SFTC Abingdon Adventure Run

raffle ticket

The June SFTC social event at Wolf Hills Brewery was a great success thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their Friday evening to help out! Thanks to Karen Buddington (Wolf Pack Run Club Coordinator) and Wolf Hills Brewery for hosting the event! Also, to Allison Cook (SFTC Race Walk Representative) for helping with registration and volunteering to send out thank you letters to all the local businesses that donated some great door prizes.

The adventure for the evening was to collect raffle tickets from 17 different locations or "checkpoints" as we called them in downtown Abingdon. The map, with all the checkpoints identified, was revealed at 6:00PM and the runners had until 6:30PM to study the map. They could take pictures of the map, draw it, write down the list of checkpoints; they could do pretty much whatever they wanted except have a copy of the map. At 6:30PM sharp the adventure began. The participants (both runners and walkers) had until 7:30PM to return and submit their tickets. They could go to as few or as many checkpoints as they chose to collect raffle tickets as long as they were back at Wolf Hills by 7:30PM. We had 29 folks of all ages to participant and 12 of them completed the entire course by locating all 17 checkpoints which was just over 3.5 miles. There was a lot of great feedback from the participants on how much fun they had exploring Abingdon. Karen Buddington and the folks from Wolf Hills Brewery also mentioned that they had a fun time as well. It was definitely a fun time getting the members of SFTC, Wolf Pack Run Club, and the Abingdon community together.

There were 17 checkpoints and 17 door prizes given out thanks to SFTC, Wolf Hills Brewery, and other local businesses. We let the winners (chosen randomly from all the raffle tickets collected) choose their prize as they were drawn. It was also fun to watch as people chose their prize. The prizes were as follows:

    • SFTC - King & Queen race entry of choice
    • Wolf Hills Brewery - Growler, Pair of Wolf Hills pint glasses, & Shirt of choice
    • Abingdon Visitors Center - 2 gift bags with Abingdon T-shirts and Stickers
    • Abingdon Olive Oil Company - $50 gift bag of Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
    • Barter Theater - 2 tickets to A Street Car Named Desire
    • The Peppermill - $20 gift card
    • Rain - 6 Coupons for Free Appetizers or Dessert
    • ZazzyZ's Coffee House - 1lb. bag of Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
    • Bays Mountain Family Park Pass donated by SFTC member

    Thanks again to all the volunteers and local businesses that made this event a success. Hope to see all of you at the next SFTC social event which is a Pool Party hosted by Skelton Law Racing immediately following the Firecracker 4 Miler on Saturday, July 6th at the Rogersville City Park.

    Dan Hoyle
    SFTC member-at-large