2018 Hall of Fame

Ben Chaney

Ben Chaney was president of the club in 1988 and membership leader in 1993. He won the outstanding volunteer award for 1990. Chaney was one of the first King & Queen coordinators and did the calculations on his Apple II computer for several years. He ran the mailing labels for the Split Times for several years. He was the Eastman Race Director 1984.

He and Hank Brown came up with the idea for Crazy 8’s. Chaney was instrumental in getting the event off the ground the first couple of years. He assisted with such aspects as the design of the original course and the candles on Warpath and Pineola.

Between 1988 and 2000, he measured 37 area courses including the original Crazy 8’s 8K course on which men’s and women’s world records were set. Chaney set the standard on how to measure and certify a course and which was confirmed by USATF official who came and verified the world record course. Ben was the Crazy 8’s race director for one year.