War Party 10K

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Race Information

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Race management and chip timing by SFTC. The 10K is a King & Queen race and it is also part of the Tennessee State Parks Running Tour.

After February 3, t-shirts are available only as supplies last. There will be no t-shirt re-ordering. Mail-in pre-registration cutoff is Friday February 3. Online registration closes Wednesday February 14.

Race day registration and packet pickup starts at 9:30 am and ends at 10:30 am. There is no early/advance packet pickup available.

Race day registration and packet pickup is at the Rec Building on Duck Island at the end of the causeway. Parking is available here too. The start and finish line are close to the Rec Building (see the course map for details). Bathrooms are inside the rec building.

Directions to Warriors' Path State Park

Race Start Time: 11:00 am

Award Ceremony Start Time: Soon after the last runner has crossed the finish line, approx. 12:30 - 12:45 pm. Please note that awards will not be given out early. If you have to leave before the Awards Ceremony, please arrange for someone else to pick up your award for you. Awards will not be mailed.

Race History

This race is owned and managed by the State of Franklin Track Club. It was originally a 5K before it became part of the Tennessee State Parks Running Tour in 1988 as a 10K. The course was designed by Frank Cooke, Kingsport, who made it into a 10K by running the same course twice. The 5K course was originally certified in 1994 as TN94008RH. In 2004 the finish line was moved from the front of the rec building to the back and certified as TN04040DJR as a 10K. Chip timing was first used for this race in 2012.

Course Description & Map

Course Map & Elevation Profile

War Party 10K map War Party Elevation Profile

Two loops on a 5K course in Warriors' Path State Park, Kingsport. Start at the rec building on Duck Island and proceed across the causeway out to a right turn up the hill. Turn right at the top of the hill and go across the swimming pool parking lot. Turn left back down the hill and going past the causeway to a turnaround at the end of the park road. Go back and turn right over the causeway then right and circle the Duck Island on the footpath and back to the start, which is also the 5K split point and the end of the 5K walk. Repeat for a second time for the 10K. Finish behind the rec building on the footpath. The entire course is on asphalt and within the park. The sections on park roads are not closed to traffic. However, there is a 15 mph speed limit within the park and there are marshalls at many points on the course. Considered a relatively fast course despite running up the hill twice.

Course Records & Champions by Year

Overall Winners by Year
Year Male Female
1991 J Page 34:45 Doris Windsand-Dausman 40:39
1992 Wes Reade 34:52 Sherrie Bowers 40:34
1993 No info available No info available
1994 David Reid 30:41 CR Amy Wimmer 39:51
1995 Gary McConnell 34:02 Doris Windsand-Dausman 39:18
1996 Terry Ketron 35:54 Amy Cox 41:39
1997 Olivier Kainda 35:25 Molly Allen 42:40
1998 Steve Crowder 32:59 Molly Allen 40:07
1999 Jorge Oconitrillo 37:11 Sherrie Giles 45:08
2000 R Starr 34:16 M Morton-Elkins 39:33
2001 Brian Pickett 34:56 Jennifer Segovia 43:10
2002 Brian Erb 33:27 Connie Lutkevich 44:06
2003 Michael Smelser 37:40 Molly Allen 41:19
2004 Phil Roberts 36:05 Jeanne Parish 42:59
2005 Chris Lewis 36:09 Molly Allen 39:41
2006 Michael Smelser 36:16 Brittany Killough 40:54
2007 James Grufferty 34:48 Amanda Tate 39:06 CR
2008 Michael Smelser 35:56 Allie Scalf 40:18
2009 Michael Smelser 35:46 Kirsten Sass 42:28
2010 Adam McLeod 37:30 Molly Allen 40:53
2011 Michael Smelser 36:27 Molly Foster 41:49
2012 Eric Grossman 34:26 Meg Guy 43:50
2013 Tanner Cook 33:53 Ashley Morelock 42:47
2014 Derek Gibson 36:12 Ashley Morelock 41:43