2009 Detroit Half Marathon by Mike Chaudron

I ran the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon on October 18th.

Detroit gets a bad wrap and while they have tons of problems, they put on a first class marathon. It's a really great course. You start in downtown Detroit and as the sun comes up, you cross the Ambassador Bridge over the Detroit River into Windsor, Ontario Canada where you run for several miles along a lovely riverfront park.

At mile 7, you enter the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, where you return to the US. The tunnel is a mile, so they time your 'underwater mile' and put it on your certificate.

The crowd support is terrific, especially after you come out of the tunnel on the US side.

Detroit was my fourth half marathon in the last year (Detroit 08, Knoxville 09, and Varmint Run 09) and I was able to PR at 1:49:38, about 13 minutes faster than last year. Not bad for someone who 2 years ago weighed 282 pounds. There were thousands of fans at the finish line area and they announced my name and home town as I crossed the finish line.

It was also a tragic race in that three people died running the race. One, a 26 year old man, collapsed at the finish line a couple of minutes behind me and we had to clear the finish area for the EMS crew.

It is one of the best larger races I run and because I work for a company based in Ann Arbor, I am up there quite often, so it will probably become an annual race for me.

If you haven't raced Detroit, I would urge you to do so, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Mike Chaudron, Johnson City

Mike at the 2009 Foot Rx 5 Miler

The Detroit Windsor Tunnel