Second Day of Summer Potluck Picnic and Prediction Run by Donna Bays

Where's my watch??? "No watches allowed."

What I learned about prediction runs this past weekend is that all the excitement is at the results table, both before and after the run.

As folks rolled in to Sugar Hollow Park on Sunday afternoon for the Second Day of Summer Potluck Picnic and Prediction Fun Run the big question was about the course. To be honest, I wasn't sure about the course until and hour before the picnic was to begin. I had been to Sugar Hollow a couple of times, once for a picnic (in my pre-running life) and once for the St. Anne's 5k (as a volunteer). I had reserved the picnic shelter by phone but didn't actually drive to the park to scope things out until Friday, two days before the run. As I drove through the Park, up and over the monster hills, my thought was …. Everyone's going to hate me! If you're familiar with Sugar Hollow, the run began at the Park entrance, went to the picnic area (.9 miles) around the picnic loop (.4 miles), back to the Park entrance (.9 miles) and finally back to the picnic area (.9 miles). That's a total of 7 monster hills I think, maybe more.

Everyone gathered around the table to study my very technical and detailed course map. (NOT!! LOL I believe Matthew was horrified by my map. So much so that he could not suppress an audible "What is that!?") The chatter was very interesting. Everyone arrived with a time in their head but when they saw the course they had to readjust to allow for the hills. Lots of pacing and calculating.

At 4:30 p.m. eleven runners piled into two cars (one actually in the cargo area of my van … hahaha) and we drove to the Park entrance and began the run. The run went fantastic, despite the hills, and to my relief no one seemed miffed at all.

2012 Prediction Run winners 2012 Prediction Run winners. Emma Studholme and Clint Dowda

Then came the exciting part; tallying the results. We all thought Maria Studholme was going to be unbeatable. She had a fantastic time of 30:04 which was just 4 seconds from her predicted time of 30 minutes. But then there was Emma Studholme, Maria's daughter. Emma took a different approach to the day and decided to walk the course instead of running. She predicted her time to be 48 minutes and her actual time was …. wait for it …. 48:03! Emma won!! The amazing thing about it was when we looked at the times down to the hundredths the difference between the two was one one hundredths of a second. A photo finish for sure.

The afternoon ended with a wonderful picnic in a beautiful park with an outstanding group of runners who I'm glad to call friends. Be sure to check out the link for results.

The next SFTC Social Event is a pool party hosted by Skelton Law Racing immediately after the Firecracker 4 Miler in Rogersville on July 4th. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Donna Bays
June 2012