Volunteer Points

SFTC Volunteer Points

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Why does the club have a Volunteer Points System?
The SFTC Volunteer Points System was designed to recognize and encourage volunteerism within the club.

What Volunteer Service Qualifies?
To be considered in the SFTC volunteer recognition program, volunteer service must be performed at:

* SFTC-owned events includes races, social events, and board meetings. In addition, annual points are awarded to named SFTC posts such as board members, course measurer, etc. The full list of named SFTC posts can be found on the SFTC Board page. See the SFTC calendar and use the "SFTC owned/hired" or King/Queen filters to see which events qualify for SFTC Volunteer Points.

 Who is Eligible?
Only SFTC members can receive volunteer points. A volunteer must be a SFTC member on the day of the event in order to qualify for volunteer points. All members are automatically included in the volunteer points program.

How is Volunteer Service Reported?
Race directors or liaisons at qualifying events should report volunteer service to the SFTC Volunteer Coordinator after the event is over.

What activity can I choose to do as a race volunteer?

Volunteer Point Activities


What can Volunteer Points be used for?

Volunteer points can be "cashed in" for the following  SFTC rewards:

Points earned in a given year can be carried over to the following year, but will be forfeited if not spent by the end of that second yera.

To redeem your points, tell the Volunteer Coordinator you want to use your points for payment.

Annual Awards

All volunteers with five for more points at the end of the year will be entered into a drawing to win $25 at the annual awards banquet, and eight winners will be chosen.  You must be present to win.  All points earned throughout the year regardless of redemption status will be included.  Certificates will be presented to the top three volunteers of the year.