2008 SFTC Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 17th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: David Sullivan, Steve Pastorek, Jason Goodman, Matthew Studholme, Mark Skelton, Earl Brown, Rhonda Denham
  • Non-voting Board Members present: David Fox, Brenda Fox, Donna Bays
  • Guests: Sam Culbertson, Les Bays, Oscar Wagner, Frank Kibler
  • Note: November 2007 minutes approved via email vote
  • Split Time Status - Rob Schoborg via note to Matthew Studholme
    Large edition of the Split Times covering July through December 2007 going to printer on Monday, January 21, 2008
  • Grants Status - Matthew Studholme for Rob Schoborg
    There have been 2 grant requests made. Rob plans to scan them and email them to the board for review and possible approval at the February meeting.
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    • Two thank-yous have been received - one from ZAP Fitness for the $250 donation the club made to them, and one from Girls on the Run for the $500 grant the club granted them.
    • The club has $18,000 in bank accounts. Several significant expenditures in 2007: Club social, uniforms, RRCA Membership, bullhorns, PA system, Timers
  • Membership Report - Jason Goodman for Nicole Goodman
    Membership is up from previous years. There are 50-60 more families listed as members over 2006. It seems that the club's
    New Year Day race is a big boost for membership.
  • Blue Plum 5K
    David Fox has been the liaison for this race since its inception and no longer wishes to perform that role. As has been
    noted before, the race has several problems, most notably with police coverage and traffic problems. After discussion:
    Motion: David Sullivan - SFTC should not support Blue Plum 5K in the future.
    Second: Mark Skelton
    Motion passed - Matthew Studholme will notify Christine Murdock, race director for Blue Plum.
  • Fountain of Life Bible Church 5K
    Matt Young race director, would use old Bennigan's course. Matthew Studholme states that the course is certified, but he
    is not sure if markers are in place. Matt Young has stated that Bennigan's has agreed to let the race use their old race
    course, and he has the support of the Johnson City police. The board discussed the fact that this race may have the same
    issues as Blue Plum race.
    Motion: Matthew Studholme - SFTC should not support Fountain of Life Bible Church 5K
    Second: David Sullivan
    Motion passed. David Sullivan will let Matt Young know of the club's decision and make recommendations the Mr. Young talk with some other area race directors and get some pointers on directing a race.
  • Foot Rx 5 Miler
    Steve Pastorek and Foot Rx are planning a 5 mile race for April 15. Steve is expecting 300+ participants. All proceeds
    will be donated to the Boys/Girls Club. There will also be a one mile walk to benefit the Washington County Animal Shelter.
    Steve would like to hire SFTC to manage the finish line, and he would like to use Runscore for the results. The Wellness
    Center will be helping as volunteers, and New Balance and some other shoe companies are donating shoes as door prizes.
    Motion: Matthew Studholme - SFTC will manage finish line for Foot Rx 5 miler with Steve Pastorek as liaison
    Second: Mark Skelton
    Motion passed.
  • Virginia Creeper Marathon
    Frank Kibler reminded the board that the VA Creeper Marathon will take place on March 1. This is the 10th year of this
    race. Frank still has registrations coming in. He will ask the club to put out an email blast for volunteers soon. Frank
    also mentioned that he intends to have some mylar blankets on hand for the morning of the race.
  • Information: Steve Pastorek mentioned that he can get race numbers for any race free with 8 weeks' advance notice.
  • Pioneer 10K Run
    Bob Townsend sent word by Matthew Studholme that the Pioneer 10K race would like to be included in the 2009 King and Queen competition.
    Motion: Matthew Studholme - Since the Pioneer 10K Run will meet all requirements to be included in the K&Q competition
    for 2009
    Second: Steve Pastorek
    Motion passed
  • Foot Rx Sponsoring the K&Q Competition
    Steve Pastorek brought before the board his idea that Foot Rx would sponsor the K&Q Competition. He suggests a couple of different ideas. Some discussion around topic and the discussion will continue at the next board meeting.
  • 1,000th Race for Club Member
    Sam Culbertson states that he plans to run his 1,000th race at Take Back the Night. He may get some publicity from the
    local news media. Sam is asking the club to support him in his effort to celebrate his 1,000th race. Matthew Studholme
    suggests that this would be a good opportunity to also celebrate the accomplishments of some of the long-standing SFTC
    Motion: Matthew Studholme - That SFTC should support Sam in his effort to celebrate his 1,000th race at Take Back the Night.
    Second: Jason Goodman
    Details will be decided later.
  • New Mile Marker Signs
    Donna Bays, the new Equipment Manager, brings a recommendation that there be three complete sets of Mile Marker signs
    for miles 1-6. This would require the manufacture or purchase of at least one or two sets. Donna will research options
    and bring recommendations to the next Board meeting.
  • Partnering with Knoxville Track Club on Cross-posting races
    Steve Pastorek spoke with Betty Schohl of KTC. SFTC is asking that we be allowed to post races to KTC's website at no charge since we often post their races on our website at no charge. Betty will take it to the KTC Board.
  • Discussion:
    There was a proposal that the board consider an additional form of race management services. At present the club offers two options for race management - the card system and the computer system. The club also offers equipment rental. The additional option(s) being proposed would be to offer finish line management without the club generating results (i.e., time the race, provide the tape of times to the race organizers, and leave them to put together the results), or results without finish line management (i.e., the race management times the race and gives the tape to SFTC volunteers to compile the results). Both options were debated at length with the general consensus being that there is a subjective gray area of where the cut-off would be between one and the other. This would be very complicated to manage except on a case-by-case basis, and the overall feeling was not to add this is as a standard option at this time.
  • The next Board meeting will be held February 21.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Feb. 21st, 2008 6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Jason Goodman, Rhonda Denham
  • Non-voting Board Members present: David Fox, Brenda Fox, Donna Bays, Bob Townsend
  • Guests: Karen Seiferth, Les Bays, Wanda Burnett, Bill Burnett, Phil Horner
  • Note: January 2008 minutes approved via email vote
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    Beginning this year, non-profit organizations are required to file an e-postcard with the IRS to retain
    tax-exempt status.
    Total Assets: $18,796.13
    Total Liabilities & Equity: $18,796.13
  • Pioneer 10K Run and War Party 10K Run - Bob Townsend
    The Pioneer 10K Run lost money - approximately $550. (Probably too many t-shirts ordered.) 99 finishers. The race had
    an issue with a train coming through the race course. Bob will change the course next year to avoid that problem.
    The War Party 10K Run earned money - approximately $800. 181 finishers, plus 33 walkers. Bob would like to use Runscore
    to calculate results for War Party next year.
  • Jingle Bell Race - Nicole Goodman
    363 finishers this year, numbers way up from previous year - the Girls on the Run program had a lot of participants. The
    race was able to raise almost $4,000 for charity. The Jonesborough police monitored the course very well.
  • Grants - Matthew Studholme for Rob Schoborg
    Two applications received: Tennessee High and Greeneville High.
    TN High requesting $500, but more info is needed for how the funds will be used.
    Greeneville High requesting $500 - $250 for scholarships and $250 for uniforms. The board debated if granting money for
    uniforms was a good use of the grant money. The guidelines for the grant program need to be reviewed prior to granting
    this request.
    Matthew will ask Rob to get further information from TN High prior to making a decision on their grant request.
  • Blue Plum 5K - David Sullivan for Steve Pastorek
    Steve Pastorek has talked with Christine Murdock and has volunteered to help with the race as Foot Rx, NOT SFTC. Steve is
    redoing the course, and there will be no race day registration. Matthew Studholme had contacted Christine, and she is
    aware that SFTC is not helping with Blue Plum.
  • One Mile Run - David Sullivan for Steve Pastorek
    This event went well - the course has a lot of downhill areas. Six runners broke 5 minutes.
  • Flying Eagle 5K (May 31)- Matthew Studholme
    Jessica Bandy has contacted SFTC to request a liaison for this race. It will be held at Southwest Virginia Community
    College in Richlands, which is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Kingsport. Also, this is scheduled the same day as The Duck
    Island Spring Mile. There is a concern that it would be difficult to get SFTC members to volunteer since the race is
    far away, and there is a conflict with another SFTC owned event.
    Motion: SFTC not support the race because of distance and calendar conflict - Approved
    Motion by Matthew Studholme; second by Jason Goodman.
  • Animal Chase vs Girls on the Run Date Conflict - Nicole Goodman
    Wondergirl 5K and 1 Mile Fun Walk will be held on May 3 at Bristol Motor Speedway. This is the only date the Speedway had
    available. They will have lots of volunteers from other sources than SFTC. GOTR will use Runscore, and Animal Chase will
    use Finish Line Cards to calculate results.
    Matthew Studholme proposed that GOTR not take any more SFTC members than necessary as volunteers. Nicole agrees not to solicit for SFTC volunteers, although she will not turn away SFTC members who want to help with Wondergirl 5K.
  • Finish Line Management - Creating a Separate Category - Mark Skelton
    Mark Skelton has 5 races for which he has depended on SFTC for help (Surgoinsville 10 Miler; CASA Mile, 3K and 8K; Phipps
    Bend 5K; Firecracker 4 Miler; Bays Mountain Trail Run). Mark would like for SFTC to create a separate category of race
    management in which the club does one of two things:
    1 - SFTC would time a race, but give the race organizers the time tape and let them compile the results, or
    2 - The race organizers would time the race, and give the tape to SFTC to compile the results
    Currently Crazy 8's and Eastman Road Race rent equipment and get volunteers for those two races, but both are considered
    to be special cases since they are very large races (2,000+ participants).
    Mark feels he is in a unique position since he is the director/sponsor/SFTC member liaison for his races which requires a
    large amount of time and money from him. He would like to have the option of equipment rental and be able to solicit
    volunteers from SFTC as do Crazy 8's and Eastman. Mark is concerned that without using Runscore to tabulate results, his
    races will suffer in quality.
    The concern of the board is that there are other races which might want to have the same category of race management, but
    would not be able to perform as well as Mark's races, and this would cause complications for the club. The question arose
    as to whether getting club liaisons for Mark's five races would help with the problem. Also, the club discussed the need for
    more people to be trained to use Runscore to tabulate results.
    Earl Brown volunteered to help Mark come up with a management category idea that would satisfy the board that other races
    could not take unfair advantage of these unique situations. David Fox has agreed to hold Runscore training sessions for
    club members at large.
    If the Board feels that an additional category for race management is needed, we can revisit that at the next meeting.
  • 1,000th Race Celebration - Matthew Studholme
    Matthew has spoken with Sam Culbertson about the "celebration" of his 1,000th race at Take Back the Night 5K on March 29.
    Motion: provide support to Sam Culbertson by providing a plaque commemorating Sam's 1,000th race, and to provide a large
    sheet cake to share with participants at Take Back the Night 5K up to $100. Motion passed.
    Motion: Matthew Studholme; Second: Earl Brown
  • Location of 2008 Awards Banquet - Matthew Studholme for Steve Pastorek
    The Pastoreks have offered to reserve their church Fellowship Hall for the 2008 Awards Banquet. The church is in Boone's
    Creek, Exit 17 off I-26.
    Motion: to hold the 2008 SFTC Awards Banquet at the Pastoreks' church. Motion passed.
    Motion: Mark Skelton; Second: David Sullivan
  • Mile Marker Signs - Donna Bays
    Matthew Studholme provided the information that Oscar Wagner had made new/additional mile marker signs. Donna Bays has
    researched several options for signs, and has checked with Knoxville Track Club, the Chattanooga Track Cluc and the Asheville Track Club to see what type of signs they use. She presented three different options.
    Motion: to purchase one set of six signs and one set of thirteen signs from P Smith at a cost of around $650. Motion
    Motion: Jason Goodman; Second: Matthew Studholme
  • The next Board meeting will be held March 20.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Mar. 20th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Earl Brown, Matthew Studholme, Mark Skelton, Jason Goodman, Rhonda Denham
  • Non-voting Board Members present: David Fox, Brenda Fox, Donna Bays, Bob Townsend, Nicole Goodman, Rob Schoborg
  • Guests: Karen Seiferth, Oscar Wagner
  • February 2008 minutes: Motion to approve made by Jason Goodman, second by Earl Brown. February minutes approved.
  • Grants Status: Rob Schoborg/Matthew Studholme

    Two applications received from Greeneville High School and Tennessee High School.
    The application from Tennessee High was incomplete. The suggestion was made that they be required to submit a completed application before the next deadline.
    Motion: Reject Tennessee High grant request and encourage them to resubmit before the next deadline. Motion made by Matthew Studholme, second by Earl Brown. Approved.

    Greeneville High School had requested $500 in grant money, $250 to be used for uniforms and $250 to be used for a scholarship. SFTC Board concerned that limiting the $250 scholarship to one person does not benefit the whole team and could actually be used outside the Tri-Cities area.
    Motion: grant $250 to Greeneville High School for team expenses. Motion made by Jason Goodman, second by Mark Skelton. Approved.
  • Treasurer's Report: Jason Goodman
    Activity since last meeting:
    $200 advanced to Virginia Creeper Marathon for equipment/supplies
    Paid for new mile markers
    Paid for newsletter
    Net profit for 2008 to date: $126
  • Sam Culbertson's 1,000th Race Celebration: Matthew Studholme
    Rhonda Denham has volunteered to coordinate getting a cake, and Matthew has ordered a plaque to commemorate the occasion. The celebration will take place at Take Back the Night 5K. The race director is aware of the celebration and will have a table set up for the cake.
  • New Races
    Board members have been contacted by people in Johnson City, Gate City and Kingsport regarding a few new races in the area. Nothing definite on the calendar yet, but dialogue is ongoing.
  • Foot Rx King and Queen competition: Matthew Studholme for Steve Pastorek
    Steve Pastorek has offered that Foot Rx sponsor the King and Queen series for SFTC. The Trophy Shop has also been a sponsor of the series in the past. Since Steve was not present at the meeting, it was decided that the Board has agreed in principle to allow Foot Rx to sponsor the K&Q series pending review of a proposal from Foot Rx as to what the sponsorship would entail.
  • Equipment Manager: Donna Bays
    Donna asks if a regular substitute should be named to take care of equipment needs the few times she is required to be out of town. (She occasionally travels for her job - approximately 2-3 times a year.) The Board agreed that having someone substitute on a case-by-case basis would be sufficient.

    Donna asked approval to purchase some shelving for approximately $40-$45 to assist in organizing the storage unit. The Board agreed to this. Donna will purchase this and be reimbursed.

    Donna brought one of the new mile marker signs to show to the Board. They are very lightweight, easy to store, and visible. Donna will formulate sandbags to use in windy conditions. Donna asked if she should discard some of the older mile marker signs, but it was recommended that she keep them for a few months to make sure they're not still needed.

    Oscar Wagner will be reimbursed by the club for the expenses he incurred making up some new mile marker signs recently.
    Donna is still looking for new finish chute material.
  • Adult Mile Race Series Competition: Matthew Studholme for Steve Pastorek
    Steve Pastorek would like to add an Adult Mile Competition (similar to Kids Festival of Miles). There are several adult mile races on the club calendar. Steve has volunteered to manage the results of the series. The Board in principle supports the idea of an Adult Mile Series, but would like more detail. Steve will be requested to attend a meeting to make a proposal.
  • Runscore Training Update: David Fox
    Fourteen or fifteen people attended the first training session on Tuesday, Mar 18. Three or four are signed up for the training next week, and five or six for the week after that. There has been a request that David offer an "advanced" session. David will consider adding that for the week after the last basic session.
  • Proposal for "Equipment Rental with Volunteers" Finish Line Management Option
    Lengthy discussion regarding whether or not SFTC should add another category of finish line management for races which would state that races could rent finish line equipment only from SFTC, and be able to grant volunteer points to SFTC members who work the race although the club is not hired to manage the race. Matthew Studholme pointed out that a new category brings up two points:
    1-If the club offers a new category of rental without management, but grants volunteer points to SFTC members, it would be difficult to quantify that.
    2-The club has been asked by several races recently to manage races, and we have had to turn them down for lack of liaison volunteers.
    Rob Schoborg proposes since the mission of SFTC is to promote running in the area, that SFTC vote to extend volunteer points to any SFTC member who helps at a running event in any of the three districts. There was an additional suggestion that you quantify the recommendation by stating that the race has to be part of the King & Queen Series whether the club is hired to manage it or not.

    Motion: Give volunteer points to SFTC members who volunteer at K&Q races. The race director will be held responsible for submitting a list of SFTC member volunteers to the volunteer coordinator (Bob Townsend). Motion made by Earl Brown, second by Rhonda Denham. Motion passed.
    **Noted that Matthew Studholme does not support the motion.**
  • Liaisons for Mark Skelton's races
    Does Mark require a liaison for CASA races in April, and does he want to hire the club to manage them? Mark responded that he did. Jason and Nicole Goodman volunteered for liaison for CASA races.
  • Increase of Volunteer service for King & Queen Competition
    Motion: to increase the number of volunteer points to five (5) necessary to meet the requirements for King & Queen competition. Motion by Mark Skelton, second by Jason Goodman. Motion did not pass.
    **Noted that Matthew Studholme and Rhonda Denham do not support the motion.**
    Motion: to increase the number of volunteer points to five (5) necessary to meet the requirement for King & Queen competition for 2009. Motion by Earl Brown, second by Jason Goodman. Motion passed.
    **Noted that Matthew Studholme does not support the motion.**
  • The next Board meeting will be held April 17.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Apr. 10th, 2008  7pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Matthew Studholme, Steve Pastorek, Earl Brown, Rhonda Denham, David Sullivan, Jason Goodman, Mark Skelton
  • Non-voting Board Members present: David Fox, Brenda Fox, Donna Bays, Bob Townsend, Nicole Goodman, Wendy Weidner
  • Guests: Harriet Locke, Alison Pastorek, Phil Horner, Michael Pope, Frank Kibler
  • March 2008 minutes approved via email vote.
  • Treasurer's Report: Jason Goodman
    Primary expenditures: pizza for meetings and Runscore training sessions, website hosting fees, $250 grant to Greeneville High School. Primary revenue from Virginia Creeper Marathon.
    Total income YTD: $5110.83
    Total expenses YTD: $5142.23
    Net Income YTD: ($31.40)
    Total Liabilities & Equity: $18,020.36
  • Split Times Status: Matthew Studholme for Rob Schoborg
    Rob plans to submit the next Split Times to the publisher on Monday, April 14. Rob is also planning to publish another edition in June, and would like to request submissions to be made to him by May 31. Rob welcomes articles from club members.
  • Possible Foot Rx Sponsorship of King and Queen Competition: Steve Pastorek
    Steve has decided not to sponsor the series this year.
  • Group Discount Rate for SFTC Membership: Steve Pastorek
    Steve was asked by some members of the ROTC if the club offers a group discount for SFTC membership. We do not at this time, and it was agreed that the actual cost of membership is quite affordable so no need to offer a discount. The topic arose of having a group discount rate for schools, etc., at area races would be quite advantageous. The Board recommends that people who would want to request a group discount race approach the individual race directors. SFTC actually owns very few races, and we cannot mandate a group discount rate for races we do not own.
  • "Subscription Only" Option on Membership Forms: Matthew Studholme/Nicole Goodman
    Nicole recommends that this option be removed from the membership form due to no one using it.
    Motion - Jason Goodman, Second - Mark Skelton: to remove "Subscription Only" option from membership form
    Motion approved.
  • New Races: Matthew Studholme
    -6K at Steele Creek Park (Bristol, June 21)
    -Daniel Boone Town of Gate City/Young Life 5K Run Classic (Gate City, May 24)
    -Netopalis Chapter Brotherhood 5K Run/1 Mile Walk (Kingsport, May 10)
    -Relay for Life 5K (Johnson City, May 10)
    All four races approached SFTC about finish line management in the last two weeks. The two races on May 10 were told that there was not enough time for the club to get liaisons and/or volunteers to help with their races. They opted for rental of equipment.
    Motion - Matthew Studholme, Second - Rhonda Denham: If within one week from April 10, a liaison is found to help with either or both races, SFTC will agree to provide finish line management. Motion approved.
    Bob Townsend will send out an email to try to get a liaison for the two races.
  • Finish Line Management Requests Guidelines: Board
    The board discussed how new races often request to hire SFTC for finish-line management too late for the club to find liaisons and recruit club members as volunteers.
    Motion - Steve Pastorek, Second - Jason Goodman: Requests for Finish Line Management shall be made in person at Board Meetings at least four (4) months prior to projected race date to be considered by the Board. Motion passed.
    This change will go into effect immediately, and will apply to all new requests from this point forward.
  • Long Distance Series Qualifications: Wendy Weidner
    The rules were changed slightly last year to not include a wild card race in the series. Wendy points out that it makes it difficult for people to meet the reqirements for the series if there is no wild card race allowed.
    Motion - Rhonda Denham, Second - Steve Pastorek: To qualify for the Long Distance Series, runners must run at least three races 10 miles or longer, at least two of which must be SFTC-owned or K&Q races. The third can be a wild card race to meet the distance requirements for the Long Distance Series. Proof of participation in a wild card race must be provided to the LDS manager.
    Motion passed. This change will go into effect immediately and will be a part of this season's rules/requirements.
  • Tennessee State Parks Running Tour: Bob Townsend
    Bob has informed the Board that the state of TN has instituted a price increase of the State Parks Running Tour. The cost of pre-registration has increased from $15 to $18. Bob would like to give a $3 discount to SFTC members. Board agrees with this.
  • From Matthew Studholme: Matthew would like all Board members to think about options for socials for the club to discuss at the next meeting.
  • The next Board meeting will be held May 8, at Eastman Employee Center.
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

(May meeting was cancelled)

Jun. 19th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Rhonda Denham, Matt Studholme, Jason Goodman, Mark Skelton, Earl Brown, Steve Pastorek
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Rob Schoborg, Donna Bays, Brenda Fox, David Fox, Nicole Goodman, Wendy Weidner
  • Guests: Gary Barnett, Michael Pope, Michelle Duffourc, Alison Pastorek, Phil Horner, Mike Harkleroad
  • April 2008 minutes approved via email vote. No May meeting held due to several conflicts of Board members.
  • Treasurer's Report: Jason Goodman: Total Liabilities & Equity: $17,639.77
  • ALS 6K - Mike Harkleroad
    Mike Harkleroad was present to submit a request to hire the club for finish line management at a race he is planning to direct in memory of his father who succumbed to ALS. The race will be held at Steele Creek Park in Bristol. Possible race date is Oct 11. Matthew Studholme has volunteered to be liaison.
    **Motion: SFTC support ALS 6K and be hired to manage the finish line (motion: Matthew Studholme; second: Jason Goodman) Motion passed.
  • New Kids Festival of Miles Race - Mark Skelton
    Mark Skelton is proposing a new KFOM Race to be held at Bristol Motor Speedway on August 30. There will be a few different mile races, including a KFOM mile race. Mark plans to have it certified.
  • New Long Distance Series Race - Mark Skelton
    Mark Skelton is proposing a new Long Distance Series Race at Laurel Run named the Laurel Run Ascent. This would be held on October 11, and a social event would be held in conjunction with it. Mark is considering holding both events in the afternoon on October 11.
    **Motion: Laurel Run Ascent be added to the LDS (motion: Matthew Studholme; second: Wendy Weidner) Motion passed.
  • SFTC Awards Banquet/Christmas Party
    As of right now there is no venue for this year's Awards Banquet and Christmas Party. The following people have volunteered to check with different places:
    Red Room - Donna Bays
    The Charles in Johnson City - Michelle Duffourc
    ETSU - Rob Schoborg
    Kingsport Renaissance Center - Matthew Studholme
  • Animal Chase 5K becoming a K&Q Race
    Discussion: the Animal Chase 10K is already a K&Q Race, consider adding the Animal Chase 5K as a K&Q Race.
    **Motion: Add the Animal Chase 5K as a K&Q Race (motion: Jason Goodman; second: Matthew Studholme) Motion passed.
  • New Marathon and Half Marathon in Rutledge, TN
    Matthew Studholme has been approached by an organization in Rutledge, TN about the club being hired for finish line management for a marathon and half marathon on November 15. Matthew has been measuring the courses for them. No one was interested in becoming a liaison. Matthew will inform the race organizers.
  • Finish Line Equipment
    Donna Bays brings to the attention of the Board that the large clock is hard to manage and store, and not many races use it. It was explained that there are several races who use it (Eastman Road Race, Race Walk, etc.) Donna was not aware of that. (Reminder to the board that Eastman Chemical Company actually bought the clock for the club several years ago and the club waived rental of the clock to Eastman for 10 years 1996-2006 in view of that.)

    Walkie Talkies: Donna is interested in getting a few sets of walkie talkies or two-way radios to use at races. Several board members have sets they would be willing to donate to the club.

    Chutes: Donna is looking into stanchions for the finish chute. She has found a set of 12 for $270. She will try to get a sample for the board to look at during the next meeting.

    Mile Markers: Matthew Studholme drilled holes in the bottoms of the new mile markers to be able to insert tent pegs to hold down the markers.
  • Crazy 8's and $1 Club Member Discount
    Crazy 8's Road Race has not advertised the $1 discount for club members for several years in a row, therefore not meeting the K&Q requirement. Hank Brown, race director, has stated before that it's not feasible for his race to do this. After the 2008 Crazy8s event, the board will need to decide if the race will be removed from the K&Q category for 2009.
  • New Grant Applications
    Rob Schoborg brought copies of three grant applications he received for each voting board member to take home and read. He requests that the board members review each carefully, and that a decision be made at the next board meeting.
  • Split Times
    Rob Schoborg is requesting more articles from club members for the club newsletter. He does not want to put out a paper with just race results since these can be viewed online on the website. Rob will also publish recipes, jokes, etc.
  • Apparel purchases
    Wendy Weidner asked if the club would be interested in purchasing hats with the club logo to sell. Not much interest from the board.

    Nicole Goodman asked about whether club shirts could be bought to sell. Bob Townsend commented on the turtleneck shirts the club sold several years ago. David Fox explained that he has been able to sometimes get free shirts from the company that Eastman Road Race buys shirts from, but has not been able to get those for the last couple of years.
  • Date of next meeting: July 24
  • Minutes submitted by secretary, Brenda Fox

Jul. 24th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Rhonda Denham, Matthew Studholme, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Earl Brown
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Donna Bays
  • Guests: LeGrande Boyer, Bill Dickerson, Karen Seifeith
  • June 2008 minutes are not yet approved. Final approval will be made via e-mail vote
  • Treasurer's Report: Matthew Studholme for Jason Goodman
    Total Liabilities & Equity: $18,202.62
    Not much activity. Payments received for finish line management of Firecracker and Animal Chase. The club is now in the black for the year with a net surplus of $50.90.
  • ALS 6K - Matthew Studholme
    Mike Harkleroad (RD) reported to Matthew that Bristol Parks & Rec said that due to conflict with another event in the park on the same day that the proposed race date of Oct 11th was unavailable. Mike suggested Oct 18th but that date is a clash with Roan Mountain so the club would not be available to do finish line management. Mike has decided to cancel the race.
  • 2009 SFTC Elections: Bob Townsend
    Candidates are needed for the following board positions:
    President Elect
    District 2 Rep (Johnson City)
    District 3 Rep (Kingsport)
    Karen Seiferth agreed to run for the District 2 Rep position. It was requested that Bob Townsend send out an e-mail blast to SFTC members and David Fox put an announcement on the website home page for to call for nominations. Ballots need to go out in the mail by October 15.
  • New K & Q Race: Mark Skelton
    Mark requested that the Wolf Run 7 Miler (Bays Mountain State Park) be added to the K&Q competition series for 2009. The Wolf Run had its debut a couple of weeks ago during Kingsport FunFest. The race was a success with 111 registered. This course is not USATF-certified as it is a dirt road and trail course but it is of a nature that it would not have a positive influence on a particpant's K&Q score.
    **Motion: Wolf Run 7 Miler be added to the K&Q Competition (motion: Matthew Studholme; second: David Sullivan). Motion passed.
  • K&Q Weighting for Trail Races: Matthew Studholme
    SFTC member Jeff Bloomer had requested that the board consider weighting times for Run the Tunnel so that there was not a negative impact on a runner's K&Q score. It was decided that it would be difficult to weight the race fairly. So the proposal was rejected at this time. This topic then evolved into a discussion of starting a trail competition series (see below).
  • SFTC Trail Competition
    A discussion was held on the possibility of developing a trail competition. There are a number of trail races/runs already in the SFTC catchment area; these include:
    * Run the Tunnel
    * Wolf Run 7 Miler
    * Laurel Run Ascent (11 miler)
    * Bays Mountain 15 Miler
    * Bridge and Tresle Guerilla Run (17 Miler)

    The board was in general support of this proposal. The following rules were agreed. The series will be a competition with awards given at the SFTC (end-of-year) annual banquet (top 3, male and female). All the events will be timed, age-graded and normalized in a similar manner to K&Q. Runners must complete at least 3 of the designated races. Earl Brown volunteered to be score keeper. Bridge & Trestle is not formally timed at present but it is a club event so it should be possible to commence doing so. Runners must be SFTC members to be part of the competition. All SFTC members are automatically entered. It was agreed that in order for a trail race to be part of the series, it must have a significant degree of difficulty, for example, hills. For this reason, the Virginia Creeper Trail races (Animal Chase, Creeper Classic, Highlands Spring Chase 15K, etc.) were decided not to have sufficient challenge for consideration. A possible so-called wild card option was also raised to include races outside of the SFTC area such as Panther Creek 8K and Springmaid Splash 10K. A decision on whether or not to add this wild card option will be considered at a later date. Inclusion of additions to the series must be approved by the board.
    * Motion: To form a SFTC Trail Series Competition for 2009 based on the above. (Motion: David Sullivan; second: Earl Brown). Motion passed.
  • SFTC Awards Banquet/Christmas Party
    As of right now there is still no venue identified for this year's Awards Banquet and Christmas Party. The following people had volunteered to check with different places:
    Red Room (Exit 66, I-81) - Donna Bays - Donna reported that the Red Room cost is $275 for 3 hours plus $50 for clean up. A $100 deposit is required when a booking is made.
    The Charles in Johnson City - Michelle Duffourc - Michelle was not at the meeting to report. Matthew to ask Michelle (via Rob Schoborg) for status.
    ETSU - Rob Schoborg - Rob was not at the meeting to report. Matthew to ask Rob for status.
    Kingsport Renaissance Center - Matthew Studholme - None of the rooms available at big enough for our needs.
    The possibility of using Viking Hall (Bristol) was raised by Rhonda Denham. Rhonda said she would find out more and report back to the board.
  • New Grant Applications
    The three submitted applications were reviewed.

    1) King College for Bristol Cross XC Race (Steele Creek park), submitted by Coach Tom Murrell. This application was incomplete - it did not include 1) a narrative outlining the benefits to the community and financial need, 2) a breakdown of the proposed budget need, or 3) a list of the applicant's running / community service accomplishments. However, based on the long standing relationship between Bristol Cross and SFTC, the possiblity of allowing Coach Murrell to revise the application and re-submit was discussed.
    * Motion: Allow Coach Murrell to revise and re-submit his application for Bristol Cross within 7 days for re-consideration at the next board meeting (motion: Matthew Studholme; second: Earl Brown). Motion passed. Rhonda Denham will advise Coach Murrell of the situation.

    2) Girls on the Run, a program that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running, submitted by Ani Boyd. it was noted that this is the second application that Girls on the Run have submitted. The previous submit was approved in the Fall of '07 and a grant of $500 was awarded at that time. All the requiements of the grant were met. Mark Skelton commented that there was also strong evidence of the success of this program at the Wondergirl 5K organized by Girls on the Run at the Bristol Motor Speedway earlier this year. The new application stated that the intent was to use the grant, if awarded, to provide scholarships to girls who could not otherwise afford to participate.
    * Motion: Award $500 to Girls on the Run (motion: Rhonda Denham; second: Mark Skelton). Motion approved.

    3) Road Pride, an after-school program for 3rd - 5th graders at Lincoln Elementary School, Kingsport, submitted by Donna Bays. The application stated that the grant, if awarded, would be used towards race entry fees, t-shirts, incentive awards, an "awards day" and an end-of-program pizza party if funds allow.
    * Motion: Award $500 to Road Pride (motion: Matthew Studholme; second: Rhonda Denham). Motion approved.
  • Date of next meeting: Thursday August 14.
  • Minutes recorded during meeting by Karen Seiferth; typed up by Matthew Studholme

Aug. 14th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Matthew Studholme, David Sullivan, Mark Skelton, Earl Brown, Jason Goodman, Steve Pastorek
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Donna Bays, David Fox, Brenda Fox
  • Guests: Oscar Wagner, Michael Pope, Jeff Broyles, Amy Combs, Phil Horner, Allison Pastorek
  • Jeff Broyles - Army Strong 5K
    Jeff Broyles was present to present his plan for the Army Strong 5K to be held on the Virginia Creeper Trail, November 2, 9:00am. Jeff is requesting timekeeping equipment and advice on how to manage the race. The Board informed Jeff of many upcoming opportunities to observe race management and to help with area races for the experience.
  • Amy Combs - Chasing Snakes 10K
    Amy combs was present to present proposal for the Chasing Snakes 10K (to honor St Patrick's Day)to be held in Johnson City near St. John's Episcopal Church on March 14, at 9:00am. Amy has been working with Charles Harmon and the Johnson City police on the course. Amy is requesting to hire the club for finish line management. There are no conflicts with other races. Donna Bays volunteered to be liaison and Matthew Studholme volunteered to manage Runscore. (They are expecting 300 runners.)
    Motion (Steve Pastorek) & Second (Jason Goodman): That SFTC manage the Chasing Snakes 10K in Johnson City. Motion passed.
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    Correction to balance of last month - the club has a savings balance of $5158.00.

    Memberships continue to come in to post office box. Also, entries for Virginia Creeper Marathon continue to come in to post office box.

    Special note: Nicole Goodman is looking for someone to take over as membership chair. This can be further discussed at next meeting when Nicole will be present.
  • New Grant Applications - Matthew Studholme for Rob Schoborg
    A new grant application was submitted for Bristol Cross. SFTC grant monies would be used to help pay for awards.

    Motion (Matthew Studholme) & second (Steve Pastorek): That SFTC grant Bristol Cross $500. Motion passed.
  • Awards Banquet - Matthew Studholme
    Several venues were investigated for the purpose of the Awards Banquet held in December. It was decided that the Red Room was the most affordable, and large enough to hold the crowd. Donna Bays will be asked to complete the reservation.

    Free Shirts for Club - David Fox
    David Fox will have available a few extra shirts from purchase of Eastman Road Race shirts to donate to the club for fundraising purposes.
  • Equipment
    Steve Pastorek brought walkie-talkies to donate to the club. He also brought examples of the race bibs he can get for races.

    Donna Bays brought an example of stanchions that she has researched for finish line chutes. They do not stack and so would take up more space than what the club already uses. Further, Oscar Wagner has a new design that he has put together. The Board will review his prototype.

    Suggestion by David Fox that the club invest in a stencil that could be used to paint "SFTC" on vests and flags. David will order this.
  • 2009 Election Status - Bob Townsend
    Bob continues to elicit volunteers to run for Board positions. Positions still needed: President-Elect, Membership Chair, Secretary.
  • Addition to SFTC Trail Competition - Matthew Studholme
    Matthew brings to the board the request of adding a trail race in St. Paul, VA to the Trail Run Competition.

    Motion (Matthew Studholme) & Second (Mark Skelton): That the St. Paul, VA trail run be added to the Trail Run Competition. Motion did not pass.
  • SFTC Booth at Eastman Expo - David Fox
    David reminded the club that we will have a booth at Eastman Road Race Expo. In the past, the Goodmans have coordinated volunteers from teh club for this, and have often manned it themselves, however, they will be out of town this year. Bob Townsend and Mark Skelton volunteered to take over the responsibility this year.
  • Foot Rx 5 Miler added to K&Q Series - Steve Pastorek
    Steve asked if the Foot Rx 5 Miler could be included in the K&Q Series of races. Discussion that the course does not meet the requirements (certified but not of record quality as the start to finish elevation drop exceeds allowable limits). The request was rejected on this basis. No vote taken.
  • Foot Rx logo on Home Page of SFTC Website - Steve Pastorek
    Steve asked if the Foot Rx logo could be added to the home page of the SFTC website in recognition of Foot Rx's support of the club. David will add logo to the home page equal to that of other companies.
  • Date of Next Meeting: September 11, 2008
  • Minutes submitted by Brenda Fox, secretary

Sep. 11th, 2008  6:30pm - Eastman Employee Center

  • Voting Board Members present: Rhonda Denham, Matthew Studholme, Earl Brown, Jason Goodman
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Donna Bays, David Fox, Brenda Fox, Nicole Goodman
  • Guests: Oscar Wagner, Michael Pope, Phil Horner
  • August minutes approved via email vote per Brenda Fox, secretary.
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    Jason reports that he sent in the annual renewal form for tax purposes.
    The club savings balance is $5,159.13.
  • The club made a contribution to Friends In Need in memory of Dr. Jim Brown, Hank Brown's father, who had passed away, and a thank you note was received and noted by the Board.
  • Plaque - Bob Townsend
    A plaque was presented to the club for their participation in the Amaizing Race by Jeff Bloomer and noted by the Board.
  • 2009 Elections - Bob Townsend
    So far Bob has received the following nominations:
    Johnson City rep: Mike Pope
    Kingsport rep: Phil Horner
    Secretary: Donna Bays
    President-Elect: No one at this point
    Membership: No one at this point
    Treasurer: Bill Dickerson possibly
  • Miscellaneous - Bob Townsend
    Booth at Eastman Road Race was well attended and well-manned by club members.
    $130 was earned from sale of t-shirts and we gained 3 new members.
  • Grant Program - Rob Schoborg
    Rob was unable to attend - this topic will be tabled until the next meeting
  • Awards Banquet - Matthew Studholme
    Red Room was most affordable choice. Donna Bays will reserve the space, the kitchen, and provide entertainment for the kids. Bob Townsend will order poinsettias. Nicole Goodman will purchase raffle prizes. The Studholmes will purchase kids' raffle prizes.
    A flier will be put in next month's mass mailing about the banquet.
  • Voting ballots at next meeting - Bob Townsend
    At the October meeting, the Board will stuff envelopes with ballots for the following:
    Most improved male and female runners
    Write-in for the best t-shirt and race
    Most improved male and female race walkers
  • SFTC Social - Mark Skelton
    Mark unable to attend meeting, but he is planning a picnic on Oct 11 immediately following the Laurel Run Ascent 11 mile race at Laurel Run Park.
  • Foot Rx 5 Miler - K&Q Status - Steve Pastorek
    Steve unable to attend meeting, but Matthew Studholme states that Oscar Wagner has reworked the Foot Rx 5 Miler race course, and it has been recertified to correct the elevation drop which would exclude it from the King & Queen series. Steve would like to ask the club to manage the Finish Line, with Steve as liaison. The date that Steve has proposed would conflict with Girls on the Run - Nicole will talk with Steve about changing dates.
    Motion: Jason Goodman
    Second: Matthew Stuholme - to add Foot Rx 5 Miler to the King & Queen Series - motion passed.
  • Creeper Classic 5K Finish Line Management - David Fox
    David Fox received communication from the Creeper Classic to request Finish Line Management from SFTC. The race is set for September 27. They are aware of the club's policy of making requests at least 4 months in advance of the race. The person who usually manages the finish line for them has an unexpected conflict that has come up, and they are asking the club for help. The race date conflicts with the Bristol Cross. There were no volunteers for helping with the Creeper Classic. David Fox will notify them that SFTC will not be able to help with their event.
  • Stencils for SFTC Equipment - David Fox
    David Fox ordered stencils to use to mark SFTC equipment. These were given to Donna Bays (Equipment Manager).
  • T-shirts - David Fox
    David has received extra shirts to donate to the club for fund raising. Matthew Studholme will have the shirts printed, and Bob Townsend will sell the shirts.
  • Information
    Donna Bays will be out of town late September and early October. The Goodmans volunteered to fill in for Donna's equipment management.
  • Date of Next Meeting: October 9, 2008
  • Minutes submitted by Brenda Fox, secretary

October 9, 2008 Eastman Chemical Company, Toy F. Reid Center 7:00pm

  • Voting Board Members present: Rhonda Denham, Matthew Studholme, Earl Brown, Mark Skelton, David Sullivan
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Donna Bays, David Fox, Brenda Fox, Nicole Goodman, Wendy Widener, Rob Schoborg
  • Guests: Oscar Wagner, Michael Pope, Phil Horner, David Eller
  • September minutes approved via email vote per Brenda Fox, secretary.
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    Jason not present - will get report from him.
  • 2009 Elections - Bob Townsend
    Bob has recruited Mary Rodriguez to run for Treasurer and Jason Goodman to run for President-Elect.
  • Grant Program - Rob Schoborg
    Discussion about who is responsible for returning incomplete grant applications to the applicants. The Board feels that should be the responsibility of Rob Schoborg as the Grant Program head. Rob agrees with that.
  • Fitness Walking - Matthew Studholme
    Matthew received complaints following the Rhythm and Roots Walk from several area walkers who feel that some of the races are not competitive for walkers. A few other Board members have also received complaints in the past. In addition they have complained that results are not as timely as for the runs, that refreshments are not as good as what the runners get.
    The Board recognizes the walkers are unhappy, but the club can only execute management of walks that we either own or are hired to do. For others, we can only give advice.
    Motion (Matthew Studholme): War Party Racewalk should be fully managed by the Race Director (Bob Townsend) and will include timing, results, etc. Seond (Mark Skelton): Motion passed.
    Matthew will speak to David Mills about the concerns Matthew has heard from area racewalkers and invite David to attend a Board Meeting to talk about the matter.
  • Long Distance Series - Wendy Weidner
    Wendy will need to purchase Long Distance Series shirts for participants in the competition. She would like to know how much she can spend on each.
    Motion (Earl Brown): Authorize up to $35 per shirt for each participant. Second (Matthew Studholme): Motion passed.
  • KFOM Shirts - David Fox
    David Fox asked if the Board would like to buy Tshirts for the KFOM partipants. David will check on prices and report back to the Board in November.
  • Awards Banquet - Matthew Studholme
    Space has been rented, and arrangements are being made - Oscar Wagner, Donna Bays and Matthew are working on it with the help of others.
  • SFTC Social - Laurel Run Ascent - Mark Skelton
    Everything in good shape for that to happen on October 11.
  • Format for Website Reports - David Fox
    David asks that all results be sent to him in either a text document or HTML.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Board
    Coach Tom Coughenour, former track coach at Dobyns-Bennett High School, is seriously ill. Phil Horner recommends a Lifetime Achievement Award be presented to him. David Fox suggested the club donate a Time Tech timer to D-B to honor Coach Coughenour. They have let us use the track for summer track meets for several years without charging us for the service. The donation of the timer would be to recognize Coach Coughenour's contribution to the running community and youth of the area, and to repay in part the use of the D-B track for many years.
    Motion (Matthew Studholme): SFTC will make an award of a Time Tech timer to D-B in honor of Tom Coughenour, and a plaque will be made to give to Coach Coughenour.
    Second (Earl Brown): Motion passed. David Fox will order the timer and the plaque.
  • Next meeting: Thursday, November 13.
  • Minutes submitted by Brenda Fox, SFTC Secretary

November 13, 2008; Eastman Chemical Company, Toy F. Reid Center 6:30pm

  • Voting Board Members present: Mark Skelton, Matthew Studholme, Jason Goodman, Earl Brown
  • Non-voting Board Members present: Bob Townsend, Donna Bays, David Fox, Brenda Fox
  • Guests: Oscar Wagner, Phil Horner, Jonathan Columbia, Molly Allen, Bentley Hively
  • Brenda Fox reports October minutes approved via email vote.
  • Treasurer's Report - Jason Goodman
    $3400 in checking, $4159 in savings, $10,800 in CD.
    Roan Mtn made about $43 ($620 in expenditures, $663 taken in).
    Several race management fees received, and several expenditures.
    Jason has received the paperwork from Road Runners Club of America for membership renewal. Jason will have that filled out, and requests that board members be considering which races should be covered under insurance.
    Janine Myatt sent a thank you note for Donna Bays' services in helping with the equipment at St Anne's Autumn Jamboree race.
  • Club shirts - Matthew Studholme
    The club received a donation of performance shirts from Eastman. The shirts have been printed with the SFTC logo, and Bob has them to sell. It was requested that David Fox put an ad for them on the club website.
  • Kids' Festival of Miles - David Fox
    The number of kids qualifying for the Kids' Festival of Miles awards has increased this year. David checked on the cost to have shirts made for each participant. The shirts would be in addition to the medals given to all qualifiers. Cost would be about $400-$500. Medals cost about $80-$100. Discussion by the board, and the consensus was that medals are preferable and having shirts would not significantly increase the appeal of the award.
  • Update on Coach Coughenour - David Fox
    David Fox announced with regret that Coach Coughenour had passed away before the recognition plaque could be presented to him, and before the timer could be presented to Dobyns-Bennett High School. David will contact the track coaches at D-B to see if one or all of them can be present at the SFTC Awards Banquet in December to be awarded the timer in memory of Coach Coughenour. David will check with the coaches who are in contact with Mrs. Coughenour to see if Mrs. Coughenour would feel able to be present at the Awards Banquet to receive the plaque. If not, a time will be arranged to visit her at a later date to make the presentation. David will also get a "plate" to be put on the timer to identify that it was donated in memory of Coach Coughenour.
  • King and Queen Award Alternatives - Matthew Studholme and Earl Brown
    In the past, trophies have been given 5 deep in the age categories for K&Q awards, and it was discussed whether that was still preferable. Jonathan Columbia, guest at the meeting and King and Queen participant, states that his opinion is that it is nice to be recognized with an award. Discussion was also as to whether medals would be preferable over trophies. Donna Bays volunteered to check on the cost of medals and whether they could be specially made with the SFTC logo in time for the Awards Banquet. She will email the board with her findings.
  • Addition of Laurel Run Ascent to K&Q Competition - Mark Skelton
    Mark requests that the Laurel Run Ascent be added to the K&Q competition. It was well attended, and meets all requirements for a K&Q race.
    Motion (Jason Goodman): Laurel Run Ascent be added to the King and Queen Competition for 2009.
    Second (Earl Brown): Motion passed
  • Blue Ridge Cup Series - Matthew Studholme
    Matthew and David Fox were both approached by the Blue Ridge Cup Series about SFTC making all SFTC owned/managed races a part of the series. (Club member Frank Kibler has added both Creeper Marathon and Run for the Tunnel to the series.) Matthew gives the information that there is no fee to join the series, and the races may get the benefit of more participants. Mark Skelton gives the information that he added one of his races to the series a few years ago. As part of the series, he was required to buy an advertisement in the Blue Ridge publication, and that the ad prices were fairly expensive. Matthew will check again with the Blue Ridge Cup Series management. If there is no charge for advertising, or the charge is minimal, Matthew will list all the club-owned races.
  • Injury Seminar - Matthew Studholme
    Bob Weatherly, a physical therapist from Lebanon, VA, has approached the club to give a fee seminar on injury prevention. He would be willing to hold the seminar in conjunction with a race or as a stand-alone event. Bob Townsend agreed to allow the seminar to take place in conjunction with the War Party 10K in January. Matthew will follow up with Bob Weatherly to see if the date would be convenient for him. Bob will extend the time of the reservation of the space at Warriors' Path State Park for an hour to make sure there is enough time for the seminar and awards ceremony.
  • Election Results - Bob Townsend
    Bob has received around 55 votes from Track Club members. He will send out an email blast to try to get more votes for positions and awards.
  • Outstanding High School Runners - Oscar Wagner
    The winners have been chosen, but not notified at this time. Oscar will present awards at the Banquet in December.
  • Awards Banquet - All
    Plans are underway and all seems to be on track.
    There is not a TV or DVD player or VCR at the Red Room. Donna Bays will check into getting a TV and DVD player/VCR to show a movie to the kids. She will also look into getting someone to stay with the kids once they go into a separate room.
  • Grant Program - Matthew Studholme
    Matthew announced that the next closing date for grant applications is January 1. No applications will be accepted after that date.
  • Next meeting date: Will be announced by Earl Brown, incoming president.
  • Minutes submitted by Brenda Fox, SFTC Secretary