Important Announcement to Members!

2014 SFTC Annual Awards Banquet and the 2014 King & Queen Competition

In April, the SFTC Board asked members their preference between three possible dates for the 2014 Annual Awards Banquet. A majority (56%) of email respondents supported Saturday January 10, 2015, and the Board voted to endorse that date during its May meeting.

Moving the Awards Banquet to January impacts the King & Queen competition. In prior years, the banquet was held in December and results from two King & Queen races counted in the following year's competition. In contrast, holding the banquet after the start of the new year allows SFTC-sponsored competitions and series to align with the calendar year.

This alignment will require a one-time adjustment. At its June meeting, the Board approved that results from both the 2013 and 2014 Up & At 'Em Turkey Trot 5K will count for the 2014 King & Queen competition year. Likewise, results from the 2013 and 2014 Pioneer 5 Miles Run will count for the 2014 King & Queen competition year.

In essence, two more races are added to the 2014 King & Queen Competition: the 2014 Up & At 'Em Turkey Trot (11/27/14), and the 2014 Pioneer 5 Miles Run (12/20/14). If you already ran those races for the 2014 King & Queen competition, you may run them again for the 2014 competition!

As noted, this is a "one time only" adjustment made necessary by moving the Annual Awards Banquet to January. For 2015, races held January 1 - December 31 will count for the 2015 competition year.

If you have questions about this change, please contact your district representative, or feel free to contact me.

Jon Reynolds
2014 SFTC President
July 2014