If it Quacks Like a Lame Duck…

Back in the summer, I landed badly during a trail marathon, and for the rest of the season I watched fellow SFTC'ers race as I cheered them along. I'm back in my shoes and slowly rebuilding my base, but the experience helped me to appreciate what a privilege it is to run and walk, and to be thankful for the great support of the running and walking community.

Being somewhat "lame" also reminds me that my term as SFTC President will come to a close at the end of December. It has been a great year and I expect more of the same, but it's now time to select individuals that will lead SFTC in 2015 and beyond. Members will receive ballots in the mail (one for individual memberships, two for family memberships). We have a full ballot this election. Terms for District Representatives are not uniform in this election, but instead are one, two and three -year commitments. This is a one-time change approved by the Board. As each of these terms ends, the next election will install a District Representative for a three-year commitment. This will re-establish staggered terms as required by the SFTC Bylaws.

T-Shirt of the Year and Race of the Year will be selected differently this year. Rather than voting now, wear your favorite race shirt to the Annual Awards Banquet or bring it to be displayed, and we'll all vote on the winner there. For Race of the Year, write your nomination on the ballot and we will make a final vote at the banquet. Remember, the Annual Awards Banquet moved to January 10 and will be in Johnson City at Science Hill High School. It will be a lot of fun!

It is time to renew our membership for 2015! We are now over seven-hundred strong, and have welcomed almost one hundred new members this year. If you already registered for 2015, thank you! Please pass the membership registration form along to a running or walking friend, and tell them about our great organization. Mail the membership registration form and payment to Karen Seiferth, at the address provided on the form. Also: online membership registration is now available! Go to the sign up page to check it out.

Don't forget that the club has several of its own races coming up, including the Roan Mountain 10K on October 18, the Bridge and Trestle 17 Mile Guerrilla Run on November 2, the Pioneer 5 Mile Run on December 20, and the annual New Year's Wake Up Run & Mile on January 1. This is a favorite time of the year for many walkers and runners, so I hope to see you out there.

A final note: cool State of Franklin Track Club-branded running hats will be available for purchase at some of these events. You will want one!


Jon Reynolds
2014 SFTC President
October 2014