The King and Queen Web Pages

Have you checked out the King and Queen pages on our web site and wondered what all those tables, numbers, and links were all about? In this article I'll try to explain what all of that means. (If you are interested in how all of the race data is calculated, then check out the article "How King and Queen Race Results Are Calculated", which explains in depth how all of these race results are calculated.)
  1. Age Groups Page
  2. When you first click on the "2009" link on the K&Q home page, you are taken to the Age Groups page for the current K&Q standings. This page lists the top three men and the top three women, followed by the age-group standings. This year no awards will be give for masters or grandmasters, so the top masters and grandmasters men and women are not listed. These results are arranged according to the column labeled "Time", which is the average age-graded and 10K normalized time for the best 6 K&Q races that total at least 25 miles, or the average age-graded normalized time of all the races if the total number is less than 6. Again, what "age-graded normalized time" means is explained in detail in the article "How King and Queen Race Results Are Calculated". Note that the age listed is the runner's age as of December 31 for the competition year, but age-grading is done using the runner's actual age on race day.

    All SFTC members who are at least 15 years of age as of January 1 of the competition year and have run at least one K&Q race are automatically included in the K&Q results. There are, however, several runner requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the end-of-the-year awards and prizes presented at the SFTC Awards Banquet in December. For more information about these requirements and prizes, be sure to check out the Runner Requirements page. Toward the end of the year, members who have not or can not meet these requirements will not be included in the K&Q results and will not be eligible for awards and prizes. Don't miss out on awards and prizes by not meeting the runner's requirements!

  3. Overall Standings (age graded only) Page
  4. Just above the Age Group listings on the Age Groups Page are several links to the other K&Q pages. The first link is to the Overall Standings (age graded only) Page, which lists all of the results again according to the average age-graded and normalized time for the best 6 K&Q races, but these results are not grouped into age and sex categories. Note that these results are adjusted for age, but they are not adjusted for sex.

  5. Overall Standings (age & sex graded) Page
  6. The second link on the Age Groups page is to the page that shows results that are both age-graded and sex-graded. (Note that the times for the men on this page may not match exactly the times listed on the Age Groups Page, which is the official average time.) The results in the age and sex graded standings page are arranged based on the column labeled "%World", which is the average of the "%World" for the previously calculated best 6 K&Q races. The "%World" is basically a percentage of the world-record for that distance for that particular age and sex. A rough estimate of what these world percent numbers mean is the following:

    • 100%= World Record Level
    • Over 90%= World Class
    • Over 80%= National Class
    • Over 70%= Regional Class
    • Over 60%= Local Class

  7. Individual Results Page
  8. The third link on the Age Groups Page links to the Individual Results Page, which lists all of the race results according to the average age-graded and normalized time for the best 6 K&Q races. Clicking on any of the names on this list will show all of the K&Q race results for that runner under the column called "Race times normalized to 10K". It will also show what is the age-graded and normalized result for each race, along with the world percent in parenthesis. If you want to manually check any of these results, check out the article "How King and Queen Race Results Are Calculated". If the runner has run more than 6 races, then the best 6 age-graded and normalized results that add up to at least 25 miles will also be listed.

  9. Race Results
  10. The fourth link on the Age Groups Page links to the Race Results Page, which lists all of the K&Q races that have been completed. Clicking on any of these links will show a table that lists all of the runners for that race (not just SFTC members) along with their race time, age-adjusted time, 10K normalized time, and world percents. Note that the results on these pages are not official, and they may differ from the results listed on the other K&Q pages. That is because the results on these unofficial pages are calculated based on the runner's age listed in the race results (and mistakes/typos happen), while the results on the other pages are calculated using runners' birthdays listed in the SFTC members database.

I hope that helps to explain the K&Q web pages. If you have any questions, please email me . You can also use the fifth and final link on the Age Groups Page to do that.