2015 SFTC Awards Banquet

Photos by Richard Tyner | SFTC 2015 Awards Banquet Report

Banquet Introduction Wendy Weidner announces the Long Distance Series qualifiers Long Distance Series qualifers #1 Long Distance Series qualifers #2 Long Distance Series qualifers #3 Incoming SFTC President, Jason Tipton, won a door prize Amanda Tipton was one of the Long Distance Series qualifiers Trail Series award winners More Trail Series award winners Another shot of the Trail Series award winners Door prize anticipation The announcement of a door prize Drawing the next door prize winner Donna Bays, Social Director & MC DSC_0443 DSC_0444 DSC_0445 DSC_0446 DSC_0448 DSC_0449 DSC_0450 2015 King of the Road DSC_0454 DSC_0455 DSC_0456 DSC_0458 DSC_0459 DSC_0460 DSC_0461 DSC_0463 DSC_0465 Andi Crowley, 2016 Ms. Mileage 2016 Mr. and Ms. Mileage, Legrande Boyer & Andi Crowley DSC_0470 DSC_0471 DSC_0472 DSC_0473 DSC_0474 DSC_0475 DSC_0476 DSC_0477 DSC_0478 DSC_0479 DSC_0481 DSC_0482 DSC_0483 DSC_0484 DSC_0485 DSC_0488 DSC_0489 DSC_0490 DSC_0492 DSC_0493 DSC_0494 DSC_0496 DSC_0497 DSC_0498 DSC_0499 DSC_0500 DSC_0502 DSC_0503 DSC_0504 DSC_0505 DSC_0507 DSC_0508 DSC_0510 DSC_0511 DSC_0515 DSC_0519 DSC_0520 DSC_0524 DSC_0529 DSC_0532 DSC_0533 DSC_0534 DSC_0536