This key has been assigned to Frank Kibler for picking up VA Creeper Marathon entry forms. There are currently 4 keys: President (David), Membership (Nicole), Treasurer (Jason), and VCM (Frank). David will pass his key to 2007 president Steve Pastorek by the end of the year.
  • The board discussed the growing trend of running with headphones and all voiced concern that this poses safety hazards for runners. SFTC board discourages runners from wearing headphones while running on public streets when traffic could be a problem.
  • David Fox has been contacted by InjuredRunner.com which is interested in sharing links and info with our club. Several board members have visited the site and found it to be useful. David will arrange for a free DVD to be used as an SFTC door prize. Rob will contact the site owner for articles to be included in the SFTC Split Times.
  • A new race is organizing in Bristol in the May-June timeframe, possibly longer than a 5K distance. Matthew Studholme has been talking with Charlie Rowe about hiring SFTC to manage he finish line. Matthew offered to act as SFTC liaison. The board voted and approved the engagement.
  • Mark Skelton reports that CASA in Rogersville is interested in hiring the club for a race in April-May. No details are known yet.
  • Steve Pastorek is scheduled to take over the SFTC presidency in January. The Jan meeting will be held at Boones Creek Christian Church (exit 38 near Cracker Barrel).
  • Matthew led discussion regarding proposed changes to the 2007 King/Queen competition. The following motions were passed regarding the KQ scoring and awards (but are not requirements of KQ races themselves):
    • youngest KQ age group will be 15-19, which ties nicely with the 14yr limit in KFOM
    • top KQ age group will be 75 & up
    • KQ Masters division will be tabulated as 40-49 yrs
    • KQ Grandmasters will be tabulated as 50 & up
  • Changes to the following King/Queen *race* requirements were passed:
    • Results must be submitted to SFTC within 2 wks of race. Matthew will remind race once.
    • Race must provide both overall and complete age-group results
    • Race must be posted on the SFTC website 3 months prior to race date
    • Race must be open to both genders
    • Race awards must offer overall, masters, and grandmasters categories
    • Race awards age groups should span at least from 19 yrs to 60 yrs in 5yr or 10yr age groups (board recommends 5yr)
    • Race awards age groups should be offered at least 3 deep
    • Course conditions should be safe for runners
    • The SFTC board reserves the right to remove KQ status if a race does not meet any of these basic criteria for a quality race
  • The board voted to accept Keep Greeneville Beautiful 5K as a King/Queen race in 2007
  • Rob Schoborg reported that the Roan Mountain 10K race had 71 runners and made a net profit of approx. $100.

Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox