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K&Q Race Requirements

To qualify as a King & Queen race...

  • The course must be USATF-certified and record-eligible per USATF Competition Rules. Any modification to the course must either be approved by the SFTC board or re-certified by USATF. The only exception to this rule is for trail races where a course is not deemed to be certifiable by USATF. However, reasonable efforts must be made by trail race organizers to determine the course length as accurately as possible.
  • NEW IN 2009: New requests by race directors or organizers for inclusion of their race in the K&Q Competition should be submitted to the SFTC Board prior to the start of a competition year. The deadline for submissions is the November board meeting. No race additions to a competition year shall be made after this date.
  • NEW IN 2008: SFTC members can now receive volunteer service points for helping out at all K&Q races and not just those that SFTC own or are hired to manage. In order for these SFTC members to be recognized for their volunteering effort, the race organizers must submit a list of SFTC members volunteering at the event to the SFTC Volunteer Coordinator within 2 weeks after race.
  • NEW IN 2007:
    • Results must be submitted to SFTC within 2 weeks after race. The King & Queen Coordinator will remind race once.
    • Race must provide SFTC with both overall and complete age-group results
    • Race must be posted on the SFTC website 3 months prior to race date
    • Race must be open to both genders
    • Race awards must offer overall, masters, and grandmasters categories
    • Race awards age groups should span at least from 19 yrs to 60 yrs in 5yr or 10yr age groups (board recommends 5yr)
    • Race awards age groups should be offered at least 3 deep
    • Course conditions must be safe for runners
    • The SFTC board reserves the right to remove K&Q status if a race does not meet any of these basic criteria for a quality race
  • NEW IN 2006: Race must be timed with at least 2 timing devices, providing a primary and backup set of finish times
  • It must be a second year race or older
  • The race must offer a $1.00 discount to SFTC members
  • New K&Q race qualification requests must be approved by the SFTC Board
  • Any exception to these rules must be submitted to the SFTC Board for approval