SFTC Kids Festival of Miles: 2015 Races

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Where When
New Years Wake Up Mile Surgoinsville January 1
AmazinGrace Mile Kingsport May 3
Duck Island Spring Mile Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport May 12 (Tuesday)
CASA Mile Rogersville May 30
The River Mile Laurel Run Park, Church Hill June 2 (Tuesday)
SFTC Summer Track Meet # 1 Dobyns-Bennett HS, Kingsport June 9 (Tuesday)
SFTC Summer Track Meet # 2 Dobyns-Bennett HS, Kingsport June 16 (Tuesday)
SFTC Summer Track Meet # 3 Dobyns-Bennett HS, Kingsport June 23 (Tuesday)
SFTC Summer Track Meet # 4 Dobyns-Bennett HS, Kingsport June 30 (Tuesday)
Schoolhouse Abingdon (Bethel) August 8
Duck Island Summer Mile Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport August 11 (Tuesday)
Back To School Youth Mile Bristol September 7
Duck Island Fall Mile Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport October 4 (Sunday)
Dash for the Cure Kingsport October 25 (Sunday)
Santa Special Kingsport November 21