On a very long run or partway through a race, I sometimes wonder just why I'm doing this. It's too hot, it's too cold, I'm worried, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, and I'm tired. Then I look around and see other runners going through the same thing. But we keep going, and next week we'll be back for more.

It's "why we do it" that matters and that is why we are members of State of Franklin Track Club. Although we are a varied group… we come from different towns, backgrounds, professions, and each have own goals, SFTC members also have a lot in common. We love to walk and run and to share that experience with others. We believe that being active is a positive force for ourselves and for our community. We support each other. We are family.

At running or walking events at home, across the state, country or world, each of us represents the State of Franklin Track Club. We take the club with us as we gather our gear, get to the race, warm up, head out and finally cross the finish. We have a good time… everything from the pre-race buzz to the awards ceremony is awash in effort, sweat, laughter, and smiles.

photo of Teresa, Debi & AshleyA year ago, that was shattered when bombs exploded near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. But runners and walkers are resilient; we come back. It's what we do. This year, six of our family will run in Boston, taking a piece of SFTC with them and representing our belief that running is a uniting force for good in this world. Making that statement on Monday will be Teresa Lindamood (Blountville), Ashley Morelock (Bristol), Sheri Nemeth (Elizabethton), Robert Nielson (Johnson City), Wes Pectol (Greeneville), and Debi Secor (Kingsport). Run strong… we will be there with you.

Jon Reynolds
2014 SFTC President
April 2014

one fund boston logo and link to One Fund Boston siteOne Fund Boston is a 501c3 chartible organization that collects and distributes donations to over 230 victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings. $450 was collected by SFTC and sent to One Fund Boston in 2013. If you would like to contribute to continue to help the recovery process, please donate directly through the One Fund Boston website.