SFTC Trail Series Competition

2019 Current Standings

Join us for an exciting season of running some of the most challenging, beautiful, and FUN trails east of the Rockies! Best of all, it's FREE!!! All you have to do is become a State of Franklin Track Club Member and email your name and birth date to the Trail Race Coordinator, Dan Hoyle, at dhoyle1982@gmail.com, before the first race you run. Awards are presented at the SFTC banquet in January.

Rules & Scoring

Four (4) of the races are sponsored by Skelton Law Racing which can help qualify you for their Skelton Law Racing Series awards - nothing like double dipping for all that hard work!


* The Iron Mountain Trail Run consists of 16, 30 and 50 mile races. Only the 16 mile race is part of the Trail Series. This race fills up quickly so don't delay in submitting your entry if you want to run!

Check the Event Calendar for details of all these races.

Previous Years Competitions

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Questions? Please contact Dan at dhoyle1982@gmail.com