2007 SFTC Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 4th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Board Members present: David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Jason Goodman, Steve Pastorek, David & Brenda Fox, Matthew & Maria Studholme
  • Guests: Allison Pastorek, Nicole Goodman, Bob Townsend, Rhonda Denham, Wendy Weidner, Barbara Bogard, Joe Canino, Lyons Canino, and Christina Giatroplulos
  • Minutes from the November 2006 meeting were approved.
  • November and December email votes:
    • King & Queen issues:
      1 - omit Apple Festival race from New Year's Day t-shirt
      2 - omit Stickleyville race from New Year's Day t-shirt
      3 - Add Justin Foundation race to King & Queen schedule
      4 - Add BAE Half Marathon to King & Queen schedule
    • Accepted and honored Grant request from Girls on the Run
    • Matthew Studholme agreed to become president-elect for 2007
      Maria Studholme agreed to complete Matthew's term as Bristol area rep
  • Long Distance Series: (Steve Pastorek for Oscar Wagner). Discussion as to whether to change some of the rules for the Long Distance Series of races, or to omit program. Strong support for keeping LDS. Changes to be made:
    • 1 - No change for Long Distance Series program, but participants must be Club members
    • 2 - Long Distance Series will include only club owned or King & Queen Races
    • 3 - Races must be 10 miles or longer
    • 4 - Deadline for notification - April 1
    • Wendy Weidner has volunteered to take over management of the LDS from Oscar Wagner if Oscar is wanting to relinquish the job. Steve Pastorek will speak to Oscar regarding that change.
    • Jason Goodman stated that one person had already sent in money for the LDS program. Jason will reimburse that money based on changes made to program.
  • Treasurer's Report (Jason Goodman):
    • Total Current Assets: $20,247.37. Net Income for 2006 was $4,103.65
    • Jason plans to look into finding a checking and savings account for the club which will earn more interest on accounts, and not have a checking fee.
  • Steve Pastorek will speak to Rob Schoborg about finalizing Grant/Scholarship Program
  • Jingle Bell 5K: Information from Jason & Nicole Goodman regarding concerns about course safety and improvement opportunities for Jingle Bell 5K in 2007. The race grew quite a bit in 2006, and police and road guard coverage was not adequate for number of runners. Division of responsibilities for club and race director was not equitable in 2006. Jason & Nicole will work with race director to remedy these issues for 2007.
  • Issue: Headphones and strollers in races are not covered by SFTC's insurance policy. David Fox will modify the online race form to add these restrictions. Race directors need to make sure race participants are told of no headphones and no stroller restrictions.
  • Information (Steve Pastorek): Richard Hulse is trying to organize a Half Marathon in Johnson City to support suicide awareness. Mr. Hulse has approached a couple of club members to discuss the possibility of a race.
  • War Party 10K (Bob Townsend): Date is February 3. Bob needs volunteers. Also, a 5K Fitness Walk has been added to the race. The Fitness Walk will be directed by David Mills.
  • Equipment Report (David Fox): The club has billed $5400 in 2006 for equipment rental. Some minor repairs were made to some of the mile markers. Timers are all in good shape at this point. Storing equipment at Tandy Fleming's shop is working well. David Fox will purchase some additional Rubbermaid containers to store and transport equipment.
  • Membership Report (Nicole Goodman): 35 new memberships were acquired at the New Year's Day Run. There are 300 current members of the SFTC and 162 families.
  • Ideas for Club Social events: Steve asked all Board Members to brainstorm ideas for club social events and bring ideas to the next meeting.
  • From Wendy Weidner & Rhonda Denham: Is there a possibility of SFTC having running suits or shirts that have the club logo on them to wear to out of town races and events? The Board will discuss at next meeting.
  • From Wendy Weidner & Rhonda Denham: Possible race in association with Bristol Speedway in Lights. They will continue to look into this possibility.

Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Feb. 8th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Members present: David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Jason & Nicole Goodman, Steve Pastorek, David & Brenda Fox, Matthew &
    Maria Studholme
  • Guests: Rhonda Denham, Wendy Weidner (Long Distance Series), Harriet Locke, Bob Townsend (Volunteer Coordinator), Oscar Wagner, Rob Schoborg (Split Times Editor), Alison Pastorek
  • Minutes from the January 2007 meeting were approved.
  • Announcements (Steve Pastorek)
    Knoxville Marathon needs pacers - if more info is needed, contact Steve Pastorek. Knoxville Marathon held on April 1.
    Race that Studholmes were going to help with (Cancer Fundraiser) will not be held.
    Johnson City Medical Center (Mountain States Health Center) will hold a race on March 10 @ 10:00am. They need help with the course. Steve Pastorek can give information on this if anyone is interested in helping.
    Proposal: Minutes be sent to Board members to be read prior to posting on website.
  • War Party (Bob Townsend) 167 runners, 35 walkers. Profit of $539.11. Walkers were pleased with participation in the 5K walk and would like to have the walk again in 2008. They would like for the walk to become a club-owned event. Board approval given: Incorporate 5K Walk into War Party with help from David Mills, Ruth Ketron and other area walkers. (Motion - Steve Pastorek, second - David Fox)
  • Issue: Voting members of board: suggestion that membership coordinator and secretary be given voting rights on board issues.
    Tabled til next board meeting.
  • Grant Program (Rob Schoborg) Rob brought rough draft to the board. Board members will email Rob with any suggestions so he can get all changes made before next meeting.
  • Split Times (Rob Schoborg) Rob needed list of awards for 2006 to publish in Split Times - he can get these from the website. He has also asked that when people send race results that they format them in a manner that they can easily be put into Split Times. Rob will attempt to publish next newsletter in a couple of weeks.
  • Location of meetings (Steve Pastorek) Discussion about satisfaction with meeting at Eastman Employee Center. Board feels EEC is fine to meet - will keep meetings there for the time being.
  • King and Queen (Matthew Studholme) Matthew discussed improvements that could be made to K&Q series: publicize races and requirements more, offer incentives, provide a tickler a couple of times a year to check the K&Q results.
  • Kids Festival of Miles (David Fox) David discussed getting fliers out to schools and at area races, and boys and girls clubs in the area.
  • Steve also discussed possibly advertising club in area newspapers.
  • Liaisons for 2007 Races: All positions filled for year so far. David Fox pointed out there are some dates that need to be updated on the website by race directors.
  • Discussions:
    • District reps: board to consider refiguring areas covered by each district rep
    • Board approved motion to review Club Bylaws on a yearly basis. (Bylaws will be emailed to each board member for review soon.) Board will review Bylaws in the next two months. (Motion - Matthew Studholme, second - David Fox)
    • Club Trip Discussions:
      Tom King 1/2 Marathon, Nashville
      Cotton Row 5K or 10K
      Gum Tree 10K, Mississippi
      Kentucky Derby 1/2 and Full Marathon, Kentucky
      Fall Creek Falls (beginning of March)
      It was suggested the Club pay for entry fees, runners responsible for room and board. Discussion whether club should pay for entry fees, and should the club support personal preferences - does that meet the mission of the club to support fitness in the Tri-Cities area? Many felt that is a way for the club to give back to the members. Lots of support for a club trip in 2007.
    • Suggestions for other club social events: Greeneville Baseball game, and Kingsport Mets Baseball game, hike and picnic for club members, speaker for a membership meeting.
    • At Wendy Weidner's request, the deadline for registering for the Long Distance Series is June 1.
    • Board approved advance of $200 to Frank Kibler for VA Creeper Marathon expenses already incurred. (Motion, Matthew
      Studholme, second Steve Pastorek)

Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Mar. 1st, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Members present: Mark Skelton, Matthew Studholme, David Sullivan, David Fox, Steve Pastorek
  • Non Voting Members present: Bob Townsend, Brenda Fox
  • Minutes from the February 2007 meeting were approved via email
  • Announcements (Steve Pastorek)
    • Bristol Outreach 8K has posted to Race Calendar. Charlie Roe is director. Course hasn't been decided, but they want to get it certified, and have Briston Outreach 8K as an annual event.
    • Varmint 1/2 Marathon and 5K has been posted to the Race Calendar.
    • Heritage Days in Rogersville needs a liaison from SFTC.
      Motion: (Matthew Studholme; 2nd David Fox): Mark Skelton to be liaison for Heritage Days in Rogersville. Motion passed.
    • Greeneville Astros need a liaison from SFTC for their race.
      Motion (Mark Skelton; 2nd Matthew Studholme): Bob Townsend to be liaison for Greeneville Astros race. Motion passed.
  • Grant Program (Steve Pastorek for Rob Schoborg):
    Steve has final draft. One issue: whether to include any counties in North Carolina for eligibility in Grant Program. The Board agreed to exclude all NC counties from eligibility in the Grant Program. Matthew Studholme will email Rob about this issue, and the Board will take an email vote. (Scholarship Program will be approved separately. Steve will ask Rob about getting that ready for approval.)
  • Long Distance Series (David Fox for Wendy Weidner) Wendy is requesting a "Wild Card" race be added to the LDS for people who can not complete three races from SFTC schedule in this area. After discussion, the Board elected to remain with present rules for LDS for this season.
  • Kids Festival of Miles (David Fox)
    David is looking to offload some responsibility. Jason and Nicole Goodman have taken responsibility for Duck Island KFOM races. David is open to suggestions for changes in KFOM or getting someone to take over responsibility for this series.
  • Review of Club By-laws: Reviewed through Article V - changes will be noted by club secretary and further reviews will be made at subsequent meetings.
  • Club Social: Picnic at either Laurel Run Park or Bays Mountain Park. Mark Skelton will co-ordinate this and Bob Townsend will assist. Club will provide drinks, ice, paper plates, napkins, hot dogs, buns and condiments. Mark is checking dates and availability of shelters and will add to Race Calendar.
  • Club Trip 2007: Steve Pastorek will come up with proposals for club Trip to bring to next meeting. Steve also agreed to have merchandise (singlets and shorts) identified and agreed upon, purchased and delivered (for those that order merchandise) by May 1.
  • General Membership Meeting with Speaker: Steve Pastorek will bring information about cost of speakers and other particulars to next meeting.

Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Apr. 10th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Members present: Mark Skelton, David Sullivan, David Fox, Matthew Studholme, Steve Pastorek, Jason Goodman
  • Non Voting Members present: Nicole Goodman, Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend
  • Guests: Wendy Weidner, Harriet Locke
  • Minutes from the March 2007 meeting were approved via email
  • Davy Crockett State Park Tour Race (Bob Townsend)
    Bob Townsend was contacted by Karen (?) about a State Park Running Tour race to be held at Davy Crockett State Park in Greeneville. Bob had recommended that she talk with the Park Tour Races directors. The race was approved by the State Park Tours committee. The race co-ordinator would like for SFTC to take ownership of the race. Date would be Dec. 15, 2007. Bob recommends supporting this race, and offered to be director.
    Motion (Steve Pastorek): SFTC to take ownership of new Davy Crockett State Park race with Bob Townsend as director. The distance must be certified. Second by Matthew Studholme. Passed.
  • Split Times (Steve Pastorek for Rob Schoborg)
    Split Times has been published, comments are positive. Rob intends to publish it four times per year. Matthew Studholme
    recommends emailing club members with email addresses to ask if they would prefer to have only online copies of Split Times. The option may also be added to membership forms.
  • Grant Program (Steve Pastorek for Rob Schoborg)
    No formal application has been put together yet. Recommendation that guidelines for the application be compiled from the
    program documentation and put in a Word Document. Deadlines for 2007 will be June 1 for applications to be received, and August 15 for dispensing money. Steve Pastorek will notify Bristol Cross of Grant Program so they can apply for it.
  • Long Distance Series (Wendy Weidner)
    31 people have signed up for this race season. Nicole Goodman (Membership) will email Wendy (and all Board members) a list of all club members.
  • Blue Plum Festival Race (Matthew Studholme)
    Matthew has noticed that on the Blue Plum Festival website, the Festival organizers site a partnership between Blue Plum
    and SFTC although SFTC has entered into no partnership with Blue Plum. The concern is that SFTC insures a safe and well-managed course, and there have been safety issues on the Blue Plum course for the last couple of years. SFTC does not want to be made to look responsible for the lack of safety on the course. David Fox will speak to race organizers.
    Additionally: David Mills has approached the Blue Plum organizers about having a walk at Blue Plum. David Mills is in
    charge of the walk.
  • Kids Festival of Miles and Summer Track Meets (David Fox): Everything for KFOM and Summer Track Meets is going well so far.
  • General Membership Meeting and Speaker from ZAP Fitness (David Sullivan)
    David Sullivan has contacted ZAP Fitness about the possibility of having a speaker at one of our general membership meetings. Fall would be a better time for the club. ZAP Fitness does not charge a set fee, they ask for donations to be made to ZAP. David Sullivan will continue to work on this.
  • Club Social (Mark Skelton) Mark Skelton has reserved Laurel Run Park for May 19. Time to be set.
  • Club Trip 2008 (Steve Pastorek)
    Fall Creek Falls (March 1, 2008) has been chosen as the proposed Club Trip for 2008. Too late to get a club trip this year.
    Steve recommends checking into reserving cabins at Fall Creek Falls and having club members pay the club. Matthew Studholme cautions against overcrowding the race schedule.
  • Club Outing (David Fox) Kingsport Mets have not posted their schedule for the year.
  • Miscellaneous (Various)
    • Wendy Weidner asked when Bridge and Trestle will be scheduled. Steve Pastorek will ask Rob Schoborg and email date to Wendy. (Roan Mountain will be October 20)
    • Rhythm and Roots: Harriet Locke, Wendy Weidner and Sharon Fleenor will be co-directors. Wendy asked about what the cost would be. David Fox says similar to last year, around $350.
    • David Sullivan asked about having a forum on the website. David Fox is trying to get a new forum, but has not had any luck with it yet.
  • Treasurer's Report (Jason Goodman) Total Assets: $21,110.81   Net Income YTD: $817.73
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

May. 3rd, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Members present: Steve Pastorek, Jason Goodman, Matthew Studholme, Mark Skelton, David Fox
  • Non Voting Members present: Alison Pastorek, Nicole Goodman, Bob Townsend, Brenda Fox
  • Guests present: Earl Brown, Karen Seiferth, Frank Kibler
  • Minutes from the April, 2007 meeting were approved. (Steve Pastorek: motion; Jason Goodman: second)
  • Announcements
    • Frank Kibler: Run the Tunnel occurring in two weeks.
      Creeper Marathon - expenditures have not been finalized, but will probably clear $600-$650. 103 finishers from 18 states.Frank is very thankful for volunteers. The marathon had 27 first-time marathon runners this year.
    • Nicole Goodman will send out a membership list to the SFTC Board.
    • Animal Chase 5K & 10K coming up this weekend.
    • There are races in Grundy, VA, and St. Paul, VA next weekend.
  • Treasurer's Report (Jason Goodman): Jason is looking into changing savings account to a higher interest account. Jason is still going through formalities of getting ownership of the account.
  • Grant Program Report (Steve Pastorek for Rob Schoborg): Steve has emailed the Grant Program documentation to the SFTC Board.
  • Long Distance Series Report (Steve Pastorek for Wendy Weidner): Wendy does not need to keep up with points beyond 3 points.
  • Finish Line Timing (Matthew Studholme): Several people at races have approached Matthew with concerns about timing of races. Concerns include timers talking to people around the finish line, not seeming to always press the button when finishers are crossing.Matthew asks that anyone timing a race be conscientious about timing race finishers correctly. Liaisons for the club are charged with cautioning timers to be attentive when they are "on the job".
  • Club Social (Mark Skelton): May 20th is the date for the Club Social at Laurel Run Park. Mark will post to the SFTC calendar on the website. For further socials:
    *David Fox will check the KMets schedule
    *Bob Townsend will check the Greeneville Astros schedule
  • New Race (Bob Townsend): December 15 - Pioneer 10K at Davy Crockett State Park in Limestone (Bob gave information on this race at the April meeting). Bob will set a time with Matthew Studholme to certify the course.
  • Information from Bob: October 13 - Montgomery Bell State Park is the first race of the Tennessee State Park Tour.
  • Race Participation (Matthew Studholme): Discussion: what makes a race successful?? Advertising, locations, distance, association with a festival or other event seem to help - however CASA 8K had many of these factors in place, and there was not a good turnout. Race was well received by the people who attended.
  • CASA 8K approved to be a K&Q Race for 2008 (Matthew Studholme: motion; David Fox: second)
  • General Membership Meeting (Steve Pastorek for David Sullivan)
    David Sullivan has been in conversation with Zika Palmer of the ZAP Foundation about having Zika and Pete Rea attend and give a presentation a general membership meeting of SFTC. Possibility that membership meeting would be held in association with the Eastman Road Race in September. David Sullivan is proposing renting Rascals for an evening and having a potluck supper followed by a program. SFTC would pay for hotel for Zika and Pete or ask club members to house them for their visit. No fee would be charged, but ZAP does accept donations, and a donation amount would be suggested. David Fox proposes having the program be a part of the Runners' Expo at the Eastman Road Race. David Fox will check on the possbility of using the Eastman Auditorium for this.
  • Club Shorts & Singlets (Steve Pastorek): Steve agrees with letting club members use their volunteer points to purchase club singlets and shorts. SFTC will make a bulk purchase of shorts and singlets from Steve and will be reimbursed only for items paid for with cash (not volunteer points). The suggestion was made to pre-order based on interest from club members and to order a few extra. Also, SFTC will pay for the printing of the items.
  • **There will be no SFTC Board Meeting in June - Steve and Alison will be opening the new Foot Rx in Johnson City in late May.**
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Jul. 12th, 2007  6:30pm - FootRx in Johnson City

  • Voting Members present: Steve Pastorek, Jason Goodman, Mark Skelton, David Fox, David Sullivan
  • Non Voting Members present: Brenda Fox, Nicole Goodman, Bob Townsend
  • Guests present: Bill Dickerson, Dan Richardson, Steven Jones, Earl Brown, Karen Seiferth, Allison Pastorek, Kyle Johnson,
    Michael Pope, Scott Mays
  • Note: No meeting held in June, 2007
  • Apple Festival (David Fox)
    NFS Apple Festival 4 Mile Run and 2 Mile Walk will be held on October 6. (This race was not held last year due to no liaison from SFTC and strike at NFS.) Matthew Studholme will be the SFTC liaison this year. The race will remain with King & Queen status since they had only one year of not holding the race, and the course has remained the same.
  • King & Queen
    There are several races which hold King & Queen status that have not offered the mandatory SFTC $1 discount on their entry forms. Also for K&Q, there was some email discussion about the volunteer points for K&Q participation. Since Matthew Studholme was not able to attend July Board Meeting, the discussion will be tabled until August meeting. No change to the way volunteer points are handled for K&Q participation at this time.
  • Club Uniforms
    Matthew Studholme is in possession of the uniforms and has been selling them and collecting money for them. As of the date of the July Board Meeting, no money has been given to Jason Goodman (Treasurer), so he can not report on the amount sold. Reminder that if volunteer points are used to purchase uniforms, David Fox needs to be notified so that he can keep track of that.
  • Split Times (Rob Schoborg)
    The latest edition is close to being sent to the publisher. Rob is again soliciting for articles for Split Times.
  • Grant Program (Rob Schoborg)
    No applications for the grant were received by the deadline, although Nicole Goodman reports that Ani Boyd has sent in an application for the Girls on the Run program. Nicole will ask Ani to resubmit the application.
  • SFTC will make an effort to contact more groups and organizations about applying for Grant Program.
  • Girls on the Run (Nicole Goodman)
    Nicole and Ani Boyd are planning a Girls on the Run 5K run at Bristol Motor Speedway, with a projected date of May 3, 2008.
    Nicole and Ani would like to hire SFTC to manage the race with Nicole as the liaison.
  • Run for the Hill 5K (Science Hill) - Conflicts with Phipps Bend 5K on Aug 18th
  • Treasurer's Report (Jason Goodman)
    SFTC recently passed recertification for tax exemption status, which involves a new Tax ID number. For the Corporate Annual Report, Jason asked for addresses for all Board Members - these were provided during the meeting. The checking account is fairly depleted at this time due to several large purchases recently.
  • SFTC Summer Track Meets - These were well attended this year.
  • Many area races are having large increases in numbers this year.
  • SFTC Speaker at Eastman Road Race (David Sullivan and David Fox)
    Eastman has agreed to allow SFTC to use the Auditorium at Eastman for guest speakers (ZAP Foundation) following the pasta dinner on Friday, September 7. Discussion about having speakers stay at Meadowview as guests of the club, give them complimentary entry for the race, and the club make a donation to them - around $250. David S. will start firming up plans with Zika and Pete Rea. David F. will prompt Matthew Studholme to brainstorm topics to ask the speakers to address.
  • SFTC Booth at Eastman Road Race - door prizes to include SFTC blankets, 2 credits for SFTC uniforms, and club memberships.
  • Announcements
    Rob Schoborg is soliciting volunteers for Roan Mountain and Bridge and Trestle and the National Race Walk Championship.
    David Fox is soliciting volunteers for the Fun Fest Mountain Bike Rally.
    Bob Townsend is soliciting volunteers for the Pioneer 10K Run.
  • Runscore Training (Nicole Goodman)
    Nicole stressed the need for more club members to be trained and know how to use Runscore for races. She also brought up
    the idea of paying volunteers to use Runscore at races, mentioning that is done at some of the races the Knoxville Track
    Club manages.
  • Next Meeting - Thursday, August 2, 6:30pm, Eastman Employee Center
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Aug. 2nd, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Members present: Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, David Fox, Matthew Studholme, Maria Studholme
  • Non Voting Members present: Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend
  • Guests present: Earl Brown, Karen Seiferth
  • Note: July, 2007, SFTC Board Meeting Minutes approved via email vote.
  • Announcement: Foot Rx in Johnson City is doing well. Organized group runs well-attended.
  • September Board Meeting will be held just after Eastman Road Race, September 11, 2007, at Eastman Employee Center.
  • Guest Speaker at Eastman Road Race
    David Sullivan reports that ZAP Fitness (Zika Palmer and Pete Rea) has confirmed their attendance. SFTC will make
    arrangements for hotel accommodations at Meadowview. The club will pay for this. Advertisement will be posted on the SFTC website, an email blast will be sent to all club members with email capability. The club will also pay for Zika and Pete's entries into the Eastman Road Race.
    Motion (Matthew Studholme), Second (Rob Schoborg): SFTC to make a $250 donation to ZAP Fitness. Motion passed.
    Topics for speakers: nutrition, injuries, marathon training. Matthew Studholme suggests speaking on training for shorter
    distance races, and Masters/Grandmasters training. David Sullivan will pass along ideas.
    Steve Pastorek has emailed Bobby Baker about speaking on racewalking, but had not received a response at meeting time.
  • 5K Run for the Hill
    Race date of August 18 conflicts with Phipps Bend 5K. Steve Pastorek spoke with Misty Davis, race director, to see if date could be changed, but it could not. Steve will loan her two timers and a clock owned by Foot Rx Johnson City, and Oscar Wagner will be helping with the race. This is not an SFTC managed or hired event. Additional note: Oscar Wagner had suggested that Misty make a $50 donation to the club for Oscar's help with the race - the Board agreed not to accept a donation based on the fact that SFTC is not hired to manage the race or renting equipment to the race.
  • October 14: Wellmont ADA 5K at BMS
    Steve Pastorek has been approached by Jim Perkins of Wellmont concerning a 5K race to be held at Bristol Motor Speedway on Sunday, October 14. This race immediately follows Heritage Days 5K and Band on the Run (Saturday, Oct 13), and conflicts with Duck Island Fall Mile (Sunday, Oct 14). Steve has explained to Mr. Perkins that the club is committed to other races that weekend for equipment rental and usage. Steve will solicit the club for someone to act as a liaison for the Wellmont 5K.
    Motion (Steve Pastorek), Second (Mark Skelton): SFTC will manage and provide equipment to Wellmont ADA 5K with the
    stipulation that we can find a liaison for the race and the equipment can be taken from one event to another. Motion passed.
  • Foot Rx Timers and Clock
    Steve Pastorek has announced that he is willing to let the timers and clock owned by Foot Rx of Johnson City be rented to area races on behalf of the club when all other SFTC equipment is committed. David Fox suggests that any money paid to the club for rental of Foot Rx's equipment be paid to Foot Rx. This is consistent with the way SFTC has rented timers
    owned by the Eastman Road Race and then passed the rental fee back to Eastman. In these cases, the equipment manager will determine if SFTC needs to borrow equipment from Eastman or Foot Rx to meet our obligations at area events.
  • Railroad Days 5K
    SFTC learned that the Railroad Days course was partially under construction. Frank Kibler, member of SFTC, talked with Carol Saboites and viewed the course. Frank used a steel measuring tape to measure and adjust the course. Frank and Matthew Studholme discussed over the phone the changes Frank made while both looking at a course map. Matthew has every confidence that Frank has measured the course to be within a couple of feet of the original.
    Motion (Matthew Studholme); Second (Steve Pastorek): Railroad Days remain as a K&Q race for this year, but next year the course will need to be recertified.
  • Discussion on motion: As a King & Queen Race, a race is required to have a certified course, or to be allowed to retain K&Q status by the SFTC Board. There was discussion that it affects the runners' confidence in a course if it is not certified. But K&Q status is meant to be a seal of approval by the SFTC Board that a race is well-run and well-managed.
    Based on Matthew's confidence that the course has been remeasured for this year to be within a couple of feet of the original course, the Board voted to allow Railroad Days to retain its K&Q status for this year.
  • King and Queen Races
    At September meeting, the Board will review all K&Q races for compliance with K&Q requirements. If any are found to be out of compliance, the race directors will be notified and K&Q status will be revoked until they are in line with the requirements.
  • Grant Program
    Girls on the Run was the only organization to submit an application for the Grant Program. Rob Schoborg has read the
    application and it is perfectly in order. The money will go to buy software to manage the program. Rob made the
    recommendation that the Board grants this money. Steve Pastorek will forward the email with the .pdf file of application
    prior to approving and will collect email votes.
  • Split Times
    Rob Schoborg has sent the latest edition to the printers. He is soliciting articles for the next edition (hoping to publish
    it in September.)
  • The nominations for the upcoming Board Member elections should be put in September Split Times. Board members should be thinking of nominees to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Soles for Souls has approached the Eastman Road Race to set up a booth at the Runner's Expo at Eastman. They collect old shoes and donate them to people.
  • Runscore Training
    War Party, Blue Plum, Surgoinsville, Firecracker, Phipps Bend, Bays Mountain Trail Run, Apple Festival and the Race Walk are all using Runscore to tabulate results. Matthew Studholme and Joanna Skelton are training to use Runscore.
  • Club Uniforms
    Matthew Studholme still has several club uniforms for sale. 8-9 sets were sold at Crazy 8's. Matthew has sent all the
    money to Jason Goodman (Treasurer) for the uniforms sold to date. Matthew will send volunteer points spent to David Fox.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Sep. 11th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Members present: David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, David Fox, Matthew Studholme, Maria Studholme
  • Non Voting Members present: Brenda Fox, Bob Townsend
  • Guests present: Earl Brown, Karen Seiferth, Stephanie Arnold, Michael Pope
  • Note: August, 2007, SFTC Board Meeting Minutes approved via email vote.
  • Grant Program (Matthew Studholme for Rob Schoborg)
    Application from Girls on the Run was sent via email to all Board Members.
    **Motion (Matthew Studholme) Second (Mark Skelton): to approve grant application submitted by Girls on the Run. Approved.
  • Printer for SFTC Laptop for Runscore (David Fox)
    It would be convenient for the club to have a printer to go with the laptop for races using Runscore to tabulate results.
    Bob Townsend has a printer that he no longer uses that he would like to donate to the club. Bob will bring the printer to
    the next Board meeting. (Bob will check wtih Rob Schoborg to see if Rob would like to use it for the RaceWalk which will
    be held prior to the next Board meeting.) The donation of the printer was gratefully accepted by the SFTC Board.
  • Up and Coming SFTC Engagements (David Fox)
    Several races are occurring over the next 6-8 weeks in which the club will have some involvement. As Race Management
    coordinator, David wants the club to be aware that he will have knee surgery on October 4, and he will be unavailable for
    helping with the transport of club equipment. David recommends that race directors and liaisons be very aware of the
    upcoming schedule to be sure that all equipment is picked up and returned in a timely manner.
  • Possible New Race (Matthew Studholme)
    Matthew has been approached by the Life Bible Church in JOhnson City regarding a new race they would like to establish in the Spring. The church is recommending a course on a 2-lane, heavily trafficked highway in Johnson City. Several JC
    residents who were present at the meeting concurred that the route could be a potentially dangerous course. There is no
    shoulder on that stretch of highway, and it is curvy and hilly. Matthew recommends that the club not support this race
    unless a different course is chosen.
    **Motion (Matthew Studholme), Second (David Fox): SFTC will not support the race by Life Bible Church unless a different, safer course is chosen. Passed.
  • Bristol Motor Speedway Race (Matthew Studholme)
    This race was a potentially new race, and the organizers have decided against holding it this year. They will try to get it
    on the race calendar for next year.
  • Heritage Days (Mark Skelton)
    Mark Skelton has emailed the organizer, Sheldon Livesay, but has not received a reply. Sheldon has left the race on the
    calendar, but removed some key contact information. Mattew Studholme will attemtpt to contact Sheldon to find out status of race - if Matthew can not reach him within a week of the meeting, SFTC will not be available to help.
  • Apple Festival Race (Matthew Studholme)
    Matthew brings the information that the Apple Festival course has been partially paved and some speed bumps were added. At this time, the course is not certified - Matthew will be certifying it prior to the race on October 6.
  • Railroad Days (Matthew Studholme)
    After the August Board meeting, Matthew remeasured and recertified the course.
  • King & Queen Series (Matthew Studholme)
    Review of all races designated as King & Queen - listed below are the ones with issues:
    • New Year's Wake Up 5K: meeting all requirements (Mark Skelton and Bob Townsend will co-direct for 2008 - Dave Rogers will be living abroad for a year)
    • Highlands Spring Chase 5K: not advertising far enough in advance; results are not timely
    • Race for Humanity 5K: was not on race calendar for 2007 - will need to reapply for K&Q status for 2008
    • Varmint Half Marathon: does not list Grandmasters category
    • Crazy 8's: no Grandmasters category; not consistent with $1 discount
    • Railroad Days: results are not always timely (Matthew will suggest that SFTC be hired to generate results)
    • Baileyton Celebration 5K: no Grandmasters category; certification has expired, needs to be reissued
    • Creeper Classic: males only are listed for Masters and Grandmasters category
    • Santa Special: Masters & Grandmasters not listed; $1 discount not given

    Matthew Studholme, as K&Q coordinator, will contact races to clarify issues.

  • Nominees for SFTC board Positions
    An email blast will be sent to the club to solicit nominees for Board Positions which are opening at the end of this year.
    Positions to be filled are:
    • Bristol Rep
    • Treasurer
    • President-Elect
    • Secretary
    • Racewalk Rep
  • The next Board meeting will be held October 9.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Oct. 9th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Maria Studholme, Matthew Studholme, David Fox
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Nicole Goodman, Bob Townsend, Wendy Weidner, Brenda Fox
  • Guests: Alison Pastorek, Harriet Locke, Oscar Wagner, Jonathan Columbia, Rhonda Denham, Brian Depew
  • Note: September, 2007, SFTC Board Meeting Minutes approved
  • Nicole Goodman asked if the Board could approve Jason Goodman (treasurer) writing a check to Girls on the Run for the grant
    which was approved in September. This was approved.
  • Nominations/Ballots for Board Members/Awards - Bob Townsend
    Bob has contacted several Board members and club members to see if they would be willing to serve on the Board. Following
    are the results:
    Jason Goodman agreed to stay on as treasurer
    Rhonda Denham will run for Bristol area representative
    Jennifer Sullivan is considering running for secretary
    David Mills does not want to run for Race Walk representative - Bobby Baker will stay on as Race Walk rep
    No one has agreed to run for President-elect - to be discussed at November meeting
  • Split-Times - Rob Schoborg (editor) not present at meeting. There will be no ballots in Split Times - they will be mailed to club
  • Jingle Bell Race - Nicole Goodman
    Nicole reports that there are safety issues with the Jingle Bell Race course - particularly Persimmon Ridge (the intersection
    was not closed). Jason and Nicole have spoken with Lesley Boswell about safety issues and have let Lesley know that unless
    the safety issues are resolved, the club can not continue to support the race. Nicole has encouraged Lesley to recruit more
    volunteers to man the course. There are also issues with strollers and headphones on the course - the entry form states that
    those items are not allowed, but the mandates need to be enforced more stringently. Nicole has suggested that if Jingle Bell resolves safety issues, that they use RunScore to tabulate results. Nicole will speak offline with David Fox about issues.
  • 5K Race - Teresa Strickland (Steve Pastorek and David Fox)
    Communication with Steve and David and Nicole Goodman from Teresa Strickland. Teresa has asked if the club can help manage
    a race before the end of 2007. The Board decided that the club can not add any more hired races before the end of this year. The
    suggestion was made that Teresa contact race directors to see if her organization can piggy back on some other race(s).
    David Sullivan as Johnson City rep will contact Teresa to explain hiring/renting equipment/SFTC race ownership.
  • Area Representatives - establishing a "job description"
    When questions and issues about races come from a particular area, that inquiry should be passed on to the area
    representative for handling. They can ask for assistance from King and Queen coordinator, Race Management, President, etc.,
    but this could also help offload some of the workload from these positions. Also, the area reps are usually much more
    familiar with their areas and can answer questions and resolve issues much better.
  • Billing for Walks in Conjunction with Races - Matthew Studholme/David Fox
    David Mills has worked with many area races to add walks to the races, and David has been instrumental in getting volunteers,
    tabulating results, mapping out courses for the walks, etc. The question is whether SFTC should charge races for this
    service. (In the past, Apple Festival has been charged for extra equipment and results tabulation, but War Party, Blue Plum
    and Rhythm and Roots were not.) The Board decided that there is a discrepancy in not charging everyone equally. The race
    fees were standardized several years ago in order to make all fees fair to all parties. Therefore, SFTC should charge the
    races that added walks for whatever expenses have been incurred as a result of that.
  • The question was asked if anyone had heard about a Marathon in the City of Kingsport - no one had heard anything about it.
  • Partnership with Knoxville Track Club - Steve Pastorek
    KTC charges $50-175 to post races on their calendar, while SFTC charges nothing. Steve and Alison Pastorek will talk to some
    of their contacts on the KTC Board to see if we could work out something to be able to post a certain amount of races each
    year to the KTC calendar free of charge.
  • Long Distance Series - Wendy Weidner
    Wendy asked about colors for shirts and design of shirts for awards. The Board agrees that Wendy as LDS coordinator is
    in charge of those decisions.
  • Additional Notes - Volunteer points earned after the last King & Queen race on the calendar but prior to January 1 of the next year will be counted as volunteer points for the following year.
  • Awards Banquet - The Board decided that there should be fewer door prizes, but nicer ones. Steve Pastorek has offered a discount to the club on Awards Gift Certificates for Volunteer points.
  • The next Board meeting will be held November 6.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Nov. 13th, 2007  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Maria Studholme, Matthew Studholme, David Fox
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Brenda Fox, Rob Schoborg
  • Guests: Alison Pastorek, Oscar Wagner, Brian Depew, Earl Brown, Molly Allen, Michael Pope
  • Note: October 2007 minutes approved via email vote
  • Grant Program: Rob Schoborg has received one grant request (early); will review and present to board later.
  • Awards Banquet - Oscar Wagner - Oscar will pay small fee to Rascal's Teen Center so we won't have to clean up afterwards
  • Signs - Oscar Wagner
    Some of the mile markers and signs need to be upgraded. Steve Pastorek will check with Knoxville Track Club to see where
    they get their signs or see if KTC knows of a company that can refurbish signs
  • Jackets for Long Distance Series Awards - Alison Pastorek for Wendy Weidner
    Wendy is looking at options for jackets for club members for the Long Distance Series awards.  Motion (Steve Pastorek) Second (David Fox): $30 maximum per person to be spent on a shirt or jacket of Wendy's choice for awards. Motion passed.
  • Election Results - Bob Townsend
    Treasurer: Jason Goodman
    Bristol Rep: Rhonda Denham
    Secretary: Brenda Fox
    President-Elect: Earl Brown
    Motion (David Sullivan), Second (Steve Pastorek): Earl Brown be elected as president-elect.
    Motion (David Fox), Second (Matthew Studholme): other positions be filled as stated above.
    (Note: the first attempt at a general election for the above positions failed. The Board made the elections in accordance with the by-laws.)
  • King & Queen Coordinator
    Earl Brown volunteered to take over the job from Matthew Studholme. Matthew is in agreement with this.
  • Blue Plum Race - Steve Pastorek
    Christine Murdock emailed Oscar Wagner to ask if SFTC will be helping with the race in 2008. David Fox is ready to relinquish his role as club liaison for the race. (There is a possibility that Blue Plum, Run fer the Hills and Turkey Trot will become a 3-race series.) Steve Pastorek is offering that Foot Rx will help with Blue Plum if the club no longer wants to help manage it.
  • Run for the Clover - David Sullivan
    David is still working with Hooters and the Life Bible Church in Johnson City to create a race course that would be safe
    for runners. David will provide more information at a later date.
  • NOTE: Steve Pastorek relinquished his post office box key to Matthew Studholme (president's key).
  • The next Board meeting will be held January 17.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox